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Research Cafe

In order to foster further a research and scholarship culture within and University, we plan to organize a series of research talks under the heading of “Research Café” the idea is to schedule short talks of 10-15 minutes maximum on a topic of interest to be followed by a discussion. The idea is to mimic the intellectual cafes meetings where intellectuals, scientists, engineers, researchers, etc. The talks will be held in the university open to all. 

Research Café Talk 
​​Prof. Yousef Haik
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
​Monday, Feb 27th, 2023
The Art of Making Scientists in the Era of AI​​-

Prof. Ahmad Mohammad Hamdan
Dean, College of Dental Medicine
​Thursday, January 26th, 2023​
​How to Choose a Research Line that Will Have a Global Impact?

​Prof. Nader El-Bizri
Dean of College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
​Monday, November 14, 2022
​The Metamorphosis of Humanities in the Age of Modern TechnoScience

​Prof. Jairo Alfonso Lugo-Ocando
Dean of College of Communication
​Monday, October 10, 2022 
​Securing External Grant Capture and Impact in Non-STEM areas


Prof. Karim El-Zu'bi
Dean of College of Pharmacy

​Monday April 18th, 2022 
​Responsible Conduct of Research: Clinical versus Pre-clinical Research

Prof. Mohamad Alameddine 
Dean of College of Health Sciences
​February 21st, 2022
​Work-Life Balance in Academia: Fact or Fiction 


Prof. Abbes Amira  
Dean, College of Computing and Informatics

​February 7th, 2022
​Empowering Pandemic Response and Connected Health using AIoT



Prof. Dima Jamali
Dean, College of Business Administration

​October 17th, 2021
​Leadership for the Greater Good


​Prof. Imad Alsyouf
Director of Sustainability Office

​June 6th, 2021
​The Triple Helix Model for Innovation



Prof. Manal Awad
Vice Dean, College of Dental Medicine

​May 2nd, 2021
​Translational Research: Bridging the Gap between Basic and Clinical Research



​Prof. Faker Al Gharaibeh
Acting Director, Research Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences (RIHSS)

​April 4th, 2021
​تأثيرات كوفيد 19 على البحث العلمي في العلوم الانسانية والاجتماعية



Prof. Ashraf Elnagar
Professor and Vice Dean, College of Computing and Informatics

​March 7th, 2021
​AI and Arabic Language Processing 



Prof. Qutayba Hamid 
Vice Chancellor & Dean of College of Medicine

​February 7th, 2021
​When Should I Stop Doing Research? 


Prof. Imad Eldin Abdul Hay
Dean of College of Law

​January 17th, 2021
تحديات البحث العلمي في الدراسات القانونية



Prof. Nouar Tabet
Dean of College of Sciences

December 6th, 2020
​The Exit of the Oil Age

Prof. Iman Saad Ahmed
Vice Dean of College of Pharmacy

November 1st, 2020
​The Power & Challenges 
of Interdisciplinary Research
Prof. Nadia Mehdi Alhasani
Dean of College of Fine Arts and Design

 October 4th, 2020
Creativity for the 4th IR

Prof Mohammad S. Obaidat
Dean of College of Computing & Informatics 

February 18th, 2020
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Back and Why? 
Prof Awad Al Khalaf
Dean of Sharia and Islamic Studies

February 6th, 2020
Scientific Research Challenges in Islamic Studies 

Prof Ahmed Al-Shammaa
Dean of College of Engineering 

December 10th, 2019
Research & Innovation: Breaking the Barrier, Thinking Outside the Box 


Prof Rabih Halwani
College of Medicine. 

​November 26th, 2019
Roadmap to Impactful Research