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Technical Exchange Meetings

Technical Exchange Meeting 
​Fight Colon Cancer
​March 15th, 2023
Technical Exchange meeting in collaboration with the College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy to discuss the latest research on colorectal research in UAE​
​2nd Annual Exchange Meeting for the Center for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity
​February 21st, 2023
Technical exchange meeting to present the latest research by the Center for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity
​​Aviation Australia and
Central Queensland University
​November 28, 2022
Aviation 4.0 Challenges and Opportunities​
​​Blue Campaign for Prostate Cancer
​November 24, 2022
Spreading Awareness through a Day Full of Excellent Keynote Speeches, Latest Research at UoS, and Fun Student Activities ​
​​New Research Centre Launch 
​Feb 9th, 2022
​​Launch of Centre for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity​
​New Research Centre Launch 
​​Feb 2nd, 2022Launch of Energy and Power Systems Research Centre 
​College of Pharm​acy​
​​Jan 6th, 2022

Round Table Discussion: Pharma Education & Research with Impact on Community

College of Graduate Studies​
​Dec 22nd, 2021
UoS Moving Forward in Graduate Student Research with Impact on Community 
March 17th,

​Police, Legal and Economic Technical Exchange Meeting: Social responsibility and quality of life
Nov 26th, 2020
Scientific Research: Community, Media and Administrative Partnerships
​March 1st, 2020
​Fostering University and Industry Partnership: Assessing Science & Engineering Research Opportunities
Jan 30th &
Feb 13th, 2020  
Fostering University and Industry Partnership: Assessing Biomedical & Health Research Opportunities
College of Graduate Studies
​Jan 28th, 2020
T​echnical Exchange Meeting on Police Research Challenges
Nov 10th, 2019 
Scient​ific Research to Serve the Challenges of Society and the Business World
First Technical Exchange Meeting “Scientific Research to Serve the Challenges of Society and the Business World”