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Opening Ceremony
Chaired by: Dr. Kaoutar El Maghraoui and Dr. Manar Abu Talib 
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​Prof. Hamid Al Naimiy
Chancellor of the University of Sharjah
Professor of Space Astrophysics, University of Sharjah and Founder & President of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS).

Keynote Speaker
​​Dr. Fatma Mili is the Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte since August 2017. She came to UNC Charlotte from Purdue University where she served as the Department Head of Computer Information Technology, then as Associate Dean for Educational Research and Development, and then as the founding and Executive Director of the TransSTEM Center. At Purdue, she led a major transformation of the undergraduate education in the College of Technology that led to its rebranding as the Purdue Polytechnic.  Prior to joining Purdue, she was a faculty member, as Associate Dean, and a Department Chair in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan.

From Embracing AI to Reshaping AI
From the landing on Mars, to political deepfakes, exponential advances in computing are expanding our world and confounding our sense of reality.  Progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence have swiftly outpaced expectations in terms of performance and potency. There is a risk for all of us to be hypnotized by their power and surrender our responsibility in harnessing this power toward what matters and in understanding the boundaries of what technology can do for us and what remains our exclusive duty and responsibility. There is an existential urgency for all of us to engage the power of our discipline and shape it to address our grandest challenges and create a sustainable and equitable future.
​Track 1: AI/ML
Chaired by: Dr. Bouchra Bouqata, Amazon, New York, USA & Dr. Rabeb Mizouni, Khalifa University, UAE 
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​Scene Generation from Backgrounds to Objects and Anything in Between: A Deep Learning Robotics Story
Bouchra Bouqata, Krishna Aswani and David Bailey

​Deep Learning Models to Detect Online False Information: A Systematic Literature Review
​Asmaa Seyam, Ali Bou Nassif, Manar Abu Talib, Qassim Nasir and Bushra Alblooshi
​Cloud-based Network Intrusion Detection System using Deep Learning
​Archana C, Chaitra H P, Khushi M, Pradhiksha Nandini T, Sivaraman E and Prasad Honnavalli
​Developing an Artificial Neural Network Mode-Choice Model for Sharjah University City, UAE
​Fahmieh Lotfi and Khaled Hamad.
​Deep Learning Techniques to Detect DoS Attacks on Industrial Control Systems: A Systematic Literature Review
​Abdalkarim R. Seyam, Ali Bou Nassif, Qassim Nasir, Bushra Al Blooshi and Manar Abu Talib
​16:30​Accelerating Neural Architecture Search with Rank-Preserving Surrogate Models
​Hadjer Benmeziane, Ouarnoughi Hamza, Kaoutar El Maghraoui and Smail Niar.
​16:40​Predicting the diagnosis of dementia from MRI data: added value to cognitive tests
​Tetiana Habuza, Nazar Zaki, Yauhen Statsenko, Fady Alnajjar and Sanaa Elyassami
​16:50​Motion Tracked 3D Visualization System for Segmented ROI in Medical Imaging
​Maha Yaghi, Huma Zia, Hassan Hajjdiab, Ayman El-Baz and Mohammed Ghazal. 
​17:00​Application of a novel Anonymization Method for Electrocardiogrammme data
​Zineb Bennis and Pierre Antoine Gourraud
​17:10​Enabling Security as a Service for IoT Emerging Technologies: A Survey
​Mariam Alhawamdeh and Radwan Tahboub
​17:30​Bitcoin Price Forecasting: Linear Discriminant Analysis with Sentiment Evaluation
​Ikhlaas Gurrib, Firuz Kamalov and Linda Smail
​17:40​Blockchain solution to improve trust in crowdfunding systems
​Imane Ezzine and Laila Benhlima
​17:50​Hyperledger-Based Secure Firmware Update Delivery for IoT Devices
​Meriem Bettayeb, Qassim Nasir and Manar Abu Talib
​18:10Q&A Posters and closing ​
Track 2 : Potpourri
Chaired by: 
Dr. Faten F Kharbat, Al Ain University, UAE & Dr. Imène BRIGUI,
Emlyon Business School, France
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​15:30​Towards Urgent and Rapid Deployment of Contactless IoT Elevator Control Panel during Pandemics
​Tasnim Basmaji, Anas Altarabsheh, Huma Zia, Hassan Hajjdiab and Mohammed Ghazal.
​Analyzing public perceptions toward COVID-19 vaccination process using social media and machine learning
​Sara Elhishi, Reem El-Deeb, Fatma El-Zahraa El-Gamal, Nehal Sakr and Sara El-Metwally
​15:50​Coronavirus: A Curse or A Bless ?
​Heba Wagih and Hoda Mokhtar
​16:00​Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia: A Pandemic Data Descriptive Analysis and Visualization
​Sanaa Ghouzali, Sahar Bayoumi, Souad Larabi-Marie-Sainte and Sara Shaheen.
​16:10​Covisstance Chatbot
​Farah Shaik, Arooba Khalid Bashir and Heba Mahmoud Ismail
​16:30​Jusoor: A Wearable Communication Device for the Deaf-Blind
​Fatima Abdelmagid, Hamda Fasla, Huda Khafaji and Mourad Elhade
​16:40​Does Team Integration Effect the Successful Implementation of Digital Transformation?
​Anissa Bettayeb and Khalid Al Marri
​16:50​UAE e-Learning Sentiment Analysis Framework
​Dana Wehbe, Ahmed Alhammadi, Hajar Almaskari, Kholoud Alsereidi and Heba Ismail
​17:00​Severity Analysis of Sharjah Crashes Using Random Forest
​Alanoud Almaazmi and Khaled Hamad
​17:10​Review on adopting Concepts Extraction in Weak Signals Detection in Competitive Intelligence
​Manal El Akrouchi, Houda Benbrahim and Ismail Kassou
​17:30​Recent Advances and Challenges of Arabic Why Question Answering Systems
​Walaa Saber Ismail and Masun Nabhan Homsi
​17:40​Towards an Understanding of Arab Women Researchers Contribution in Arabic NLP
​Daliyah Hesham Alzeer and Hend Al-Khalifa.
​17:50​Authorship Attribution of Modern Standard Arabic Short Texts
​Yara Abuhammad, Yara Addabe, Nataly Ayyad and Adnan Yahya
​18:00​A Server-less Academic Adviser Chatbot
Nada Hussein, Rawan Elabyad, Salma Said and Heba Ismail
​18:10Posters Q&A Session 
Chaired by: Dr. Sirine Taleb, Cactus Communications, Lebanon & Prof. Rasha Morsi, Norfolk State, University, USA
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Manara Session
Chaired by: Susan Malika, ArabWIC Global Program Chair, IBM, USA
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​​19:00A panel discussion led by Iliana Montauk Manara's CEO and Co-founder

​Title: Our Careers in Software Development: Female Software Engineers from MENA talk about their Careers

Bio: Iliana Montauk is the co-founder and CEO of Manara. Just before launching Manara, she was a senior product manager at Upwork, the largest talent marketplace in the world, where she managed the talent side of the marketplace and launched a solution to vet software engineers at scale.
Previously, she was the co-founder and director of Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG), launched in 2011 by Mercy Corps in partnership with Under her leadership, GSG became one of the top startup hubs in an emerging market, facilitated the first investments for Gazan startups, increased its female participation from ~25% to ~50%, and ran the largest crowdfunding campaign in the Arab world, raising funds from people like the founders of Twitter and Y Combinator. 
Iliana is originally from Poland and Silicon Valley. Previously, she worked at Google and in microfinance. She graduated summa cum laude from Harvard and is a former Fulbright Fellow. She speaks 5 languages including Arabic, and has lived in Morocco and Jordan in addition to Palestine.
​Closing Remarks