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Tender Reference NumberTender DetailsEnd DateActivate For Technical CommitteeActivate For Commercial Committee
Signboard-COECOE19/04/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100929AV Equipment & Spare Parts for Classrooms22/04/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910149CL22/04/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904123cl22/04/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910144CL03/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910143CL03/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904109CL25/04/2020 Activate Activated
CL1910-142CL06/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910141CL07/05/2020 Activated Activated
Parking Shed RenovationFMPD28/04/2020 Activated Activated
20203Dental consumables items04/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1901121-RTLab Equipment- Flash Chromatography .03/05/2020 Activated Activated
Road Cutting for BMSFMPD30/04/2020 Activated Activated
SP20201Spare part for Dental05/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904111 CL01/05/2020 Activate Activated
CL1904115CL03/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904116CL03/05/2020 Activate Activated
CL1910147CL03/05/2020 Activated Activated
20204Dental implant consumables items06/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1902114Laboratory Equipment13/05/2020 Activated Activated
20205 Dental EquipmentDental Equipment09/05/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100935Cisco Firepower Service Level Agreement Renewal 04/05/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100964VDI project Endpoint (Wyse 5070) 14/05/2020 Activated Activated
Parking Shed RenovationFMPD- RT 05/05/2020 Activated Activated
Kitchen cabinets UOS residential housing Phase 4FMPD19/05/2020 Activated Activate
Parking Shed Renovation RTFMPD-RT07/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904110cl11/05/2020 Activate Activated
ITC-100961Laptop-Dell XPS 15/13 2-in-1 07/05/2020 Activated Activated
ITC 100870Renewal of trend micro 01/06/2020 Activated Activated
ITC 100869Lenovo SD530 01/06/2020 Activated Activate
ITC 100908Infoblox Renewal 01/06/2020 Activated Activated
W12 213C Thermal property laboratory renovationFMPD20/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910145cl22/05/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100955DELL Workstations 13/05/2020 Activated Activated
20206Dental consumables items17/05/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-001W12-201 training room renovation project03/06/2020 Activated Activated
TNZF/BD/TDR-0521/20-MBProvision of Pest Control Services for University of Sharjah11/05/2020 Activate Activate
FMPD-pestcontrolAMC for pest control services14/05/2020 Activated Activated
test1test16/05/2020 Activated Activate
test2test16/05/2020 Activated Activate
IBM Storage UpgradeITC-10098604/06/2020 Activated Activated
20208Dental consumables items19/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910141rtcl21/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904110rtcl revised offer17/05/2020 Activate Activated
CL1908135Lab Equipment20/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908132Lab Equipment20/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908133Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 20/05/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-002SAASST Ronovation03/06/2020 Activated Activated
20209Dental post graduate consumables items01/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908123Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908128Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908127Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908126Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908132Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 21/05/2020 Activated Activate
CL1908132 (Extended)Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 21/05/2020 Activated Activated
20207Dental consumables items18/05/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910143rtcl-atlab item 1 & 204/06/2020 Activated Activate
CL1910141rt2CL 11/06/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-003CFAD Library Renovation Project M2217/06/2020 Activated Activated
20205ADental Equipment07/06/2020 Activated Activated
R0046819GWT07/06/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100986IBM Storage Upgrade04/06/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100975Supply and Installation of AV Equipment (W12-201 Training Room Renovation Project11/06/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-cleaningservicesCleaning Services AMC01/07/2020 Activated Activated
Road Cutting for BMSrtFMPD REQUESTON - RT 17/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910143rt2ATLAB11/06/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101000Supply & Installation - Interactive Drafting Tables15/06/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101001Dell XPS 15 touch screen laptop with pen09/07/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101002 Microsoft HoloLense212/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1903119Lab Equipment- College of Medicine25/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908122Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 25/06/2020 Activate Activate
CL1908122Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 25/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL-1905194Bottled Gas Supply 2020-202125/06/2020 Activate Activate
CL1910145rtcl22/06/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-004M22 Project21/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908129 Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 02/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908147Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 02/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908141Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 28/06/2020 Activate Activate
CL1908142Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 28/07/2020 Activate Activate
CL1908148Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 07/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908149Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 07/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101031IBM SPSS Licenses Campus Edition Renewal28/06/2020 Activated Activated
ITC -101034 Kaspersky Antivirus License Renewal28/06/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910141rt3CL08/07/2020 Activated Activated
20210Dental consumables items25/06/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-100965 DELL Mini PC for PG Clinics30/06/2020 Activated Activated
20211Dental Equipment06/07/2020 Activated Activated
20212Dental consumables items12/07/2020 Activated Activated
20213Dental implant consumables items12/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100972-DKeyboard & Monitor Mount30/06/2020 Activated Activate
CL1910145rt1CL-RT208/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908146Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 07/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC -101044FMVisualizer - VSolution Cam02/07/2020 Activated Activated
20214Dental implant consumables items08/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1909121Lab Equipment- College of Health Sciences 09/07/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101046AV Unit – Test Items 05/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908133-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 09/07/2020 Activated Activated
Road Cutting for BMSrt2Part of CCTV project 14/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101044LBEAV Items07/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101043AV Items-IEEM08/07/2020 Activate Activate
CL1909119Lab Equipment- College of Health Sciences 07/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100972-DRTKeyboard & Monitor Mount08/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904111rt rt 07/07/2020 Activate Activated
CL1904110rt2rt207/07/2020 Activate Activated
ITC-100972WMPCIT Requirements for PG Clinics 09/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC -101044LBEAV Items12/07/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101054Lenovo SD530 Re-Tender 23/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904111rt2Only for Al Genome supplier 10/07/2020 Activate Activate
CL1904111rt3only commercial for al genome 12/07/2020 Activate Activated
FMPD-005Counter for M11A16/07/2020 Activate Activate
ITC-101058Professional Financial Services28/07/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-006Acrylic partition22/07/2020 Activate Activate
20215Dental consumables items26/07/2020 Activated Activated
20216Dental consumables items19/07/2020 Activated Activate
20217Dental consumables items26/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908109Standard teaching06/08/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908108Wind Energy06/08/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101057Blockchain Project21/07/2020 Activate Activate
Solar PV SystemSOLAR PANNELS - URGENT 22/07/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101063Laptops for New Faculty26/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910141rt4Only for dsat 22/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1909117Medical Diagnostic04/08/2020 Activated Activate
CL1908149Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 23/07/2020 Activate Activated
cl1909116Cl28/10/2020 Activated Activated
20218Dental phantom simulator06/08/2020 Activated Activated
20219Dental Equipment and instruments 05/08/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904BORTCombination of two req 109/110 29/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908149-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 27/07/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910178Seawater Desalination System03/08/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-200163External Lamp-Post LED13/08/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908155Senior Design Project PCB Lab19/08/2020 Activated Activated
20220Dental consumables items10/08/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101001RTLaptop DELL,HP,LENOVO 17/08/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-007Spliting Offices at M719/08/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD-008Counter at Admission Office19/08/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-010CCTV for Central Labs19/08/2020 Activated Activate
20221Dental Equipment19/08/2020 Activated Activated
CL1909121-RTLab Equipment- College of Health Sciences 19/08/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-touchlessFMPD-touchless30/08/2020 Activate Activate
ITC-100961RTLaptops (DELL, LENOVO , HP ) 23/08/2020 Activated Activated
CL19013103Lab Equipment- SAASST20/08/2020 Activated Activate
20222Dental consumables 31/08/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101087Time Attendance Terminal 13/09/2020 Activated Activated
LBR-200090AskZad Database 02/09/2020 Activated Activated
20223Dental consumables items01/09/2020 Activated Activated
20224Dental Itams09/09/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101102Proof Point Renewal for Year 2020-2021 10/09/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-100955RTWorkstations for College of Communication Labs15/09/2020 Activate Activate
FMPD-014Design & Build lab work for M1 A29/09/2020 Activated Activate
CL2001101Lab Equipment- College of Sciences17/09/2020 Activated Activated
20225Dental consumables items21/09/2020 Activated Activate
20226Dental Equipment28/09/2020 Activated Activated
20227equipment03/10/2020 Activated Activated
20229Dental Equipment29/09/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101124Developing IT Policies and Procedure through Consultancy 22/10/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101122Tender for Female Dinning Hall 27/10/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101123Fortinet Service Level Agreement Renewal 22/10/2020 Activate Activated
CL1908132-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 24/09/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101125Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement Renewal 2020-2021 03/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL1904115rtCL1904115rt28/09/2020 Activate Activated
20222 RTDental consumables items03/10/2020 Activated Activated
20228Dental consumables items03/10/2020 Activated Activated
CCTVSECURITY CAMARS 20/12/2020 Activated Activate
20230Dental items06/10/2020 Activate Activated
CL1910145RTRT14/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL2004106 cl18/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL2004101Research Ins for Med & Health Sci RIMHS 12/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001106Lab Equipment- College of Sciences 19/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908155Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 18/10/2020 Activate Activate
FMPD-016Passport office -M11-008 renovation project08/10/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-017Service department renovation project at M11 - 101 & 102 Main Building08/10/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD-018M12 Corridor renovation project08/10/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD-020W12-Lobby renovation work08/10/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD-200207Centralized Thermostat for Monitor, Control and Analysis18/10/2020 Activated Activate
CL2004110 RIHMS22/10/2020 Activated Activated
20231Dental items21/10/2020 Activated Activated
20232Dental Equipment21/10/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101131Laptops for New Faculty & Staff 22/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908109 RTStandard teaching and research flume 29/10/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101130Managed Print Services Tender31/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL1908155-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 18/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910145RT2RISE05/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001113-ALab Equipment- College of Sciences 25/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001113-BLab Equipment- College of Sciences22/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001113-CLab Equipment- College of Sciences25/10/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001111Lab Equipment- College of Sciences25/10/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101139System Center Configuration Manager 19/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL1909116Lab Equipment- College of Health Sciences 28/10/2020 Activate Activate
CL2001109Lab Equipment- College of Sciences04/11/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-022AMC for fire fighting and Fire Alarm system for University of Sharjah01/11/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-021M24 Auditorium Upgrade (AV + Some civil work)07/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL1910178 RTRO Seawater Desalination System11/11/2020 Activated Activated
20229RTDental Equipment08/11/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101124RTDeveloping IT Policies and Procedure through Consultancy 15/11/2020 Activated Activated
UDHS Software medical license03/11/2020 Activate Activate
20233Dental Equipment10/11/2020 Activated Activate
20234Dental Equipment and instruments 16/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001105Lab Equipment- College of Sciences04/11/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101123RTFortinet Service Level Agreement Renewal15/11/2020 Activated Activated
20233RTDental Equipment18/11/2020 Activated Activate
ITC 0036Renewal Infoblox ITC 0036 22/11/2020 Activated Activated
20235Dental consumables 28/11/2020 Activate Activate
ITC-101132Branding Research, Strategy and Design Services 22/11/2020 Activated Activate
CL2004106RTRT 21/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001108Chemicals & Reagents- College of Sciences19/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001107Lab tools and Consumables- College of Sciences 18/11/2020 Activated Activated
Pathology Laboratory services UDHS17/12/2020 Activate Activate
FMPD-032SAASST Renovation Project 06/12/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD-033Classroom Renovation Project26/11/2020 Activated Activated
FMPD-029W13 Classroom renovation 25/11/2020 Activated Activate
20234RTDental items29/11/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101148Annual Maintenance Contract Renewal for Extreme Network10/12/2020 Activated Activated
ITC-101132RTBranding Research, Strategy and Design Services 10/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008103Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 26/11/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008104Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 29/11/2020 Activated Activated
20236Dental items12/12/2020 Activated Activate
ITC-101156Laptops for Faculty (DELL / LENOVO / HP / Microsoft ) 14/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008101Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 30/11/2020 Activated Activated
20237Dental items19/12/2020 Activated Activated
20238Dental Equipment Spare Part19/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001118 Lab Equipment- College of Sciences21/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2001118-SSJLab Equipment- College of Sciences14/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008105Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 10/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2009101Lab Equipment10/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2009102Lab Equipment10/12/2020 Activated Activated
CCTV system installationCCTV system installation in Muweilah Building - Security Surveillance System (Police Notice)20/12/2020 Activated Activated
20215RTUDHS Consumables23/12/2020 Activated Activated
20240Dental items26/12/2020 Activated Activated
20239Dental items19/12/2020 Activated Activate
FMPD_UDHS_METERING_SYSTEM_BMSUDHS Metering System and BMS Separation10/01/2021 Activated Activated
20241Dental items07/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2003110Lab Equipment- College of Medicine 11/01/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-034Diabetics center renovation project28/12/2020 Activated Activate
CL2008114 Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 28/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008108Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 28/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008111Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 28/12/2020 Activated Activated
CL2008112Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2013-101SAASST29/12/2020 Activated Activate
CL2008117Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2008115Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008113Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 12/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008110Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008109Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008107 Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/01/2021 Activate Activate
FMPD-035Classroom renovation project03/02/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101151 Submit the commercial Bid 31/12/2020 Activate Activate
ITC-101132RT2Branding Research, Strategy and Design Services11/01/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-1054Renewal Trend micro 07/01/2021 Activate Activate
CL2008106Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 11/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2004112RHIMS 17/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010113RISE 12/01/2021 Activated Activated
20243Dental items16/01/2021 Activated Activated
20244Dental ortho items16/01/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101157SketchUp and V-Ray for UoS Requirements 10/01/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-INVERTERSYSTEM-FK02Inverter System for Sustainable Garden - Sustainability Department21/01/2021 Activate Activate
Kitchen cabinets UOS residential housing Phase 4 RTRT25/01/2021 Activated Activate
20242Dental items09/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008120College of Engineering 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008119Lab Tools and Consumables - College of Engineering25/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009103College of Health Sciences14/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2009104College of Health Sciences 21/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009105College of Health Sciences 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009107College of Health Sciences 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009111College of Health Sciences 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009112College of Health Sciences 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009113College of Health Sciences 14/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009114College of Health Sciences 17/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2009115College of Health Sciences 17/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009116College of Health Sciences 17/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008116Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 19/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2008118Lab Equipment- College of Engineering 19/01/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-036Replacement of emergency exit doors at W12 & M12 20/01/2021 Activated Activate
FMPD-037Diabetics center Renovation Works- AV Section27/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2002103College of Pharmacy24/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2002104College of Pharmacy24/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2002105College of Pharmacy24/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2002106College of Pharmacy24/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2002107College of Pharmacy24/01/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101160VMware Enterprise Learning Zone 25/01/2021 Activated Activated
CL2005143Water Purification System - Central Laboratory Directorate 02/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2002108Spare part- College of Pharmacy26/01/2021 Activated Activate
CL2002108ACollege of Pharmacy02/02/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101159TrendMicro Premium Support Renewal 24/01/2021 Activated Activate
FMPD-BWCCC-FK03Boundary Wall for Child Care Center07/02/2021 Activated Activate
FMPD-M13AFENCE-FK04M13A Grey Water Treatment Tank Protection Fence04/02/2021 Activate Activate
FMPD-045Conversion Of Manual to Automatic Door for Medical Campus31/01/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-050W2 sound system upgradation31/01/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101177 Secure DNS-DHCP-IPAM Appliance-Service16/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008110-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 09/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008113-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 04/02/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101180PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 16/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL-001AMC of Dental equipments in College of Dentistry & UDHS 01/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2004117ssj 03/02/2021 Activated Activated
Laundry Services for PG Dental Center Contract (UDHS) 04/02/2021 Activate Activate
20245Dental items06/02/2021 Activated Activated
20246Spare part for Dental10/02/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-GYMMAINTENANCE-FK05Gym Maintenance Works18/02/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101185Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System 01/04/2021 Activated Activate
20247Dental items20/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009103-RTCollege of Health Sciences 17/02/2021 Activated Activate
CL2002108-RTCollege of Pharmacy11/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010133CVD deposition system24/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2009114-RTCollege of Health Sciences 21/02/2021 Activated Activated
Proc_Processanalysis_01UOS Procurement Department Process Current State Review and Gap Analysis09/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2004120RIMHS Lab Equipment 25/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010129RIMHS-Lab Equipment 25/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010129RIMHS-Lab Equipment 25/02/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010127High Pressure Critical Heat Flux Apparatus25/02/2021 Activate Activate
CL2010136Gas flow controller25/02/2021 Activate Activate
20248Dental items23/02/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101189Dell VXrail with GPU for University of Sharjah 11/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101159RTTrendMicro Premium Support Renewal 18/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101168Service Level Agreement and Manufacturer Support Nutanix HCI 25/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101196UoS Data Center Documentation Labeling 20/05/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101195IT Hardware for ITC Backup 05/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2004116RHIMS07/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008109-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 08/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010140RISE 14/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010138Investigating plasmonic-electrical nanostructures for performance enhancement in dye-sensitized solar cells18/0302021 Activate Activate
CL2009118Maternal and Child Health Nursing and Basic Life Support Lab17/03/2021 Activated Activated
MZ-FMPD-035Classroom renovation project -6 prototypes13/03/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD1FMPD27/03/2021 Activate Activate
CL2010129RTRT18/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101202Laptops for Faculty ( DELL / LENOVO / HP ) 17/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010125 Lab Equipment -GC-MS triple quad24/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101191Enterprise level Application Security Scanner 14/03/2021 Activated Activated
CL2013103Radio Astronomy Lab Equipment 15/03/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101174Cache Delivery Network for UOS Website & Associate Websites 07/04/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010129RT2Innovative Hybrid Ventilation Technology to Combat the Spread of COVID-19 and Provide Cooling at Half of the Energy Cost - IHVT04/04/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101191RTEnterprise level Application Security Scanner 01/04/2021 Activated Activated
FN-M17VFDSYSTEM-01Supply and Installation of VFD System @ M17 Sports Complex Filed Irrigation Pumps08/04/2021 Activate Activate
AB-FMPD2FMPD30/03/2021 Activate Activate
AB-FMPD3FMPD03/04/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD4FMPD03/04/2021 Activated Activate
CL2004123RHIMS13/04/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD1RTFMPD12/04/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101206Audio and Visual (AV) Upgradation- W21 05/04/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101215University of Sharjah Datacenter Maintenance Main Campus and Khorfakkan28/04/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101204Desktop Computer Workstation08/04/2021 Activate Activate
AB-FMPD2RTFMPD17/04/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101227Veeam Backup Replication license Renewal 28/04/2021 Activated Activated
FN-W12-027OFFICELABRENOVATION-02W 12-027 Maintenance office and Lab renovation project.06/05/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-043Convert Glass Door Mens & Female Deanship 20/04/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-055Janitor Room 20/04/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101205Printing Supplies for COFA 20/04/2021 Activated Activated
FN-VIRTUALPLATFORMVirtual Platform for students admission20-04-2021 Activate Activate
RA-101234Golden Plates28/04/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101238SDP Projects Videos 27/04/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101239AV Project for ILHE New Offices M3 23/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008116-RTLab Equipment- College of Engineering 09/05/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD6FMPD02/05/2021 Activate Activate
AB-FMPD7FMPD02/05/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD8FMPD02/05/2021 Activate Activate
AE123Supply Graduation Gowns03/05/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101243 HP Designjet Printer - for COFA 02/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2013103rtSAASST29/04/2021 Activated Activated
CL2004106PAPlatelet aggregometer with Starter kit09/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2013103rt2ask for the correct one 10/05/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101177RTSecure DNS-DHCP-IPAM Appliance-Service 15/05/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD11FMPD18/05/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD7RTFMPD18/05/2021 Activate Activate
AB-FMPD9FMPD18/05/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD10FMPD18/05/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101261BIG IP F5 Procurement 20/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010139DNA Barcoding of Important Medicinal Plants in UAE02/06/2021 Activated Activated
FN-CCCPARKINGSHED-03New Parking sheds for Child Care Center23/05/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD3RTFMPD19/05/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101263Microsoft Azure Contract Renewal 20/05/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD12FMPD18/05/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD13FMPD22/05/2021 Activate Activate
MZ-FMPD-010M23 FF PC lab project - FURNITURE REQUEST24/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010139 RTDNA Barcoding of Important Medicinal Plants in UAE26/05/2021 Activated Activate
CL2008112RTConcrete 3D printer23/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008112RT2Concrete 3D printer30/05/2021 Activated Activated
RFP for eProcurement SolutionPR RFP for eProcurement Solution25/05/2021 Activated Activated
Hyperion Licenses Hyperion Licenses Oracle 10/06/2021 Activate Activate
CL2010155 Lab Equipment- RISE06/06/2021 Activated Activated
FMPD-034RTDiabetes Center Renovation Works (Fitout and MEP) - Retender30/05/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010163Lab Equipment- RISE30/05/2021 Activated Activated
20215Dental - URGENT 30/05/2021 Activate Activate
FN-M22AmplifierSupply and Installation of Amplifier for M22 auditorium06/06/2021 Activated Activated
FN-M32TissueCultureM32- Tissue culture lab renovation project06/06/2021 Activated Activate
Audit EngagementAudit Engagement for the Financial Year ended 31st August 202101/07/2021 Activated Activated
20255Screws and Tray Plates for College of Dental Medicine04/06/2021 Activated Activated
FN-GymEquipmentMaintenanceRectification or Replacement of Gym Equipment.03/06/2021 Activated Activate
FN-HousingAreaDoorsDoors & Door frame replacement in Faculties housingProject 06/06/2021 Activated Activated
CL1908133-RT2Lab Equipment10/06/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010172Stylus Profiler13/06/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008130Multi-Material CNC Router Machine13/06/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101196RTUoS Data Center Documentation, Labeling and Organizing 04/07/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010169 Glove box with two chambers 16/06/2021 Activated Activate
RZ0012021Lab Chemicals and consumables06/06/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD15FMPD13/06/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD16FMPD08/06/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD17FMPD13/06/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010173Renewable and Alternative Fuels18/06/2021 Activated Activated
R2008037Dental Store18/06/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010152Renewable Energy Research Lab22/06/2021 Activated Activate
CL1910145RT3High pressure vacuum exruder 13/06/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101179 GYM Project 24/06/2021 Activated Activated
20215 RT PPEPPE Items for Clinics 3 Months consumption14/06/2021 Activated Activated
CL2010154Lab Equipment- RISE20/06/2021 Activated Activated
AB-FMPD3RT2FMPD16/06/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008126Senior Design Project16/06/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101282English Textbooks Agreement 23/06/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101292SPSS Renewal for different Colleges 01/07/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101270Cisco Meraki Wireless Infrastructure Male Dinning Hall Renewal 04/07/2021 Activate Activate
FN-FMPD-02Supply & Fixing of PVC Water Proof Car Parking - Ibn Khaldoun Complex 33 Nos Sheds04/07/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010154-RTRISE06/07/2021 Activated Activated
CL1910145RT4RISE06/07/2021 Activated Activate
FN2107041Supply & installation of furniture & curtains of G8 Al Khawarizmi villa06/07/2021 Activated Activate
20215 PPE 20215 Dentel PPE 15/07/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101277Network Core Replacement for UoS 12/07/2021 Activated Activate
FN2107111To replace the damaged & faulty Capacitor bank components (400 kVAR ) at W12 Building as per SEWA rules and Regulations14/07/2021 Activated Activated
MO2107061VAT Related Servcies -Request for Quotation 26/07/2021 Activated Activated
FN2107131Design, Supply and Casting of Foundations for RO System15/07/2021 Activated Activate
FMPD-034RTFurnitureSupply and Installation of Furnitures for M 31- DIABETICS CENTER PROJECT [ RETENDER DOCUMENTS ] 15/07/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010151X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) system26/07/2021 Activated Activate
FN2107131RTDesign, Supply and Casting of Foundations for RO System27/07/2021 Activate Activate
FN2107250Repair or Replacement of vinyl flooring with beading in the classrooms as per the attached list., 29/07/2021 Activated Activate
FN-DraftingTablesDrafting Tables for College of Fine Arts and Design29/07/2021 Activated Activate
CL2010151EXTRISE 28/07/2021 Activate Activate
AB2107251FMPD28/07/2021 Activated Activated
FN2107081AMC contractor of M17 Football field maintenance contract to University of Sharjah, Sharjah - UAE04/08/2021 Activated Activate
FN2107250RTRetender: Repair or Replacement of vinyl flooring with beading in the classrooms as per the attached list02/08/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108021Design and Build of exhibitions stands requirements 2021/2022 to various events for University of Sharjah, UAE16/08/2021 Activated Activated
FN2108011SECURITY COUNTER - Various locations06/08/2021 Activate Activate
FN2108014Quality assurance offices M11 RM 238 - Renovation request06/08/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108016Lab Furniture Request W12-227A-235B-23906/08/2021 Activate Activate
FN2107250RT2Retender2: Repair or Replacement of vinyl flooring with beading in the classrooms as per the attached list05/08/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101319PC Requirement for New Computer Lab M23 09/08/2021 Activated Activated
MZ-TS-001Supply of Toyota Vehicles04/08/2021 Activated Activate
MZ-FMPD-0080W13 STUDY ROOM RENOVATION PROJECT04/08/2021 Activated Activate
MZ-FMPD-0079M8- Architectural Studios- Furniture request09/08/2021 Activated Activate
AB2107251 RTFMPD15/08/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108013ACB's for M22 LV rooms for University of Sharjah09/08/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108012ACB's for khorfakkan Branch LV room for University of Sharjah - Khorfakan Branch - Khorfakan - UAE10/08/2021 Activated Activated
FN-FMPD-02RTSupply & Fixing of PVC Water Proof Car Parking - Ibn Khaldoun Complex 33 Nos Sheds10/08/2021 Activated Activate
MZ-FMPD-0050SAASST- Supply & Installation of Curtains for Exhibition area13/09/2021 Activated Activate
FN-FMPD-02RT2Supply & Fixing of PVC Water Proof Car Parking - Ibn Khaldoun Complex 33 Nos Sheds16/08/2021 Activated Activate
R2008236Dental Consumables 18/08/2021 Activated Activate
IB2108091Frame Agreement for Hospitality Category Service 26/08/2021 Activated Activated
CL2008-126Senior Design Project24/08/2021 Activate Activate
MZ-FMPD-0072Short Term Skilled Manpower Supply 19/08/2021 Activated Activate
AB-FMPD21FMPD22/08/2021 Activate Activate
CL2008-130Laboratory equipment 25/08/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-1013442Supply & Installation of Signage for Public Relation 05/09/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101336UOS Video Requirements for MSR 22/08/2021 Activated Activated
ITC-101334Outsourcing of Staff Registration Dept.23/08/2021 Activated Activated
KF2108221RFP# KF2108221 | Supply and Installation of CCTV System in M28 Building in University of Sharjah, Sharjah – UAE04/09/2021 Activate Activate
KF2108222RFP# KF2108222 | Supply and Installation of CCTV System in M23 Building in University of Sharjah, Sharjah – UAE04/09/2021 Activate Activate
KF2108223RFP# KF2108223 | Supply and Installation of CCTV System in M15 Building in University of Sharjah, Sharjah – UAE04/09/2021 Activate Activate
MZ2108121W12-RM 214-221 Physics Lab renovation project29/08/2021 Activated Activate
20227RTAV SYSTEM 05/09/2021 Activate Activate
REF20247 Dental Item Store31/08/2021 Activate Activate
S2000001 udhs consumables 06/09/2021 Activated Activate
MZ2108211materials lab - M12-001 Renovation05/09/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108192M32 GF Rm DG55/57 Animal facility extension project for University of Sharjah - Sharjah - UAE11/09/2021 Activated Activate
AB2108311FMPD06/09/2021 Activated Activate
MZ2108231Child care centre soft padding on interior and external rubber pathway30/09/2021 Activate Activate
MZ2108232M23-149 NEW FACULTY OFFICES08/09/2021 Activate Activate
FN2108231W15 Fittness Equipment Maintenance for University of Sharjah14/09/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101334-AOutsourcing of Staff Registration Dept. 08/09/2021 Activated Activated
FN2108161M23 M25 M27 - Req for SKM Chiller Retrofit 18/09/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101356SLA for Fortigate 1500D 23/09/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-1106Necessary Upgrade for MDF IDF Rooms 22/09/2021 Activate Activate
SR2108171 Golden Plate with design and craving names of graduates | SR210817113/09/2021 Activate Activate
ITC-101348Passive Infrastructure for M23 Lab 18/09/2021 Activated Activate
FMPD-080921RTSupply & Installation of Curtain requirement for W13-Hostel building F,G & H26/09/2021 Activated Activate
ITC-101361Replacement and Backup Projectors for Classrooms - Supply Only 22/09/2021 Activated Activate
FN2108161RT M23 M25 M27 - Req for SKM Chiller Retrofit for University of Sharjah - Sharjah - UAE27/09/2021 Activate Activate
FN2108192RTM32 GF Rm DG55/57 Animal facility extension project for University of Sharjah - Sharjah - UAE25/09/2021 Activate Activate
S2000001RTUDHS Consumables 22/09/2021 Activate Activate
20215PPE(2)PPE Item for Dental 30/09/2021 Activate Activate
FMPD-034RT2FurnitureSupply and Installation of Furnitures for M 31- DIABETICS CENTER PROJECT [ RETENDER DOCUMENTS ] 27/09/2021 Activate Activate