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​Honorary Chair
Professor Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah

Forum Chairs
Prof. Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies
Dr. Manar Abu Talib, Chair of Research Outreach Department

Higher Women in Research Forum Organizing Committee
Dr. Amina Al Marzouqi, Assistant Chancellor for Branch Affairs
Prof. Dima Rachid Jamali, College of Business
Prof. Manal Awad, College of Dentistry
Prof. Nadia Alhasani, College of Fine Arts and Design
Dr. Ali Bou Nassif, College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Nadia Farhat, Marketing and Student Recruitment Department
Dr. Shareefa Al-Marzooqi, Media Center
Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, Technology Transfer Office

Scientific Committee
Dr. Wegdan Bani Issa, College of Health Sciences (Chair)
Dr. Basharia Yousef, College of Engineering (Co-Chair)
Prof.  Ensanya Abou Neel, College of Dentistry
Dr. Zainab Al Shareef, College of Medicine
Dr. Ghalia Abdul Khader Khoder, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Iman Akour, College of Computing & Informatics
Dr. Mahreen Arooj, College of Sciences
Dr. Nouf Aljasmi, College of Law
Dr. Ouassila Yaiche, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Organizing Committee
Programs Committee
Dr. Bashair Moussa, College of Medicine (Chair)
Dr. Narjes Haj Salem, College of Business (Co-Chair)
Dr. Amel Ibrahim Al Ali, College of Computing & Informatics
Dr. Khawla Alnajjar,College of Engineering
Dr. Hafsa Khurshid, College of Sciences
Dr. Rania Harati, College of Pharmacy
Dr.  Salama Al Rahoomi, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Karima Mohamed Abdelaziz, College of Fine Arts & Design
Dr. Muna Salim Alwasmi, College of Law

Publicity and Media Committee 
Dr. Shaima Elbardawil, College of Fine Arts & Design (Chair)
Dr. Nadia Rashed Al Mazrouei, College of Pharmacy (Co-Chair)
Dr. Thouraya Snoussi, College of Communication
Dr. Fatima Zohra Aouati, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
Dr. Aouatef Zerara, College of Law
Mrs. Sahar Saleem, College of Graduate Studies
Ms. Bayan Mahfood, Research Outreach Department
Ms. Ayesha Ahli, Technology Transfer Office