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Within its Precautionary Measures to Protect its Employees The University of Sharjah Begins a Test Application of Remote Working Starting Next Week

​19 March 2020

The University of Sharjah, as part of its precautionary and preventive procedures for its employees from faculty, administrative and technical staff members, begins a test application of the remote work system for its employees within Plan B. This is to ensure the continuity of the distance learning process, which the University of Sharjah began to implement since Saturday March 7th, with the aim of ensuring full preparation for all the capabilities of the University for the full implementation of the remote work system in the event that such a decision was taken from the relevant authorities.

Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan, Vice Chancellor of the University for Public Relations and the head of the committee responsible for developing plan (B), confirmed that during the next week, the remote work system will be implemented by 50% of the faculty and administrative staff members of the University on Sunday at the beginning of the week, provided that the other half of all employees applied the same experiment on Tuesday. On Thursday, March 26, a special session was devoted to fully applying the experiment to all University employees including faculty and administrative members.

Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan added that the University and all its departments will work during the next week of the partial application of the remote work system by conducting a comprehensive evaluation process for all technical installations and infrastructure at the University to ensure the readiness and provide the necessary needs for that. He continued pointing out that the University had already started applying the remote work system for some job categories for a period of two weeks, which can be extended from last Sunday, March 15, and the groups that were included in this decision are pregnant women, the senior employees who are over the age of 60, and University employees with disabilities, employees with chronic diseases, and employees with children under four years of age. The University is working to implement and take all measures and procedures in accordance with the decisions issued in this regard by the official authorities in the UAE.

It is worth noting that the University, in its keenness to implement the precautionary measures issued by the concerned authorities, has issued a set of controls to ensure the proper functioning of the educational and administrative process in the University, while providing all programs and technological means for communication and remote work, including the termination and completion of all tasks assigned to the employee in appropriate time, as well as coming to the workplace in the event that it is necessary to be present at any time. Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan added that there are a number of administrative services that require the work of the University to continue naturally while providing them with all means of protection, including health care services, security services, and some dormitories supervisors.

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