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Cooperation between the UoS and Etisalat in Information and Communication Technologies

​13 june 2020

The University of Sharjah held a meeting with Etisalat through the Microsoft Times program, with the aim of launching the project submitted by the company to develop the infrastructure of telecommunications, information technology and the Internet in all buildings of the University of Sharjah, by managing the communications system using IP Telephony Services. This in addition to developing the necessary proposals for this infrastructure and research in the development of some projects submitted by Etisalat to update new applications for phones, support the Internet, and study the transformation of University buildings into smart buildings.

Prof. Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies and Chairman of the Information Technology Governance Committee, attended the meeting along with Dr. Hussein El Mahdi, Dean of Academic Support Services and Acting Director of the Information Technology Center; Dr. Qassim Nasirr, Head of the Scientific Publishing Unit of the College of Engineering; Mr. Hussam Saleh, Head of Operations and Infrastructure; Mr. Hassan Abu Mallouh, Head of the Digital Project Management; Mr. Essam Hassan, Team Leader of Telecommunications Unit; and Ms. Dalia Koraiem, Project Coordinator. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Al Zarouni, Director of Customer / Government Sales, attended from Etisalat along with Mr. Miad Hisham Odeh, Technical Advisor, and Mr. Khaled Ghazwan Al-Hafiz, Senior Solutions Engineer.

During the meeting, Etisalat gave a detailed presentation of the project of telephony using Internet. The project was introduced, then its scope and outputs were reviewed. The project's governance communication plan and the timetable for its implementation were also reviewed, along with a study of the initial risks that might be faced, in addition to discussing the progress and detailed reports of the project.

Prof. Maamar Bettayeb welcomed the attendees from Etisalat, praising the fruitful cooperation with them. He also thanked all groups participating in this project from within the University and from Etisalat for their efforts that will provide technical solutions and develop the services that the University provides to its community.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Al Zarouni expressed their happiness in Etisalat in cooperating with the University of Sharjah, which will benefit the community, and he stressed that they will carry out procedures to start the project and enhance the technologies available at the University.

His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, stressed that cooperation with Etisalat to develop the infrastructure of communications, information technology and the Internet in all buildings of the University of Sharjah is a requirement for the development and progress at the local, regional and global levels achieved by the University of Sharjah and recorded by many international organizations specialized in monitoring the progress of the world's universities according to the various standards of progress from the educational and scientific, sustainability work of universities. It is also, he added, a strategic necessity the significance of which was revealed by COVID-19 for finding alternatives and technical means to support the precautionary measures necessary to prevent the dangers of this pandemic. Among these methods and alternatives was distance learning as well as remote work by educational institutions and bodies at all levels, which was employed by the University of Sharjah effectively and with a success relying on the technical infrastructure it has and the highly qualified technicians who work at the University in activating the horizons of these technologies and developing them. As a result of this experience, the University of Sharjah interacted with its challenges and touched on the major development prospects that it needs to achieve more excellence along with the ability to gain the benefits of these technical systems for its students and prospects in scientific research. This cooperation comes with Etisalat for the launch of the IP Telephony Services management project, which studies the proposals necessary to develop this infrastructure and scientific research as the University seeks to update new applications for phones, support the Internet, and study the transformation of University buildings into smart buildings.

On this cooperation, His Excellency Abdulaziz Tarim, Director General of Etisalat in the Northern Emirates and Advisor to the CEO, expressed their happiness for this constructive cooperation, which reflects Etisalat's endeavors and its full belief in the importance of supporting the educational sector and providing it with the latest technologies in which it invested over the past decades. Through its partnership with the  University of Sharjah, which is leading in education and continues to progress according to the latest international classifications of universities, Etisalat is keen to harness its technology and network capabilities and integrate it with the academic competencies that the University of Sharjah has in abundance to form a mix that elevates the aspirations of the government in securing knowledge and innovation inspired by the latest technologies and make them available to future generations.

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