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Welcome Message by Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies
Fall 2022-2023
​Welcome to the 20th issue of the Research @ Glance E-Newsletter. It is with great pride that we are celebrating the University of Sharjah’s silver jubilee. This celebration marks the remarkable local and international achievements of the university over the past 25 years. Coinciding with these celebrations the University of Sharjah becomes the top-ranked university in UAE according to the Times Higher Education university rankings. Learn more about the Univerity’s success stories, new partnerships, latest research, and much more by browsing through this issue. Also, enjoy reading our featured articles about the scientific conferences hosted at the University of Sharjah, the 3rd Forum for Women in Research, and the participation of the University of Sharjah for the 3rd time in the Ministry of Education’s Estedad Initiative 2022. 

July 2022
​Welcome to another issue of the Research @Glance E-Newsletter. Here at the University of Sharjah we believe that the road to success is one led by persistent collaborative efforts. Together we work to create a sustainable environment for knowledge transfer, community impact and innovation. In this issue, enjoy reading about the university’s faculty members who ranked among the top two percent of the world’s scientists as well as other achievements of our faculty members, researchers, and students. Learn about our latest community partnerships and the signing of a new professorship chair with Global Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Get ready for the Third Forum for Women in Research by reading about the press conference announcing the initiation of its activities and take a look at some of our featured research projects. 

​In this issue of the Research @Glance E-Newsletter, take a look at the various successful stories and new partnerships achieved by the University of Sharjah and its researchers. Enjoy reading through the many events and activities that are bringing life back to the university and reigniting the spark of its students and faculty after the difficult few years the world has faced. Also in this issue, read about the launch of the two latest research centers in the Research Institute for Sciences and Engineering at the university. 

​Welcome to the 17th issue of the Research @Glance E-Newsletter. In this issue, enjoy reading about the many success stories of students, faculty, and the University of Sharjah as a whole as it continues to strive towards excellence. Also in this issue, see the university strengthening its ties and creating new ones through receiving high level local and international delegations and get a glimpse of the university’s strong participation in World Expo 2020, Dubai.

​#16 November 2021
​The University of Sharjah is constantly looking to strengthen the research culture at the university and within the community. In this issue of the Research @Glance E-Newsletter, you will get a look into some of the national and international meetings and visits where important collaborations are established. This issue will also highlight the university’s activities and participations in various events such as the NASA Space Apps Challenge, UAE codes day, International Scientific Conference on Water, Energy and Climate Change and World Diabetes Day.
​#15 September 2021
​In line with the University of Sharjah’s mission to excel in research and education the university is constantly working towards providing equal opportunity for all. This issue of the Research @ Glance E-Newsletter will highlight the major events that took place over the summer period of year 2020-2021 in support of this mission. The issue will feature the Second Forum Women in Research which coincided with the Emirati Women’s Day, the ArabWIC 7th International Conference on Arab Women in Computing hosted by the University of Sharjah, the Ministry of Educations 2021 ESTEDAD initiative and many other training programs, workshops and achievements. 

​#14 June 2021
​As the academic year 2020- 2021 is coming to an end, it is important to recognize all the efforts made in overcoming the unique circumstances the world had to face and highlight the successes attained despite the obstacles. This issue of the newsletter will feature the various research projects that were conducted through out the year with a special focus on research related to COVID-19. This issue will also highlight achievements made by the university, its faculty, and students.

​#13 April 2021
​With the shift towards remote working and online learning, online events such as workshops and webinars have become a great asset to utilize time efficiently and develop personal and professional skills. This issue of the Research @ Glance E-Newsletter highlights the various online research events that took place during the month of April and features the Fourth International Conference on Arabs’ and Muslims’ History of Sciences under the Theme “Scientific Legacy and its Contemporary Impacts”.

​#12 March 2021
​The University of Sharjah works under His Highness’s directives, the Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, to study real-world problems through research to achieve its mission of development, community service, and strengthening collaboration with UAE community institutions. This issue of the Research at Glance E-Newsletter includes the numerous workshops and seminars during March. And highlights the major events such as the Press conference for launching the preparations of the 2nd Forum for Women in Research, 7th International Conference on Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC 2021), the Police, Legal and Economic Technical Exchange Meeting under the theme Social Responsibility and Quality of Life, and the College of Law conference titled Modern Technology, one of the contemporary legal challenges.

​​#11 February 
​Join us this issue in celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, take a glimpse into the preparations for the 2nd Forum for Women in research and enjoy reading about the latest collaborative bonds formed between the University of Sharjah and external organizations in aims of enriching the quality of research conducted at the University. This issue also sheds light on new achievements by the University of Sharjah and its faculty members in various fields.

​#10 January 2021
​Welcome to the tenth issue of UoS Research @Glance and the first issue of the year 2021. We wish you a happy new year filled with knowledge and prosperity. Over the past year and three months this newsletter has grown immensely and for that, we would like to thank all our readers and supporters for helping this newsletter continue to spread knowledge and the culture of research around the world. In this issue we will celebrate research grant winners from the University of Sharjah and take a look at the many collaborations being formed at the University in aims of doing research that will solve real and pressing matters. The issue also includes a summary on the different types of workshops and seminars that took place during the past two months.

​#9 November 2020
​The University of Sharjah advanced in ranking according to Times Higher Education International University Rankings for the year 2021. The university ranked first at the level of the United Arab Emirates in the field of computer science subject area, the second in medical and health sciences, physical sciences as well as engineering and technology field, and the third place in the field of business administration and economics sciences. I also congratulate our UOS Scholars, who are the World's Top 2% of Scientists on the Stanford University List. Moreover, you will explore more winning and successful stories, research highlights, meetings and activities in this issue. The University of Sharjah organized major research events such as the IEEE "International Conference on Communications, Computing, Cybersecurity and Informatics" (CCCI 2020) and the second technical meeting under the title: "Scientific Research, Community, Media and Administrative Partnerships".

​#8 October 2020
​Welcome to the eighth issue of our Research at a Glance Newsletter. This issue highlights several research efforts of our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students in all colleges.  These successful achievements, as His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimil always describes, contribute to enhancing the University’s progress and strengthening its position in the top ranks among peer universities at the local, regional, and even global levels. We continue working and meeting with several organizations to serve our research to meet the community needs for example LINKÖPING University, the Air Navigation Services of Sweden, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech),  Indonesian National Nuclear Energy  Agency, Beeah, Ras Al Khaimah Courts, J-Wel MIT, ... etc. Moreover, several research workshops and activities were delivered/conducted to/by UoS community last month. Enjoy reading this issue and don’t hesitate to share your research achievements to celebrate them.

​#7 September 2020
​While the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth many challenges and much distress it created opportunity to learn, to change and to advance. It is our duty to continue pushing forward and to use our knowledge to take part in overcoming these unprecedented times. This month’s issue is the compilation of research highlights and events over the past five months where we explore the launch of the 1st Women in Research Forum as well as the 5th Science and Engineering Research Forum and the Computing and Informatics Annual Symposium. This issue will also cover the participation of the University of Sharjah in the Ministry of Education National Ambassador Program “Estedad” Initiative, the different research related workshops and successful stories. Ultimately, although separated by distance we are still connected through research.

​#6 March 2020
​Collaboration is one of the key factors for the advancement of scientific research. Sharing ideas and different perspectives can open new horizons and encourage innovative solutions. The University of Sharjah is continuously providing opportunities and resources for students, academic professionals and industrial professionals to network and exchange expertise with the aim of achieving its vision of excellence in scientific research. This issue will highlight the main events as well as some successful stories that illustrate the steps taken by the university to reach its envisioned future.

​​#5 February 2020
​His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah, praised the great and many achievements at the global, regional and local levels that the University of Sharjah achieved in the Board of Trustees Meeting. This issue, will take you through a journey of three technical exchange meetings: one with Police for our Master & PhD students and the other two for Medical & Health Sciences Colleges where 20 Organizations and well known international companies participated in research collaborations. In addition, February is our inspiration month for innovation and research. University of Sharjah played a vital role in showcasing our faculty and students research projects, delivered more than 30 workshops in collaborations with tech companies and announced the Fifth Sharjah Award for Design & Innovation.

​#4 January 2020
​The University of Sharjah (UOS) is committed to generate the highest quality of research while acknowledging the formative relationship between excellence in research and excellence in teaching.
Over the past five years or so, the UOS has made long strides toward the cultivation and nurturing of research culture among its faculty and students across a large spectrum of disciplines. The result of the dedication of its research leadership to innovation, excellence, impact and knowledge dissemination has been the salient improvement of research infrastructure, the impressive increase of its research publications in reputable journals, the filing of patents, and the increasing visibility it has come to enjoy among its counterparts on the local, regional and global scenes. I welcome you to the fourth issue of our e-newsletter to update you about the latest research activities happening in the last month.
Patents’ applications were successfully filed, research journals were published and major conferences & events were organized.

#3 December 2019
"Welcome to the third issue of our e-newsletter. In this issue we have many research activities happening in December: His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi laid the foundation stone of the Sharjah Technology and Innovation Oasis, received many international delegations for research collaboration, started women in research initiative, UoS faculty research work and many more. Enjoy reading and send your research news for next issue."
#2 November 2019
​“Because we aspire for excellence in scientific research, not only locally but also regionally and internationally, we apply the vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of University of Sharjah and the directives of Prof. Hamid AlNaimiy, the Chancellor of University of Sharjah. I welcome you all to our second issue of e-newsletter. We will walk you through the most research activities that have happened in November 2019. Enjoy reading and get inspired by sharing your research news. You are next.”

#1 October 2019
“The development of any nation can be measured by its dedication to the importance of scientific research. I welcome you to our periodical e-newsletter. It is our gateway and testimony to research activities happening at University of Sharjah. I am sure this e-newsletter will be a must-read history on research happenings around us.”

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