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With the Aim of Designing the Consulate’s Outdoor Areas:The US General Consulate and the University of Sharjah Award the Winners of the Designing Contest

​15 September 2019

The College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah organized a ceremony to select and award the winner in the design competition in collaboration with the US General Consulate in Dubai. The competition was held for the Interior Architecture and Design students at the College with the aim of working on new architectural designs for the Consulate's outdoor areas that reflect the culture and heritage of the UAE.

Dr. Nadia M. Alhasani, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Design, attended the ceremony along with Deputy General Consul Christine Lawson; Yasmeen Hibrawi, Director of the Office of Cultural and Media Affairs; and Bradley Davis, Director of Facilities Management at the Consulate.

The Dean of the College thanked the US General Consulate in Dubai for their confidence in the capabilities of the students of the University of Sharjah. She stressed that the College seeks to support the art and design movement in the surrounding environment, which comes through interactions with various local entities and institutions, allowing students the opportunity to interact and share their passion in presenting their ideas and creations off-campus.

This competition is unique, she added, in the winning project will be implemented on the grounds of the Consulate, giving the students a competitive motivation and desire to translate their ideas into their projects.

The idea of the project began last May when a delegation from the US General Consulate in Dubai visited the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah, and were acquainted with the various projects of students and their creative abilities in the field of design and architecture. Seven projects competed under the supervision of Dr. Iman Ibrahim and Dr. Karima Al Shomely. The projects presented new and innovative ideas that blend the modernity and Emirati heritage. They reflect the identity of the UAE as students used heritage elements such as: the desert and palm trees, Islamic motifs, sustainable materials, and incorporated modern designs and geometric shapes.

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