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With Studies Beginning in the Fall of the Academic Year 2020/2021 Master of Science in Environmental Health at the UoS College of Health Sciences

​2 june 2020

As part of the endeavor of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Sharjah to provide many new and distinguished programs that contribute to serving the local community and the labor market, the College announced the launch of the Master of Science in Environmental Health (MScEH) program, which was recently accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates. This is to prepare qualified environmental health graduates in identifying, assessing, and managing local and global environmental challenges in an effective and sustainable manner. Dr. Amina Al-Marzouqi, Acting, Dean of the College of Health Sciences, stated that this new program aims to prepare environmental health experts to become active members in the labor market. The program consists of two tracks, the first is occupational health and safety, which enables graduates to apply the principles of risk management to anticipate, identify and monitor physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial risks to reduce exposure to them in the work environment or eliminate them. The second track is food safety management that enables graduates to understand in-depth scientific data related to foodborne illness and its causes and implementing preventive measures to control it, as well as implementing applied research to serve in identifying the challenges facing the field of healthy foods and putting solutions in place to develop nutrition and food safety measures.

The program aims to prepare specialized cadres who possess professional and research skills in the field of environmental health and to create supportive and sustainable environments for health. This comes in line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates for the national agenda 2021. The College also aims to acquire, disseminate, and apply important knowledge, and mitigate the effects of the natural and social environment on human health.

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