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Second Forum for Women in Research Award Winners
The award categories addressed the most important issues, topics and priority research challenges in different fields.

Category 1: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sceinces

​Identifying Novel Molecular Subtype of Autism Impacted by De Novo Loss of Function Mutation Using Single Cell Transcriptomics
​Nasna Nassir (Researcher)

Mohammed Jashim Uddin

Bakhrom Berdiev 
​Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences 
​Enriched Transcriptome Analysis of Laser Capture Microdissected Populations of Single Cells to Investigate Intracellular Heterogeneity in Immunohistochemically Stained FFPE Sections
​Sarah Musa Hammoudeh (PhD Student)

Rifat Hamoudi

​University of Sharjah
​Risky Business: Interaction of Lifestyle Choices and Environmental Toxicants Cause Liver Disease
​Anjana Ramdas Nair (Researcher)

Kirsten Sadler Edepli
​New York University Abu Dhabi 
​Health Sciences 
​A Pharmacy-Dental Collaborative Model in Providing Smoking Cessation Program in the Dental Setting: An Interventional Study 
​Sanah Hasan (Faculty Member)

AbdulRahman Saleh 

​Ajman University
​Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Efficacy of Innovative Copper-Doped Bioactive Phosphate Glass on Oral Microorganisms
​Sunaina Shetty Yadadi (Faculty Member) 

Ensanya Ali Abou Neel 

Priyadharshini Sekar 
​University of Sharjah

Category 2: Computing, Engineering, Sciences, ​​Related Fields

​The Stability of Different Aggregation Techniques in Ensemble Feature Selection
​Reem Elfatih Salman (Master Student)

Ayman Alzaatreh 

Hana Sulieman 
​American University of Sharjah 
​Diagnostics of Dementia from Structural and Functional Markers of Brain Atrophy with Deep Learning
​Tetiana Habuza (PhD Student)

Nazar Zaki

Yauhen Statsenko
​United Arab Emirates University
​Sub-critical water-based extraction of date-fruit sugar – A nutritious and healthy substitute for commercial refined-sugar
​Jawaher AlYammahi (PhD Student)

Rambabu Krishnamoorthy

Fawzi Banat
​Khalifa University
​Artificial Intelligence Crisis Active Risk Reduction System
​Julie Xixuan Liu (Researcher)

Yi Fang 
​New York University Abu Dhabi
​Development of an Integrated Waste Management Decision Making and Optimization Tool based on Material and Energy Recovery Systems
​Zakiya Begum (Master Student)

Mohamed Abdallah 
​University of Sharjah

​Assessment of the Current Status of UAE Wetlands by Monitoring the Surface Water Quality: A Case Study of Al Wasit Nature Reserve
​Fatin Samara (Faculty Member)

Sandra Knuteson

Tala Abdulateef 

Sara Mohamed Al Abdalla 
​American University of Sharjah & Environment and Protected Area Authority 
​Development of Liposome based Immunoassay for the Detection of Cardiac Troponin- A Golden Biomarker for the diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction
​Remya Radha (Researcher)

Dr. Mohammad Hussein Al-Sayah
​American University of Sharjah
​The Impact of Women’s Empowerment Conditions on Firm Performance in the MENA Region
Afra Al Hameli (PhD Student)

Charilaos Mertzanis

Ilias Kampouris
​Abu Dhabi University
​Related Fields
​Learning a Bayesian Structure to Model Attitudes Towards Business Creation among Emirati Students 
​Hamdah Alawadhi (Researcher)

Linda Smail 

Mouawiya Alawad 
​Zayed University

​​Related Fields

ArabWIC 2021: ArabWIC 7th International Conference on Arab Women in Computing

​Analyzing public perceptions toward COVID-19 vaccination process using social media and machine learning
​Sara Elhishi, Reem El-Deeb, Fatma El-Zahraa El-Gamal, Nehal Sakr and Sara El-Metwally
​Best Faculty Paper Award
​Application of a novel Anonymization Method for Electrocardiogrammme data
​Zineb Bennis and Pierre Antoine Gourraud
​Best Researcher Paper Award
​Accelerating Neural Architecture Search with Rank-Preserving Surrogate Models
​Hadjer Benmeziane, Ouarnoughi Hamza, Kaoutar El Maghraoui and Smail Niar
​Best Student Paper Award
​Developing an Artificial Neural Network Mode-Choice Model for Sharjah University City, UAE
​Fahmieh Lotfi and Khaled Hamad
​Best Student Paper Award
​Machine Learning-assisted Driver Drowsiness Detection System
​Yaman Albadawi, Safia Mohamed, Aneesa Al Redhaei and Ali Alnoman
​Best Poster Award