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Achieving Goals Workshop for University of Sharjah Students Presented by the International Coach Cardon

​3 February 2020

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah organized a life skills workshop presented by the International Coach Cardon entitled "Setting Goals." This Workshop is an opportunity for young students to learn about tools and strategies related to the ways of designing an inspiring life for them and those around them. The Workshop also featured Captain Nouf Omar from Emirates Airlines to talk about her pioneering experience in the field of aviation and its beginnings to motivate attendees to achieve their goals.

A large number of College Deans attended the Workshop along with Faculty Members and Students, as well as university students and a number of representatives of government agencies and departments in Sharjah. The Workshop focused on three basic concepts for defining goals, namely from where, when and how we can define goals, then the Coach introduced the concept of goals and their importance, in addition to clarifying some of the primary goals and secondary goals in life that depend on the psychological, emotional, and physical condition of individuals and how to achieve them in the short- and long-term. The Coach also presented the information necessary to achieve the goal through the mental map and external reality and the strategic plan that individuals must develop, in addition to urging them to document successes, demonstrate leadership skills and flexibility in dealing with others and face challenges to achieve the desired goals.

The Workshop also included dynamic and interactive activities in three main elements of goals, starting with the goals of personal development, and then the material goals and financial goals, which can be achieved through creating a vision, making decisions and working to implement them, and looking at the concerns to achieve success.

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