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SAASST at UOS Participates in International Conference on Space Operations "SpaceOps 2023"

​13 / 03 / 2023

In line with the UAE's strategic vision to develop its space program, inspired by the vision of its wise leadership, the Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Science and Technology (SAASST) of the University of Sharjah (UOS) participated in the 17th International Conference on Space Operations "SpaceOps 2023". This was held at the Dubai World Trade Center under the theme "Invest in Space to Serve Earth and Beyond," with the participation of world-class scientists, researchers, engineers, and global leaders in the space industry.


SAASST participation was with five research papers related to its CubeSat program. First, Eng. Yousuf Faroukh presented a research paper titled "Solsat: A Low-Cost 3-U Cubesat System For Space Weather Applications". SolSat is the next Sharjah-Sat-3 6U CubeSat that aims to help scientists and researchers to understand space weather to improve the quality of space communication and make space fairing a safe place for active satellites. Second, Eng. Mohammed Bin Ashour presented a scientific paper entitled: "The Absence of Laws Regulating the Proliferation of Space Debris and its Implications on Space Operations." This paper highlights the importance of managing the proliferation of space debris and its implications on the sustainability of space activities.

Eng. Abdollah Masoud presented a research paper titled:" Seasonal Variation of the GNSS Ionospheric Delay Observed Over the UAE." The paper showcases the seasonal variations of the ionospheric delay observed over the UAE during a minimum solar period. For her part, Eng. Amal Alhammadi presented two research papers titled:" Mission design analysis of the Solsat Cubesat" and "The establishment of S-band Ground Station." SAASST also participated in a panel discussion on "Space Operations for Constellation of Cubesat/Nanosatellite" during the event.

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