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The “Virtual Space Forum: Vision and Goals” of the University of Sharjah Kalba Branch

​15 july 2020

The University of Sharjah's Kalba Branch organized the "Virtual Space Forum: Vision and Goals" using video communication technology and in the attendance of Prof. Adnan Ibrahim Sirhan, Assistant Chancellor of Branch Affairs, along with Prof. Essam Nasr Selim, Acting Dean of the College of Communication, and a large number of attendees of faculty and staff members and students.

The forum started with a welcoming speech by Dr. Ali Al Zaabi, Vice Assistant Chancellor of Branches Affairs - Kalba Branch. He stressed the importance of teaching and learning whether at the University or remotely using advanced communication technologies. The UAE, he added, recorded a huge accomplishment in continuing education with no interruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then Prof. Adnan Ibrahim Sirhan presented a paper under the title "The Administrative and Legal Dimension of the Virtual Space", in which he reviewed a number of policies that are imposed of which every user of modern technologies must be aware at the present time due to the developments that took place in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Essam Nasr also presented a paper titled "Virtual Space Ethics", in which he defined what virtual space is, and explained the characteristics of digital communication and what distinguishes it from traditional communication and the capabilities it provides to its users. Along with the professional and personal ethics that the user must have to determine how to deal with virtual space. He also talked about the challenges facing the user in the field of virtual space including: intellectual property crimes, theft and copying of programs, distortion and misrepresentation of information and facts, and electronic sabotage.

As for Dr. Hamza Al-Rabayaa from the Information Technology Department, he talked about distance learning as a smart platform for the sustainability of education, as well as the visions and challenges facing it, and the role of faculty and administrative members in the distance learning system in addition to the role of parents and students. Dr. Thuraya Al-Senussi also spoke about the virtual space that helped overcome the education crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities offered by the virtual space of the education and learning system in light of the pandemic, along with the challenges faced by the education sector at the same time. As for Dr. Imad Al-Din Abu Al-Ain, he participated with a paper titled "Museums and Virtual Tours" with the participation of several students from the Kalba Branch and the talk was moderated by Dr. Ali Khamis, Assistant Professor at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The forum concluded with an open discussion session with the participation of students.

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