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Category 1: Health Sciences & Digital Health, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry 
Bioinformatics , Biomedical Engineering

Project Title
​Osteo/odontogenic Potential and Immunomodulatory Effect of Solid and Porous Glass Microspheres as Experimental Pulp Capping Material
​Ensanya A. Abou Neel (Faculty)
Soumya Sheela Aravind (Faculty) 
Fatma Mousa Alghalban (RA)
Ifty Ahmed (Faculty)
​University of Sharjah/ Nottingham University, UK

​Characterization of the Expression of Pain Receptors in a Preclinical Model of Statin Induced Myalgia

​Asha Caroline Cyril (Post Doc)
Rajan Radhakrishnan (Faculty)
Yosra Lozon (PhD)
Najma Ali (RA)
Anagha Parambath (RA)
Haneen Aburamadan (PhD)
​Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE/ Dubai Pharmacy College

​A Novel Image-Based Diagnostic System for Accurate Diagnosis of Autism
​Fatma Taher (Faculty)
Neema Prakash (RA)
​Zayed University, UAE

​Accurate Parkinson Diagnostic System

​Dr. Soly Biju (Faculty), 
Dr. Obada Khatib (Faculty)
Dr. H. C. Lim Lim (Faculty)
​University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE 

​IRemember CAPTCHA: Memorable CAPTCHA Method for Sighted and Visually Impaired Users
​Mrim Alnfiai (Faculty) 
Sahar Altalhi (Master)  
Duaa Alawfi (Master)
​Taif University, KSA


Category 2: Engineering, Sciences, Computing & Informatics, Other disciplines with contribution to science and technology (i.e., Law, Sharia, and Islamic Studies, Fine Art and Design...)

​​Project Title
​Intelligent Framework for Detecting Predatory Publishing Venues
​Wed Ateeq (Master) 
Hend Al-Khalifa (Faculty)
​King Saud University, KSA​

​An Emergency Service Facilities Site Selection: A Clustering-based Technique
Mariam Althabahi (Master)

​University of Sharjah/Dubai Police, UAE ​10,000AED
​Diverse Distant-Students Deep Emotion Recognition and Visualization ​Ala'A Harb (Master)
Mohammed Ghazal (Faculty)
​Abu Dhabi University, UAE

​Distributed Cybersecurity Platform AI-based for IoT ( DCPAI-IoT )
​Lama Alhathally (Master)
Dr. Mohammad Alshehri (Faculty)
​Taif University, KSA

​Computer vision towards functional scene understanding: Unpacking Activities of Daily Living through AI in Low Vision (LV)
​Lifan Yu (RA)
Yi Fang (Faculty)
​New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

​Can Machines “Feel” the Emotions during a Conversation? An AI-based Modeling Approach of Emotional Climate during Conversations
​Ghada Alhussein (Phd)
Mohanad Alkhodari (RA)
Leontios Hadjileontiadis (Faculty)
​Khalifa University, UAE 

​Carbon Dots-Based Polymer Composites for Flexible Conductive Implantable Electrode Applications​Amaal Ali (Master)
Mohammad Al-Sayah (Faculty)
Amani Al-Othman (Faculty)
Hasan Al Nashash (Faculty)
​American University of Sharjah (AUS), UAE 

​Development of Salt-Impregnated Aluminophosphate based Composites for Atmospheric Water Sorption​Samar Abd Elwadood (PhD)
Georgios Karanikolos (Faculty)

​Khalifa University, UAE 

​Evaluating the Mechanical Properties of Graphene-based Gyroid Sheet Networks Fabricated from 3D-Printed Templates
​Somayya E. Taher (PhD) 
Rashid Abu Al-Rub (Faculty)
Kin Liao (Faculty)

​Khalifa University, UAE 

​Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Alginate Hydrogel Beads for Mitigation of Environmental Phosphorus Contamination
​Sefeera Sadik A.A (RA)
Abdallah Shanableh (Faculty)
Sourjya Bhattacharjee (Faculty)
​University of Sharjah, UAE 


Category 3: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Communication and Business Administration, Social Sciences contributing to Engineering or Computing

​Project Title
​The Impact of Employees Presenteeism and Individual Health on Individual Performance: The Moderating Effects of Supervisor Support and Spirituality
​Read Al Muhairi (PhD)
Fauzia Jabeen (Faculty) 
Aisha Saif Al-Ali (PhD)

​Abu Dhabi University, UAE 

​​Exploring Emiratisation through the Spectrum of Sustainable Leadership in a Financial Institution
​Alia Al Ali (Master)​
​Abu Dhabi University/HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, UAE 
​The Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Gender Diversity: A Global Perspective 
​Rihab Grassa (Faculty)
Juan Dempere (Faculty)
​Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE 

​How Entrepreneurial Attitude, Motivation, and Intention is Affected by Growth Constraints? Evidence from Women Entrepreneurs in Gulf Countries​Fatma Salim (PhD)
Dr. Ahmad Raza Bilal (Faculty)

​Sohar University, Oman

​Assessing the Level of Livability in Commercial Streets in the Gulf: A Mixed Method Applied in the Streets of Muscat
​Naima Benkari (Faculty)
Waoud Al Araimi (Master)

​Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

​How Does Agricultural Products Export Diversification Impact Water and Food Security in GCC Countries? New Insight into Diversity Measurement​Behnaz Saboori (Faculty)
Noor Ulhuda Alhattali (Master)

​Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


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