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Of Employees and Job Seekers:The Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources Graduates 321 Professional Diploma Enrollees

​27 April 2019

The Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources and in collaboration with the University of Sharjah, organized a graduation ceremony for 321 enrollees in the professional diploma programs from the Sharjah Government entities employees and job seekers.

His Excellency Dr. Tareq Sultan bin Khadem, Head of Human Resources Department in Sharjah  and University of Sharjah Board of Trustees Member, attended the ceremony along with His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah.

During the ceremony, the Head of the Human Resources Department stressed the keenness of the Department to implement the various professional diploma programs for employees and job seekers to prepare and qualify them through providing them with the skills and knowledge that supports them in their journey. This in addition to providing them with the skills and abilities that meet the needs of the developing labor market as part of its commitment to develop the human resources and make them professional and efficient in their fields of work.

He then expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the University of Sharjah, represented by the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development, and all government agencies that participated in the implementation of the professional diploma programs and all employees and job seekers of the program, wishing them success in their scientific and practical life.

For his part, the Chancellor of the University of Sharjah extended his thanks to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah, for his directives for the University's journey and its commitment to strengthening its advanced position among its counterparts at the local, regional and global levels. He then congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments.

Following the Chancellor, Prof. Radhi Al Zubaidi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development, expressed his pride in the accomplishments of the programs' graduates. He congratulated them on developing the tools necessary to carrying out the responsibilities of the national duty.

A total of 157 employees from the Directorate of Human Resources graduated from 7 diplomas: Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, Professional Diploma in Customer Happiness, Professional Diploma in Inspection, Professional Diploma in Customs Inspection, Professional Diploma in Customer Service, Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management, and Professional Diploma in Government Leadership.

The number of graduating job seekers was 164 who graduated from 8 diplomas, which contributed to developing their skills and providing them with the expertise and knowledge to raise their productivity. These included: Professional Diploma in Advanced Information Technology, Professional Diploma - Nursery Supervisor, Professional Diploma in Legal and Administrative Affairs, Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management, Professional Diploma in Tourism Guidance, and Professional Diploma in Social Work –  Group I and II.

Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Co-Director of Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy at MIT in the US, and Member of the University of Sharjah's Board of Trustees, attended the ceremony along with Prof. Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies; Prof. Qutayba Hamid Al Heialy, Vice Chancellor for Medical Colleges and Health Sciences and Dean of College of Medicine; Dr. Salah Taher, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs; Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan, Vice Chancellor for Public Relations; Mr. William Matt Easdown, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs; and Prof. Radhi Al Zubaidi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development. From the Directorate of Human Resources Department H.E. Abdullah Ibrahim Al Zaabi, Director of Branch Affairs at Sharjah Human Resources Department, attended the ceremony along with Saif Al Muhairi, Director of the Executive Office.

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