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AI and Personnel Management

In layman’s terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines and programs. More recently, AI has shifted from laboratory experiments to business world. Kirk Chang (Professor of Digital HRM, College of Business Administration) has conducted an empirical investigation in a university student canteen, aiming to scrutinize the management of both workforce and resources in the canteen. While AI improves the efficacy of resource management in general, Kirk has found that managers and their subordinates seem to generate mixed views about using AI in their workplace, such as job allocation and staff-window ratio. On the one hand, AI may simplify the management of served windows and thus reduce personnel cost. On the other hand, however, managers have reservations about the implication of AI on their managerial strategies, claiming that AI affects their decision-making independence as well as future career opportunity. Rather than an elixir, AI has become a double-edged sword in management. AI can alleviate the financial pressure on staffing; yet, it may imply less recruitment and lower skill employability. Following the empirical investigation and cognate studies, Kirk has developed a new theoretical model titled APM.

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