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University of Sharjah’s College of Science Launches the 8th Chemistry Festival “Everyday Chemistry in Covid-19"

​16 FEBRUARY 2022

The Science College at the University of Sharjah organized the 8th Chemistry Festival under the slogan "Everyday Chemistry in COVID-19". 7 groups of chemistry students participated in the event. The event aims to spread awareness about the importance of understanding the day-to-day applcations of chemistry and its affect on the food quality and its role in boosting the immune system.

The festival discussed the importance of consuming food that contains vitamins and minerals, such as fruit, vegetables, and fibers, to enhance our wellbeing during the covid-19 pandemic and how to elemenate viruses for a long time by using soap. The event also aimed to raise the public awareness of  food chemistry, the concentration of minerals and vitamins in immune-boosting foods, and how to replace food supplements with natural sources.

The chemistry of sanitization is another topic that was covered. A group of student participants compared hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants, and listed their benefits and side-effects.. Another group presented the process of making hand sanitizer and identified the percentage of chemicals in sanitizers and disinfectants.

The event concluded with announcing and awarding the best 3 projects. The first place was awarded to the research project "Difference between Sanitizers and Disinfectants" presented by Fatima Ibrahim, Sana Samer and Sarina Hashim. "Fighting Germs with Soap" by Hajar Mohammed, Ali Abdullah and Hamda Alblooshi won the 2nd place. While the 3rd place was awarded to Muna Abdulaziz, Sadia Ali and Sara Saeed who presented on "how to boost your immune system" .    
The festival was attended by Prof. Nouar Tabet, Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Ihsan Ahmed Shehadi, Vice Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Monther Abdeljabbar Khanfar, Chair of the Chemistry Department, and a number of faculty, administrative staff, and chemistry students.

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