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Research Newsletter

Research @Glance

​Issue #
Welcome Message by Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies
​#7 September
​While the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth many challenges and much distress it created opportunity to learn, to change and to advance. It is our duty to continue pushing forward and to use our knowledge to take part in overcoming these unprecedented times. This month’s issue is the compilation of research highlights and events over the past five months where we explore the launch of the 1st Women in Research Forum as well as the 5th Science and Engineering Research Forum and the Computing and Informatics Annual Symposium. This issue will also cover the participation of the University of Sharjah in the Ministry of Education National Ambassador Program “Estedad” Initiative, the different research related workshops and successful stories. Ultimately, although separated by distance we are still connected through research.

​#6 March
​Collaboration is one of the key factors for the advancement of scientific research. Sharing ideas and different perspectives can open new horizons and encourage innovative solutions. The University of Sharjah is continuously providing opportunities and resources for students, academic professionals and industrial professionals to network and exchange expertise with the aim of achieving its vision of excellence in scientific research. This issue will highlight the main events as well as some successful stories that illustrate the steps taken by the university to reach its envisioned future.

​​#5 February
​His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah, praised the great and many achievements at the global, regional and local levels that the University of Sharjah achieved in the Board of Trustees Meeting. This issue, will take you through a journey of three technical exchange meetings: one with Police for our Master & PhD students and the other two for Medical & Health Sciences Colleges where 20 Organizations and well known international companies participated in research collaborations. In addition, February is our inspiration month for innovation and research. University of Sharjah played a vital role in showcasing our faculty and students research projects, delivered more than 30 workshops in collaborations with tech companies and announced the Fifth Sharjah Award for Design & Innovation.

​#4 January
​The University of Sharjah (UOS) is committed to generate the highest quality of research while acknowledging the formative relationship between excellence in research and excellence in teaching.

Over the past five years or so, the UOS has made long strides toward the cultivation and nurturing of research culture among its faculty and students across a large spectrum of disciplines. The result of the dedication of its research leadership to innovation, excellence, impact and knowledge dissemination has been the salient improvement of research infrastructure, the impressive increase of its research publications in reputable journals, the filing of patents, and the increasing visibility it has come to enjoy among its counterparts on the local, regional and global scenes. I welcome you to the fourth issue of our e-newsletter to update you about the latest research activities happening in the last month.

Patents’ applications were successfully filed, research journals were published and major conferences & events were organized.

#3 December
"Welcome to the third issue of our e-newsletter. In this issue we have many research activities happening in December: His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi laid the foundation stone of the Sharjah Technology and Innovation Oasis, received many international delegations for research collaboration, started women in research initiative, UoS faculty research work and many more. Enjoy reading and send your research news for next issue."
#2 November
​“Because we aspire for excellence in scientific research, not only locally but also regionally and internationally, we apply the vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of University of Sharjah and the directives of Prof. Hamid AlNaimiy, the Chancellor of University of Sharjah. I welcome you all to our second issue of e-newsletter. We will walk you through the most research activities that have happened in November 2019. Enjoy reading and get inspired by sharing your research news. You are next.”

#1 October
“The development of any nation can be measured by its dedication to the importance of scientific research. I welcome you to our periodical e-newsletter. It is our gateway and testimony to research activities happening at University of Sharjah. I am sure this e-newsletter will be a must-read history on research happenings around us.”

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