3 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES Welcome to the University of Sharjah Admission Requirements: University Ranking: Contents University Website: 04 06 08 14 16 The College of Sciences Department of Applied Biology Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy Department of Chemistry Department of Mathematics Welcome to The University of Sharjah (UOS), a university that provides first class education to students from the UAE, Arab countries, and around the globe. The University of Sharjah offers academic programs in a broad range of disciplines that truly define it as a world-class university. Programs cover an impressive range of fields and scopes including the arts, humanities and social sciences, Islamic studies and Sharia law, international and civil law, communications and media, sciences, business, engineering and architecture, fine arts and design, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and health sciences. Studying at the University of Sharjah, a prominent and comprehensive university, offers many advantages. You will be exposed to numerous course and program options that will allow you to combine disciplines so that you may participate actively in addressing both today’s challenges and those of the future. You will also enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of options to choose the program that best matches your talents, aptitude and interests. Lastly, at the University of Sharjah, you will experience a wonderful journey of self-discovery and learning that will bring your best abilities to the forefront.

4 OUR VISION The vision of the College of Sciences is to achieve preeminence and uniqueness among universities in the region by providing a positive academic environment. Achieve excellence in educational programs that are based on research committed to the teaching process and community needs, and develop student skills and analytical and creative abilities. The College of Sciences provides high quality education, which enables students to meet the changing needs of the job market and to continue on with their higher studies. Graduates from the College of Sciences locate jobs in corporations, oil companies, industries, laboratories of all kinds, environmental institutions, power facilities, hospitals, security and defense sectors, forensic labs as well as the Ministry of Education. In addition to the significant contributions at the local, regional, and international levels, the College of Sciences offers a diverse range of B.Sc. programs and numerous basic science courses to all colleges. Faculty members in the College of Science boast vast experience and outstanding qualifications to deliver program specializations which are vital to the fields of science in the university. All programs are delivered in state-of-the- art classrooms and research facilities to encourage optimal learning and research outcomes. The College hosts and participates in numerous international conferences that have placed it at the forefront of research, and innovation, in addition to community advancement regionally and globally. The College of Sciences The College provides its students with an intellectually challenging education in the field of sciences, enabling them to develop and enrich their society. The College aims to prepare students to become critical thinkers so that they may meet the challenges of tomorrow.

5 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES OUR MISSION The College of Sciences endeavors to provide undergraduate and graduate students with programs that impart both general and specialized knowledge. These programs are characterized by excellence and modernity and respond to the needs of the community. In addition to providing academic requirements for the University’s various colleges and specializations, and thereby lend support to its’ overall mission and programs. The College also aims to continually raise the standards of academic research and link research to teaching and learning, while at the same time addressing local and regional community needs. The College further endeavors to engage in and foster research cooperation with local, regional, and international institutions. The College promotes and contributes towards human and professional development within the local community by organizing conferences, training courses and participating in workshops to enhance the skills of Emirati professionals. The College encourages seeking knowledge, building a repertoire of technical skills, and actively engaging in life-long learning to enrich creativity and analytical competencies. Furthermore, the college aims to develop communication skills in both English and Arabic to enable students to realize success in their professions, leadership in their fields, and a commitment to the prosperity and welfare of the UAE and regional societies.


7 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES OUR GOALS • Improve the education of undergraduate and graduate students to prepare new generations of scientists and technologically advanced graduates who understand not only basic scientific concepts, but also have a working knowledge of the latest innovations within the fields of science. • Build and maintain excellence in selected departments and programs across applied sciences. • Enrich the community of scholars and educators through diversity. • Improve the ability of students and faculty to conduct research, produce innovative work and integrate scholarship with teaching. • Expand and diversify the resources available to the College in order to achieve its goals. • Position the College of Science as a leader in the University’s quest to become among the most highly recognized international institutions of research. • Enhance University and community service and support the University in its external partnerships by providing appropriate expertise and leadership in the areas of science and technology. OUR PROGRAMS Undergraduate Programs • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics • Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geosciences and Remote Sensing • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Graduate Programs • Master of Science in Biotechnology • Master of Science in Physics • Master of Science in Astronomy and Space Sciences • Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing • Master of Science in Chemistry

8 Department of Applied Biology The Department of Applied Biology is committed to enhancing its standing as a national and international leader in biotechnology education, research and service delivery with an emphasis on serving the needs of the United Arab Emirates. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY The College of Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield in the UK, now offers a Bachelor of Science Program in Biotechnology for the first time in UAE. TheBachelorof Sciencesdegree inbiotechnology is an interdisciplinaryprogramthat brings together auniquecombination of skills and a wide range of scientific disciplines to maximize the benefits of both teaching and research. The degree includes the study of cell biology, tissue culture, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, hybridoma technology, and plant biotechnology in addition to other important areas such as ethics, scientific writing and bioinformatics. This necessitates that the specializations of the departmental faculty span a broad range of basic sciences to cover thoroughly each topic presented. In addition, the program is linked to local biotechnology industries that provide specialized input into the curriculum including training during the final year. PROGRAM OF STUDY The Biotechnology program curriculum provides an academic foundation in essential science disciplines, including biostatistics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and computer science. Students spend the majority of their time studying in more specialized fields in molecular biology, recombinant DNA and biochemistry. Much of the learning takes place in the lab, where students gain practical training in these fields. This training is supported by sophisticated instrumentation and research facilities.

9 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Graduates from the Biotechnology program have a promising future ahead. They will have a plethora of opportunities to be employed in various positions including: • Lab specialists in food processing and manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, medical and pathology diagnostics labs, reproductive biology industries, plant biotechnology and a range of veterinary and agricultural support industries. • Forensic, medical and quality control laboratory specialists for conducting DNA analysis related to criminal investigations and diagnosis of microbial and genetic diseases. • Environmental consultants to assess and monitor environmental contamination and help in developing landfill sites and implementing environmental bioremediation programs. • Scientific journalists and media presenters writing articles and helping to prepare broadcast programs to communicate the importance of scientific development to the public. • Sales representatives/marketing professionals to sell and provide advice about special scientific products to clients in research and help solve specific problems related to equipment applications and experimental procedures. GRADUATE PROGRAMS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY The M.Sc. program provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their potential. It also qualifies them for careers in biotechnology and applied areas of life sciences, as well as teaching. The successful M.Sc. candidate will therefore be prepared for responsible positions in industry, government laboratories, consultations, academic positions, or further education. The objective of the first year of study is to provide students with fundamental knowledge by teaching them the theoretical basics of chemistry, biology and physics. In the second year, the syllabus requires the consolidation of basic science subjects (statistics, organic and analytical chemistry). Some subjects will provide students with technical knowledge as well as offering them guidance in data analysis and management. Starting from the third year, instruction in biotechnology becomes more specialized.

10 Department of Applied Physics And Astronomy The goal of the Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy is to ensure that the graduates are well-qualified and prepared for employment in scientific careers, advanced professional training, and graduate study. Students are encouraged to take part in research activities, which has proven to be a great asset for finding jobs. Students have access to well-equipped laboratories and analytical techniques available at the University’s main campus, the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences (SCASS), and some international laboratories such as CERN. Our teaching staff is involved in a wide range of advanced research areas covering X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, archaeometry, astronomy, astrophysics, biomedical application of ultrasound, environmental acoustics, radiation detection and monitoring, thermal properties of solid materials, solar cell growth and characterization, optical spectroscopy of semiconductors, characterization and modeling of metallic nano-particles, nuclear physics, high energy physics, particle physics, quantum physics, computational physics, geology, geophysics and remote sensing. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN APPLIED PHYSICS The Applied Physics program is designed to provide high quality education in physics at the undergraduate level. It is structured to fulfill the needs of physics graduates to enable them to face the general challenges of a professional career in the field and/or pursue further studies in physics or related fields. The Applied Physics Program is the only program in the United Arab Emirates that offers a bachelor’s degree in the field of Applied Physics with emphasis on the streams of medical, petro, environmental, industrial physics and education. These streams were selected based on the needs of the local and international job markets, where there is high demand for physicists with skills in these areas. PROGRAM OF STUDY The Applied Physics Department grants a B.Sc. in Applied Physics in one of five streams: 1. Medical Physics 2. Petrophysics 3. Environmental Physics 4. Industrial Physics 5. Education (in collaboration with the Department of Education)

11 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Physics graduates may seek work opportunities in hospitals, environmental agencies, industrial and medical labs, energy and water resource corporations, military and police, the oil and gas industries, communications, and at sales and research centers. Graduates from the Education and Applied Physics program may assume positions in the areas of teaching, educational supervision, and administrative supervision. THE SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS (SPS) In addition to participating in social and cultural events, the Society of Physics Students (SPS) aspires to promote activities related to science and technology with emphasis on physics and its applications. The society is open to students from various departments including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Education, Health and Medical Sciences. SPS members are very active and participate in various scientific and cultural events held periodically at the University of Sharjah. They also engage in organizing events held regularly in the Applied Physics Department. These streams were chosen in response to job vacancy statistics and market needs. The streams are designed such that students spend the first two years of the program studying general courses that classify as department, college and University requirements. Students are allowed to enroll in their choice of streams as early as the first year. Since most of the specialized courses are designated for the upper years, the program allows students to make an educated and well-informed decision should they decide to change from one stream to another.


13 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PETROLEUM GEOSCIENCES AND REMOTE SENSING The Petroleum Geosciences and Remote Sensing Program is designed to provide quality education in the undergraduate level. It is structured to fulfill the needs of the graduates to enable them to face the general challenges of a professional career in the field and/or pursue further studies in Petroleum Geosciences and Remote Sensing or related fields. The program aims to be recognized in the region in providing highly qualified graduates who can address the rapid technological challenges of the future. The program is committed to graduate highly qualified professionals equipped with latest knowledge in Petroleum, Geosciences and remote sensing areas and skills who can contribute to the economic development of the United Arab Emirates and the region. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Graduates from the PGRS will find employment opportunities covering a wide spectrum mainly in petroleum sectors. Geoscientists are in high demand in many oil and gas industries, mineral and water exploration, geo-imaging and remote sensing, natural risks management, environmental monitoring, forensic geosciences and archaeological excavation and preservation, as well as research positions in industry and government laboratories. Problem-solving techniques learned in the petroleum geosciences curriculum create opportunities for continued educational pursuits and/or higher graduate study in geosciences. The main potential employers and probable outlets for Geoscientists in the UAE are: • National and international oil and gas companies such as ADNOC, ADMA and ADCO, ENOC, Dubai Oil and gas, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Total and Schlumberger. • Governmental agencies with activities related to soil, water, energy, and environment; such as Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Energy, Abu Dhabi and other Environmental Agency as well as Municipalities in all the Emirates. • Academic and educational institutions. • Civil Engineering Bureaus, construction companies and cement and rock quarries industry at both large and small scale entrepreneurs. • Police authority in forensic laboratories. • Archaeological and Heritage Museums. PROGRAM OF STUDY The program is designed in accordance with the mission and vision of the University and the College of Science to meet the needs of the students, community, and industry at large. The contents of the program are in line with many universities’ undergraduate programs in USA and in Europe. Quality and excellence in both the curriculum and instructional pedagogy are ensured by following specifically designed procedures. A student undertaking this program should complete a total of 123 credit hours.


15 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES GRADUATE PROGRAMS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS TheMaster of Science in Physics (MScP) programspans awide spectrumof physics topics that extend fromnanostructures to astronomical dimensions. Integration of experimental and theoretical education and research is in the core of the program with the ultimate goal of yielding distinguished knowledge and cutting edge research skills. The academic aims of the program are to prepare students for professional roles in the area of applied physics, with the knowledge and skills to advance the discipline from the academic, research and practical standpoints. The MScP program will prepare the students to address the current and future challenges in disciplines such as scientific industries, government laboratories, consultations, research and development, management and investment in Physics, and academic positions. The intent is also to prepare students to engage in independent and collaborative research in academic, governmental and applied science contexts. During this educative process, students will participate in knowledge generation and improvement, research synthesis, and knowledge/technology transfer. MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND REMOTE SENSING The Master of Science GISRS is designed to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills required for working in a wide range of careers that deal with geospatial data and applications. Moreover, the proposed program aims at establishing a geospatially-centered teaching and research environment and providing world-class knowledge and expertise for multi-disciplinary research in engineering, computer, environmental, social and earth sciences, sustainable development, as well as information and data management technologies. MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES The program will improve employability through the development of the postgraduate skills required for a successful transition to a research role in academia or professional research centers. This will be achieved through the delivery of Masters-level taught elements as well as the completion of new research projects. The program will be delivered through a range of learning experiences such as lectures and hands-on experiences through the newly Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technology, and other local and international related facilities such as the UAE Space Agency and Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Center.

16 Department of Chemistry The Department of Chemistry envisions itself to be a centre of excellence in teaching chemical sciences, community based-research, creative activities, and outreach services. TheDepartment aims toprovidehighquality education at theundergraduate level, and toprepare chemistry professionals to participate and contribute to their societies. It aspires to carry out the University of Sharjah’s objective to instill in its student a spirit of independent research and a deep commitment to scientific thinking and continuous progress. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY This program is designed in accordance with the mission and vision of the University and the College of Sciences to meet the needs of its students, the chemistry community and the society-at-large. The department assures both the quality and excellence of its curriculum and instructional pedagogy. PROGRAM OF STUDY In addition to the basic chemistry courses (organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical), the chemistry program offers various specialized courses related to the UAE chemical industry. These specialized courses include petrochemicals, polymers, forensic chemistry, and industrial organic and inorganic chemistry. Other complementary courses related to the industrial processes are offered by other departments at the University.

17 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Job opportunities for chemistry graduates include: Petroleum and petrochemical industries, environmental, waste management, fine and heavy chemical industries, quality and safety control, forensic laboratories, medicinal and clinical laboratories, desalination and power plants, research, teaching, and consultation. GRADUATE PROGRAMS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY The curriculum of the MSc program in Chemistry provides advanced courses in essential science disciplines, including: organic synthesis, polymer synthesis and characterization, catalysts, corrosion, electroanalytical chemistry, Nanochemistry, Spectroscopy, biochemistry, proteomics, environmental, petrochemical, natural products, and education. The students will also be introduced to more specialized fields in Chemistry such as advanced analytical, organic, inorganic, and physical Chemistry. Students taking the MSc degree by research (Thesis) will carry out their research in laboratories which are supported by up-to-date instrumentation and professional staff.

18 Department of Mathematics Established in 2007, the Department of Mathematics provides the opportunity for University of Sharjah students to learn fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts in a friendly atmosphere, fulfill intellectual curiosity, engage in exploration and independent thinking, and practice high ethics. The department offers a wide array of courses for all types of learners in pure and applied mathematics and their applications. With this reality in mind and to fulfill the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Ruler of Sharjah and Member of the Supreme Council of the UAE, our bachelor’s program in mathematics has been created to establish our department as a premier center of excellence in the Middle East. Our graduates have excellent opportunities in the job market, both private and governmental. Another fundamental component of the department is that it provides service courses for any of the other University colleges and departments. The Department of Mathematics seeks to provide quality education aimed at preparing high caliber professionals capable of succeeding in life and contributing to the development of the country in line with our ever- changing world. The department aspires to carry out the UOS vision to instill in its students a spirit of independent research and a deep commitment to scientific thinking and continuous progress. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Mathematics is a great piece of science founded on a rigorous and solid basis of axioms, rules, and theorems, with welldefined terms, and highly technical structure and language, which took centuries to get to such an almost perfect level. Mathematics has been deservedly given the name “Queen of Sciences”, and is considered the indispensable tool for understanding other branches of natural sciences, and for contributing to their advancement and development.

19 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF SCIENCES PROGRAM OF STUDY The B.Sc. in Mathematics is a four-year undergraduate program. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary program that is designed to provide integration of structure and function within the mathematical sciences. It presents a continually expanding level of experience, starting in the first semester of the program. The program aims to prepare students for future career challenges by providing them with lifelong learning skills, human relation skills and the ethical basis necessary for success in a continuously changing world. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Mathematics graduates will have the opportunity to work in the domains of teaching, banking, insurance, the military, communication, research centers, or at electricity and water authorities or petroleum companies. They may also find jobs in many local and international organizations related to mathematics and its applications.

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