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The University of Sharjah Participates in A Forum on The World University Rankings in The Field of Sustainability

10 June 2020 Prof. Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sharjah for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Imad Alsyouf, Director of the Sustainability Office, and a number of members of the University, sustainability departments participated in a series of webinars organized by UI GreenMetric for the World University Rankings in the field of sustainability, entitled " How to manage teaching, learning and work in sustainable universities during the COVID-19 pandemic.” During the webinar, policies and programs used in teaching, learning, and working in sustainable universities. Discussed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The experiences of 9 sustainable global universities, discussed along with how a campus deals with these conditions and plans in the field of teaching, learning and work management during and post-pandemic.

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