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University of Sharjah
Research Ethics Committee
Application for Approval of a Project Involving Human Subjects
All sections must be answered. In case a section is not applicable to your research, please write: "Not Applicable"
A1: Application Details
University of Sharjah ID
Project title
Title should be concise and
representative of the proposed study
Project category


A2: Project funding and duration
Internal funding from the University of Sharjah. Details;

Funding from a national research institute. Details;

Funding from overseas. Details;

This research is self-funded
What is the proposed starting date  
What is the expected duration of this research
A3: Applicants’ details
The Research Ethics Committee should make sure that the principal investigator and the co-investigators have the necessary qualifications and expertise to conduct this research. Applicants from outside the University of Sharjah must include their curriculum vitae with their application.
Name of the Principal Investigator.
In case of undergraduate or postgraduate student research projects,
the Principal Investigator will be the supervising faculty member
Academic rank (applicable to faculty members)  
Mobile Tel  
Names and contact details of the all co-investigators
In case of a single investigator, please re-write the name here
Is this a student research?
Are your research participants vulnerable in any way,
such as children, elderly, economically disadvantaged persons, illiterate
persons or persons with language barriers?

Does your research involve obtaining samples from humans,
such as blood, saliva, biopsies, scrapping…etc?

Does your research involve subjecting participants to radiation,
surgical procedures, medications, or any form of activity that persons are not
normally subjected to?

B1: What is your research question(s)?
B2: Briefly outline the background to this research.
You should focus on the rationale behind
doing this research and explain its significance.
B3: What are the general and specific objectives?