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Workshop On: Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning – Changing Your Teaching To Match The Learning Needs of Students

M25 - 103 25 FEB 201912 AM

Facilitator, Prof. Geoffrey Crisp, Pro Vice Chancellor Education, University of New South Wales, Australia


This workshop will focus on the range of digital tools that are available to academics so that they can modify their teaching to match the learning needs of their students. Our teaching methods need to change to adopt the seamless integration of technology into the classroom and into curriculum design. In this session, we will look at examples from the Digital Uplift project at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and explore how these might be adapted to your local context.  We will explore some simple but effective uses of technology to enhance teaching and some examples of more sophisticated adaptive learning designs that allow students to learn at their own pace. We will discuss some of the approaches used at UNSW to include students more in the design of courses and learning activities. We will also discuss some of the lessons we have learned at UNSW when implementing large scale changes in teaching and the wider use of digital tools and resources in teaching

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