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After 15 Days of Activating its Virtual Learning Platforms The University of Sharjah Announces the Results of Implementing the Distance Learning Program

​30 March 2020 
The University of Sharjah announced several preliminary results and statistical indicators related to the implementation of the distance learning system after two weeks of activating the University's online teaching. Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University, emphasized that the University of Sharjah started to fully activate online teaching experience, which are now known as "distance learning", in all of the University's colleges, departments and branches, and for all of its academic programs and courses starting from Saturday the 7th of March. This in the interest of the University's administration to continue the educational process at the University's Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels with the highest levels of quality and to ensure the achievement of educational outcomes through continuous communication with students and the application of the highest levels of security and health safety for its students and all its employees. This comes as a commitment from the University to the decisions issued by the relevant authorities in the country in this regard. The Chancellor added that the University of Sharjah has an advanced technologies and systems that helped to start the process of distance learning immediately by using Learning management system, collaboration tool and other recording solutions. Following announcing the distance learning system implementation, the University immediately began forming several work teams to supervise the implementation process, including clinical training, practical training and postgraduate lectures, as well as supervision of the master's and PhD research projects. The University's Information Technology Center also trained faculty members on the technology as well as follow-up and provision of the necessary technical support.

The results and statistics announced by the University also showed that during the two-week period, 8064 virtual interactive lectures were live broadcast, which are taking place at the same scheduled time of the original lectures on the Learning management system, during which all students enrolled in the course enter the lecture from their places of residence and the faculty member instructs from their office or houses on campus at the same time to lecture and fully interact with students. These lectures were also recorded so that the student can watch them at any time. The total duration for their interactive lectures reached over 30 thousand hours viewed by more than 15 thousand students from the University from their places inside the UAE or abroad using the electronic devices available to them. This is in addition to 10500 clinical training hours, 16800 field training hours and 3,600 laboratory lessons. University also recorded some more than109 lectures in audio and video in the University Studio, which are currently placed on the "Learning Management System" The University also used a variety of technical solutions provided in cooperation with major international companies specialized in this field.

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