3 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Welcome to the University of Sharjah Welcome to The University of Sharjah (UOS), a university that provides first class education to students from the UAE, Arab countries, and around the globe. The University of Sharjah offers academic programs in a broad range of disciplines that truly define it as a world-class university. Programs cover an impressive range of fields and scopes including the arts, humanities and social sciences, Islamic studies and Sharia law, international and civil law, communications and media, sciences, business, engineering and architecture, fine arts and design, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, health sciences, in addition to Community College programs. Studying at the University of Sharjah, a prominent and comprehensive university, offers many advantages. You will be exposed to numerous course and program options that will allow you to combine disciplines so that you may participate actively in addressing both today’s challenges and those of the future. You will also enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of options to choose the program that best matches your talents, aptitude and interests. Lastly, at the University of Sharjah, you will experience a wonderful journey of self-discovery and learning that will bring your best abilities to the forefront. 04 06 08 10 12 14 Admission Requirements: University Ranking: Contents The College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology Department of Medicinal Chemistry Bachelor of Pharmacy Graduate Studies University Website:

4 OUR VISION The vision of the College of Pharmacy is to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, research, and services to society and the profession, and to be recognized in the region for offering a comprehensive pharmacy program of the highest quality that prepares students to meet the health challenges of today and tomorrow. OUR MISSION The College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah is committed to creating an environment that prepares its students to become the next generation of vibrant, highly-skilled, ethically sound, and professionally competent pharmacists who are lifelong learners. The college strives for the continuous improvement and sustainability of its programs to equip its graduates with the interprofessional skills to lead various healthcare disciplines, conduct state-of-the-art research, advance drug discovery and delivery via innovation, nurture professional development, and provide the best pharmaceutical care and community services. The College of Pharmacy aims to graduate highly competent pharmacists who can positively change the community through proper pharmacy practices and improve healthcare services. Our pharmacy education is provided according to international standards while maintaining the traditions and identity of the UAE society. The College of Pharmacy was established in 2004 and sincehas witnessed and continues to cross important milestones in its academic and infrastructural development. We provide specialty laboratories tailored to hands-on training for pharmacy students, in addition to computer-simulation-based learning. The College of Pharmacy

5 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY OUR GOALS • Provide a creative program for pharmacy students that prepares them with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to ensure their competency and recognition in the pharmacy profession. • Equip pharmacy students with professional skills to optimize their interaction with healthcare providers, patients, and the society. • Prepare pharmacy students to be capable of understanding the most advanced technologies and research discoveries. • Contribute to the progress of the pharmacy profession through effective engagement and collaboration with other institutions, organizations, and authorities in the public and private pharmacy sectors. OUR PROGRAMS Undergraduate Programs • Bachelor of Pharmacy Graduate Programs • Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)


UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 7 Department of Pharmacy PracticeAnd Pharmacotherapeutics The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics combines two integrative pharmacology and pharmacy practices. The Department enhances the international stature of the College and University by combining high quality teaching and internationally recognized research. Faculty members of the Department are actively engaged with the community through memberships of various consultancy committees to the Ministry of Health. They also deliver lectures on important health issues, rational drug use, and continued pharmaceutical education activities to health professionals. Furthermore, they regularly do radio, TV, and print interviews to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase the public’s awareness of the safe and effective use of medications. ​The main teaching commitments in the pharmacology unit are to undergraduate students in the whole medical campus (Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences). Our qualified faculty members use modern teaching methodologies. They are also involved in the postgraduate Master’s and Ph.D. programs in molecular medicine offered by the Sharjah Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) located at the heart of the medical campus. Major research areas of the pharmacology unit include cancer research and neuroscience. The Department is well equipped with communal facilities for molecular biology, cell culture, centrifugation, microscopy (including fluorescence and confocal microscopy), and PCR. As the other arm of the Department, the Pharmacy Practice provides an education to students that enables them to acquire in-depth expertise in pharmaceutical, social/economic management, and related sciences. The experience and knowledge of the faculty of the Pharmacy Practice unit enable students to receive the excellent training necessary to be well-rounded practitioners. The curriculum includes general, scientific, and patient-centered content that prepares pharmacy graduates to deliver effective and cost-efficient pharmaceutical care. The unit also provides education and training related to professional practice, including application of the pharmaceutical sciences to patient care with an up-to-date pharmacy education that adopts an international teaching philosophy for the local context. The unit involves students in a hands-on approach through structured student training in the hospital, community, clinic, and drug information settings that emphasize clinical experience, patient-centered care, and rational drug use.


9 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Department of Pharmaceutics& Pharmaceutical Technology The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (DPPT) in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah represents one of the foundations for pharmacy education and career development. The DPPT has significantly contributed to the college’s Bachelor of Pharmacy Sciences program and the Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences program by offering core and elective courses and training experience in different areas of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, and pharmaceutical microbiology. Our mission fully supports the vision and mission of the University of Sharjah in offering our students innovative, challenging, and integrative educational and training experiences designed to meet the needs of the dynamic healthcare environment and contribute to their personal growth and development. Our faculty seeks to prepare our students to perform independently and competently by integrating academic knowledge, practical experiences, and the professional values expected of a pharmacist into the student’s training to prepare them to excel at the professional services they will offer throughout their career in pharmacy. Our graduates are competitively hired in various governmental, industrial, and private health institutions. Within the MOH, our graduates are hired in the departments of Pharmacy, Drug, and Licenses & Advertisements. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are regularly hired in the departments of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and as well as Pharmaceutical Marketing. They are hired in private community and hospital pharmacies in the healthcare industry. Our diverse faculty actively conducts basic and translational research in different areas, including designing, characterizing, and developing novel pharmaceutical dosage forms and delivery systems. They adopt cuttingedge techniques for assessing drug release and delivery from novel immediate-, fast-, controlled-, and targetedreleased systems and nano-systems through the support of our Drug Delivery Research Group. Members of our Drug Delivery Research Group extensively collaborate with other medical research groups within the Research Institute of Medical & Health Sciences that offer state-of-the-art research facilities and core equipment. Students conducting their undergraduate and graduate research projects within the DPPT are highly trained to join academia, research centers, and the pharmaceutical industry and advance their education in the most prestigious academic institutions abroad.


11 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The Medicinal Chemistry Department (MCD) is an academic unit within the highly collaborative, interdisciplinary College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah, being one of the main pillars in the pharmaceutical sciences field, the MCD is providing pharmacy students with hands-on-experiences and academic knowledge through teaching compulsory and elective course for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Medicinal chemistry involves the application of a variety of approaches of specialized disciplines with the objective of drug discovery to treat or prevent diseases by discovering and synthesizing small molecules that will selectively and efficiently bind to targets such as proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, and therapeutically alter their function and activity, The MCD research is focused on the discovery of drug candidates to treat non communicable and infectious diseases including and not limited to cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiovascular, bacterial, and viral infections, in recent years’ research activities in the MCD have been broadened into human diseases biomarkers discovery using high-throughput screening tools such as multi-omics employing state of the art mass spectroscopy. The department is well-equipped with state of the art research facilities in the field of drug design and discovery such as flash chromatography, liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy (LC-MS/MS), gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GC-MS/MS), ICP, Ion chromatography, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR). Our faculty members have received national and worldwide recognition for their creative scientific contributions to basic and applied research. Faculties have had great success securing ongoing, extramural research funding. Our skilled and trained faculty members implement students based and interactive teaching methodologies. They are also involved in teaching in the postgraduate Ph.D. program in molecular medicine hosted in the college of Medicine. Our students receive a diverse educational experience at the interface between chemistry and biology, which prepares them to conduct multidisciplinary research in drug design and discovery arena, and enable them to work in many domains such as forensic toxicology lab., quality control and pharmaceutical industry, drug design and discovery companies, biomedical research laboratories and others. The MCD offers many courses including organic chemistry, chemical bases of drug action, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemistry chemistry, Pharmacognosy, artificial intelligence in drug design and discovery, and drug development. Department of Medicinal Chemistry

12 Bachelor of Pharmacy The Bachelor of Pharmacy program consists of a five-year program of study. The program equips students with the basic science knowledge needed to understand the applications of drug therapy and the management of diseases in the practical world. Graduates also become versed in the skills required to practice their profession according to the laws and regulations of the country in an ethical manner and the best interest of the patient. PROGRAM OF STUDY Competency outcomes acquired in the various courses will help students attain basic knowledge in the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences and enable them to integrate this knowledge with the practical skills needed to offer pharmaceutical care for patients. Competency outcomes acquired in the various courses will help students attain basic pharmaceutical and clinical sciences knowledge. It will enable them to integrate this knowledge with the practical skills needed to offer pharmaceutical care to patients. Graduates will acquire analytical thinking processes that help them communicate within multidisciplinary teams and make evidence-based decisions about the safe, effective and economical utilization of medications in managing and preventing economical drug disease. As students progress through these courses, they make a transition from dependent to active, self-directed learners who behave professionally according to the ethical principles governing pharmacy practice in their care of patients and in dealing with other professionals. Students are also introduced to different research methods used in research projects, along with drug information resources available in conducting research projects and leading providing patient care. Bachelor of Pharmacy

13 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The various general and pharmacy - related skills, knowledge, and experiences acquired through the Bachelor of Pharmacy program at the University of Sharjah provide graduates with a variety of career opportunities, including: • Community pharmacy • Hospital pharmacy • Clinical pharmacy • Pharmacy consultant • Pharmaceutical industry • Academia and graduate studies • Government & regulatory work • Nuclear pharmacy • Research


15 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY GRADUATE PROGRAMS Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Clinical Pharmacy is becoming an essential branch of pharmacy that involves providing patient-centered care with a focus on the safe and effective use of medications to improve patients’ health outcomes. Therefore, clinical pharmacy has become an integral component of the healthcare system in many countries. To keep up with the developments of various pharmacy fields in the UAE and across the Gulf region, the COP proposes a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. The program aims to educate and train students to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to become experts in the therapeutic use of medicines and contribute to improving the health and wellness of patients. The PharmD program prepares the students in pharmacotherapy, therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical research, patient assessment and referral, and clinical skills. Through the PharmD program, students will be engaged in immersive, handson experiential training in hospitals under the direct supervision of their clinical preceptors. This is the only Graduate PharmD program offered by a Pharmacy College in the UAE. In addition, the existence of COP within the Medical & Health Sciences campus of the UOS will make the program highly attractive for pharmacy graduates looking for graduate patient care-related programs. As a PharmD graduate, you will embark upon an exciting journey with the possibility of working in many healthcare settings, including hospitals and affiliated outpatient clinics, emergency departments, community pharmacies, community-based clinics, elderly care facilities and managed care organizations. Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences The College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah is proud to offer a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS). To provide students the opportunity to be educated, trained, and conduct outstanding research projects in various fields within pharmaceutical sciences. Our programs include three streams: pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutics. The COP provides enrolled students with exceptional supervision, a rigorous learning environment, and access to state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, and facilities to conduct their research. In addition, potential candidates can apply for scholarships as research assistants or teaching assistants. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to advance the discipline from academic, research, and practical standpoints. During this educative process, MPS students will participate in knowledge generation and improvement, research synthesis, and knowledge/technology transfer.

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