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Following Precautionary Measures and for Some of Advanced and Clinical Courses:

​ 18-05-2021

The University of Sharjah Holds On-Site Final Exams

The University of Sharjah held its Spring Semester final exams on-site for the advanced courses, graduate courses, laboratory and clinical courses, and medical colleges courses. All other general courses are completed remotely using the latest technological methods available in the e-course management system.

His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University, assured during his exams progress inspection the University Administration's keenness to create the best appropriate conditions for its students for their final exams while applying the issued precautionary and preventive measures.  

His Excellency also indicated the significance that the University Administration attaches to examinations as an assessment tool for students and ensures accuracy, quality and integrity of evaluation in all stages and for all courses. He added that the University has put in place a set of plans and measures that will facilitate the examination process at the University main branch and other branches.

For his part, Prof. Sherif Sedky, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, confirmed that the University has set many rules that take into account any special circumstances that students go through and facilitate the examination processes either on-site or remotely.

As for Dr. Hussein El Mahdi, Dean of Academic Support Services, he indicated that the number of students registered to take exams on campus has reached 10,000 students according to a system that depends on the type of courses and their requirements.

A number of University of Sharjah students who took the Spring Semester final exams on-site expressed their happiness to return to the classrooms again, and praised the various equipment and facilities provided by the University for the exams. 

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