3 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Welcome to the University of Sharjah Admission Requirements: University Ranking: Contents University Website: 04 06 07 09 10 College of Medicine Department of Basic Medical Sciences Department of Clinical Sciences Department of Family & Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences Medical Program - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Welcome to The University of Sharjah (UOS), a university that provides first class education to students from the UAE, Arab countries, and around the globe. The University of Sharjah offers academic programs in a broad range of disciplines that truly define it as a world-class university. Programs cover an impressive range of fields and scopes including the arts, humanities and social sciences, Islamic studies and Sharia law, international and civil law, communications and media, sciences, business, engineering and architecture, fine arts and design, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and health sciences. Studying at the University of Sharjah, a prominent and comprehensive university, offers many advantages. You will be exposed to numerous course and program options that will allow you to combine disciplines so that you may participate actively in addressing both today’s challenges and those of the future. You will also enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of options to choose the program that best matches your talents, aptitude and interests. Lastly, at the University of Sharjah, you will experience a wonderful journey of self-discovery and learning that will bring your best abilities to the forefront.

4 OUR VISION The College of Medicine strives for national and international prominence by differentiating itself through excellence in the full spectrum of medical education at the undergraduate, postgraduate research and continued professional development levels. OUR MISSION The mission of the College of Medicine is to provide education for medical students and medical professionals through the creation of a scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of education, research activity and compassionate patient care. The College of Medicine is part of the University of Sharjah’s renowned Medical and Health Sciences Cluster in Sharjah University City, which boasts a magnificent picturesque campus with beautiful landscaping and a colossal fountain lagoon that sits in the heart of the campus. The Medical and Health Sciences Cluster is home to the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences, and the Clinical Training Center (CTC) in addition to a stateof- the-art teaching hospital. The College of MEDICINE

5 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE OUR GOALS • Become a center of excellence in teaching, medical research and clinical training • Train students to be competitive, innovative, knowledgeable, passionate and caring physicians. • Provide medical students and professionals with an exemplary academic environment that fosters excellence in lifelong learning, research and compassionate patient care. • Achieve national and international prominence by distinguishing itself through excellence in the full spectrum of medical education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development levels. OUR PROGRAMS Undergraduate Programs • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS) Graduate Programs • Postgraduate Diploma in Ultrasound Technology Applications • Masters of Science in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research • Master of Science in Leadership in Health Profession Education • Master of Science in Diabetes Management • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research

6 Department of BasicMedical Sciences The department is a hub of the basic medical sciences (human biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and genetics) in the medical program and other programs in Dentistry and Health Sciences colleges. Faculty takes pride in achieving excellence in education, research and community service. Teaching at the department is integrated along structural and functional lines in order to provide medical students with a solid background and understanding of various basic medical sciences to serve as lifelong foundation for clinical practice. For anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, the department has a number of cutting-edge teaching labs that are equipped with the necessary instruments to ensure the delivery of the practical component of each discipline in the most engaging and efficient manner possible. The department’s faculty members have a wide range of research interests, including educational research, cancer research, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular research, thrombosis, regenerative medicine, neurophysiology, and structural anatomy. The academic members of the basic medical sciences department have published in highly reputed scientific journals, received numerous internal and external research grants, and supervised postgraduate students at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. Additionally, the majority of the department’s academic members are engaged by Sharjah Institute of Medical Research as coordinators or members in various research groups.

7 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Department of Clinical Sciences The Department of Clinical Sciences (CSD) is structured to include the Pre-Clinical Division which has four disciplines (pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, and immunology), and the Clinical Division which covers Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology. The faculty is made up of full time, part-time, and adjunct clinical faculty members from different hospitals. CSD is the main hub for clinical training in the College of Medicine. The department is responsible for clinical training in University Hospital Sharjah, Emirates Health Services hospitals, Dubai Health Authority hospitals and many other private hospitals in UAE. Clinical training in years 4 and 5 is mostly hospital-based and covers all aspects of medicine focusing on thorough history taking, complete physical examination skills, practical laboratory tests’ interpretation and various management options. The college has 4 simulation skills labs for OBGYN, pediatrics, surgery, andmedicine. In year 4, our students go through 10 weeks’ clerkship rotations in each of the four main branches of medicine: Internal medicine, general surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Pediatrics. In year 5 students rotate through most subspecialties of medicine and Surgery. Furthermore, in collaboration with Ministry of Health CSD has formulated a structured internship program for the graduates of the college of medicine. Despite a busy schedule for clinical years’ students, they are encouraged to actively participate in medical research projects and to be fully involved in community service programs. CSD provides all support to its students with many useful resources to enhance their learning process in a continuous and dynamic fashion.


9 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Department of Family&CommunityMedicineAnd Behavioral Sciences The Department of Family & Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences is one of the three cornerstones of the College of Medicine. Our department is dynamic, multifaceted and multidisciplinary. Our teaching, research and community services as well as professional development activities are geared towards building tomorrow’s doctors who demonstrate compassion, respect and highest ethical principles to patients and their families by introducing them to patient psychology and behavior in addition to medical ethics. Throughout the curriculum in year 1 to year 5 the principles of prevention and health promotion are deeply rooted during our teaching and learning activities starting with principles of health statistics and epidemiology courses to full year students research projects and Evidence-based Health Care. Our department oversees all clinical training during the pre-clerkship phase; a training program that uses simulation models including standardized patients, mannequins, and videos, where learning takes place in clinical skill labs. All training is done in small groups to enable students to be excellent practitioners and prepare them for the hospital and community practice. The department is very active in implementing professional development activities including workshops, symposia and national and international conferences.


11 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE MEDICAL PROGRAM BACHELOR OF MEDICINE AND BACHELOR OF SURGERY (MBBS) The Medical Program is adapted with sensitivity to the cultural context of medical practice in the UAE. The program was repeatedly praised by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and the Research Accreditation Committee. Our medical program employs an interesting variety of cutting-edge student, team, problem, and competency based learning methodologies with an early introduction to clinical sciences, ethics and professionalism. The College of Medicine offers a six-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program to be completed in three educational phases. Phase I is the Foundation Year. Phase II is the pre-clerkship phase, which includes years 1 to 3 and is followed by a comprehensive examination. Students who pass this examination are promoted to Phase III which consists of year 4 and 5. In the clerkship phase students undergo clinical trainings in various departments in public hospitals in Sharjah. Since its foundation, COM has adopted an innovative, student-centred, competency-based curriculum that used Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach with integration between Basic, Behavioural and Clinical Sciences in all phases of the program. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES MBBS graduates are in high demand across the globe, and have endless options of career opportunities in various fields of medicine. After graduations, there are many specialties for graduates to choose from. To name a few, Anesthetist, Cardiologist, Clinical radiologist, General practice doctor, Hospital doctor, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Pathologist, Psychiatrist, Surgeon, and many other options. You have the luxury to choose from the many options depending on your experience and preference during your years at the university. PROGRAM OF STUDY The Foundation Year provides theoretical and practical aspects of subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It is offered as a 3-credit hour course that contains both theoretical and practical aspects. A total of 30 credit hours are taught over two semesters of 15 weeks each. During the Foundation Year, students also study elective courses and are expected to complete 30 credit hours of electives before the beginning of the third year of Medicine. The pre-clerkship years (1 to 3) is divided into several units / modules based on four themes: 1) Personal and Professional Development; 2) Population, Society, Health and Illness; 3) Foundation of Medicine and 4) Clinical Skills. The curriculum outcome competencies and objectives are distributed along these four themes. The clerkship years i.e. Years 4 and 5 consist of clinical rotations (10 weeks each) in the four major divisions of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Year 4, while in Year 5 the rotations include Medicine and Surgery sub-specialties such as Neurology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Nephrology, ENT, Ophthalmology etc. The curriculum is integrated horizontally where the basic medical sciences are integrated vertically. The basic and clinical sciences curriculums are blended together. The common major health and clinical problems are studied in the preclerkship phase and this health problem will be revised in detail during clerkship.


13 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE GRADUATE PROGRAMS The College ofMedicine, while consolidating on its undergraduate innovative educational program, initiated postgraduate programs offering Master and Ph.D. degrees in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research. The program started in mid-2016. Postgraduate Diploma in Ultrasound Technology Applications The Postgraduate Diploma in Ultrasound Technology Applications (PGDUS) is a unique program, designed to address unmet needs of the Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) specialists and consultants to equip themwith the core knowledge and skills in using ultrasound technology during pregnancy and interpreting fetal ultrasound images as well as US images of female reproductive pathologies. This program targets OBG specialists practicing in the UAE and the region. It is based on best international and regional practice in similar programs. It takes into consideration the requirements to develop and update OBG skills in the discipline. The past practices in Sharjah clinical training center gave us excellent feedback on how to design an effective program in terms of the scientific and training content. The PGDUS program is modular structure comprising nine modules and a comprehensive assessment of knowledge, skills and professionalism. The faculty are renowned international and national fetal medicine and imaging specialists. Masters Program In Molecular Medicine And Translational Research The Master is course-based (non-thesis), even though much emphasis is placed on the graduation research project. This program prepares graduates to pursue a research career and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to join a PhD program. The curriculum is organized under modules. Each module will have more than one course. Course contents will be identified by the joint academic committee. The MS program consists of 16 courses; 3 credits each (Total 48 credits). Students are required to complete all obligatory courses in M1 (Total of 24 credits), and all obligatory and one selected Elective course per semester in M2 (Total of 24 credits). Master In Leadership On Health Professions Education The Program aims at preparing health professions educators to build their skills as leaders in educating future health professionals and contribute to the improved scholarship of teaching and learning in health profession education through evidenced-based practice and research. Master of Science in Diabetes Management The program aims to create a stimulating environment for research, teaching and education about diabetes, and an enthusiastic and supportive community of medical healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes health care, linked via a learning environment. The mission of the Diabetes program is to produce competent diabetes educators with a level of expertise to positively impact the health of people with diabetes while progressing in their career and professional lives. Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Medicine And Translational Research The PhD program in Molecular Medicine aims to train PhD students to the highest standards of modern education in the field of Medicine. Graduates of the program should be able to perform independent and high quality research; they should also be able to present their work with great confidence. Ability to write scientific manuscripts and grant applications in the field of Molecular Medicine is also part of the education process. Emphasis of the program is placed on diseases that affect the local area such as diabetes, cancer, asthma, and autoimmune diseases. PhD program domains The PhD program will have five major domains: • Bioinformatics • Cancer Target Therapy • Cancer Immunology • Cancer Genetics • Molecular Basis of Diabetes and CVD

14 SHARJAH MEDICAL EXCELLENCE CLUSTER The Sharjah Medical Excellence Cluster (SMEC) is a unique feature of the Medical and Health Sciences campus. It has combined on the same premises, medical education as best practices, training of students and professionals, as well as research and modern patient care in the state-of-the-art University Hospital Sharjah. CLINICAL TRAINING CENTER The Clinical Training Center (CTC) is a 2,500 square meter training facility that sits in the heart of the College of Medicine. It is one of the largest and state-of-the-art training centers in the GCC region for training medical students and health professionals to enhance their professional and clinical skills. The facility is comprised of 3 lecture halls, 15 training rooms, 8 clinics, 4 operation units supplied with complete surgical equipment in addition to 4 training labs. SHARJAH SURGICAL INSTITUTE The Sharjah Surgical Institute (SSI) is a joint venture between the College of Medicine and distinguished organizations that specialize in laparoscopic surgery and laser technologies. The SSI is a place where students andmedical professionals have the opportunity to practice cutting-edge surgery procedures using state-of-the-art equipment, tools and resources. The institute organizes training workshops for specialists from all over the world. A recent workshop featured hip replacement surgery.

15 UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH - COLLEGE OF MEDICINE SHARJAH INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH The Sharjah Institute for Medical Research was established as part of the vision of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi to build a research facility that can lead medical research and its application in UAE and the Gulf region. The institute is a 7000 squaremeter student centeredmedical research center that boasts 17 state-of-the-art laboratories including radioactive labs, and tissue culture. The Center focuses on several research domains; Cancer Biology, StemCell research, Diabetes research, Hospital Acquired Infection, Medical Education, and Women’s health. Students begin their research activities over the last four years of study. Over the last four years, students have completed and presented more than 80 community based research studies that were presented in national and international conferences.

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