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Organized by the UoS’ Disability Resource Center A Lecture Titled “COVID-19 and Social Distancing: Awareness and Prevention”

​19 june 2020

In the attendance of His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, and Prof. Ahmed Alomosh, Director of Disability Resource Center at the University of Sharjah, as well as a number of faculty and staff members and students, the Center organized an educational lecture using remote communication technologies titled "COVID-19 and Social Distancing: Awareness and Prevention" presented by Dr. Adel Saeed Sajwani - Member of the National Team to Educate against the Coronavirus COVID-19. 

During his opening speech, the Chancellor of the University praised the level of health care provided in the United Arab Emirates as it boasts great achievements in developing the health system, and that thanked  Their Highnesses the rulers of the Emirates, the government of the UAE, and the first line of defense for what they are doing.

Dr. Adel Sajwani gave the lecture which dealt the problematic term "social distancing" as that concept raised many negative impressions Dr. Sajwani began his speech by giving an introduction into the pandemic and Corona viruses, as well as discussing the most deadly pandemics Humans faced throughout time, the definition of corona viruses, and the presentation of statistical tables showing the number of infected, recovered and death cases in the United Arab Emirates. He noted that the index of the number of daily infections began to decline after it was high and indicated that the percentage of deaths from infections in the country does not exceed 0.8%.

After that he talked about returning to work and studying at this stage and about the best ways to contain the virus by increasing the testing of large samples of people to be able to discover it early and facilitate its elimination. This depends on, he added, preparing a strong healthcare system as it is in the United Arab Emirates to be able to control the spread of this pandemic and move the economy, healthcare, and education forward. He also addressed the guidelines for returning to work, which will be divided into three sections, which are: the responsibility of the institution, the responsibility of the employee or student, and the responsibility outside the work environment.  He stressed that the responsibility of the institution lies through persistence of implementing remote meetings, relying on technological means, reducing the use of papers, setting guidelines, providing sterilization and hygiene tools for employees, examining outside workers, spacing offices, sterilizing break rooms, examining workers in postal or parcel delivery companies, sterilizing deliveries, measuring the daily temperature for employees and informing the relevant authorities of cases and contacts, and finally providing psychological support.

 As for the responsibility of the employee or student, it lies in wearing the normal medical mask, social distancing, sterilization after touching surfaces, not touching the face in the event of contacting a surface except after performing a hand sterilization process, wearing gloves for performing specific tasks only and then disposing of them, and not sharing office tools with colleagues.

Then he moved on to talk about how to strengthen the immunity of our bodies to protect against the virus, and then touched upon the warning of drifting along with the rumors circulating in social media, which are usually promoted in crises to benefit some, and he also called for not using excessive sterilization materials because of their potential damages.

After the presentation, Prof. Ahmed Alomosh opened the floor for questions to the remote attendees, who numbered about 400 people and Dr. Adel answered them. The lecture concluded with the Director of Disability Resource Center at the University of Sharjah thanking Dr. Adel Saeed Sajwani - Member of the National Team to Educate against the Coronavirus COVID-19.

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