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With Studies Beginning in the Upcoming Academic Year The University of Sharjah Receives Initial Accreditation for the Master of Environmental Science and Engineering Program

​17 May 2020

The University of Sharjah obtained initial accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates for its Master of Science in Environmental Health Program. Prof. Nouar Thabet, Dean of the College of Sciences, announced that clarifying that this program is considered one of the environmental programs with joint specializations from the Colleges of Engineering, Sciences, and Health Sciences. The goal of introducing this program comes considering the increased interest in the local environment and its effects on humans, especially in light of environmental changes that have become visible such as climate change, and low air quality, in order to help in understanding the root causes of these changes and the impact of human activity on nature and the environment through designing strategies to mitigate risks.

For his part, Prof. Ahmed Al Shamma'a, Dean of the College of Engineering, pointed out the strong attention that the government of the United Arab Emirates attaches to preserving the environment and natural resources and facing environmental challenges to achieve the highest standards of sustainability in various fields. This has led to increasing demand in the local and regional labor markets in specialists in various environmental fields, and accordingly, he added, the University of Sharjah developed an advanced program for postgraduate studies in environmental science and engineering comparable to that of the most important international universities. The specificity of the program lies in its merging of three of the most important specializations related to environmental affairs, each from its own perspective, including: Engineering, Science (Chemical and Biological) and Health Sciences. The interdisciplinary program also provides a list of courses covering the latest theoretical and applied sciences in various environmental fields, and is characterized by the acceptance of a large group of graduates of different disciplines who are seeking to obtain a master's degree in the environmental field. 

It is worth noting that this program, as indicated by Dr. Mohamed Abdullah, the general coordinator of the program, is divided into two main departments, one in environmental engineering and the other in environmental sciences, provided that the student selects the most appropriate department based on his academic background in addition to his interests and practical experiences. The student should also register in selected subjects from the other section, which makes the graduate familiar with environmental issues in various aspects and provides him with a competitive advantage in the labor market. Thus, the main objective of the program can be achieved, which is to produce specialized cadres with a high degree of academic and practical knowledge in various environmental specialties. Studies will begin in this program during the upcoming Academic Year starting September 2020/2021.

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