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Research Study on COPD

11 February 2020 Dr. Rizwan Qaisar, Assistant Professor of Physiology at the College of Medicine carried out a research study on COPD, a lung disease with systemic consequences including muscle weakness. The study has shown that serum levels of CC-16 and TSA have a significant association with lung and muscle decline in COPD. Dr. Qaisar also published another research paper in the Journal Acta Physiologica (Oxf) titled “Muscle unloading: A comparison between spaceflight and ground-based models”, on how the disuse of skeletal muscle causes muscle wasting and weakness, which happen to astronauts during spaceflight and to patients during prolonged bed rest. This study compared the changes in muscles during models of spaceflight and muscle unloading. The study also elaborated on mouse hind-limbs unloading model, which has been recently developed and implemented in University of Sharjah.

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