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During a Workshop: Educating the University of Sharjah’s History and Islamic Civilization Students about Preparing and Publishing Theses and Scientific Articles

​08 July 2020

   As part of a series of lectures and workshops organized by the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah for postgraduate students via video communication technology, the College held a workshop titled: "Methodological and Technical Steps in Preparing the University Thesis and Publishing Scientific Articles." This in the presence of Profe. Hussain Alothman, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and a large number of attendees included faculty and staff members and postgraduate students at the University.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Dean of the College welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of the subject of the workshop for graduate students in general and for students of the Department of History and Islamic Civilization in particular. He added that graduate students in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences represent 20% of graduate students at the level of University colleges.

A number of faculty members from the Department of History and Islamic Civilization presented the workshop. Dr. Nadjib Benkheira, Associate Professor in the Department, addressed common mistakes in writing history research papers in his presentation of 12 errors that the researcher should set focus on when writing scientific research. Dr. Kheireddine Yousef Chatra talked about history research writing skills and the organizing standards of the research projects, the most important of which are the characteristics and rules of history-related scientific thinking, the forms of history research approaches, the conditions of the history research project plan, the elements and skills that a graduate student must have, the steps for a good research project, serial tips in building a good proposal for a research plan, and the components of the research project plan. Then Dr. Issam Okleh talked about the steps of publishing a scientific article in the journals starting with choosing the subject of the research, then the components of the research and finally to selecting the appropriate journal according to the classification to publish the research.

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