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Opening of the Annual Health, Community, and Environmental Awareness Day at the University of Sharjah

​24 October 2018

His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, inaugurates the "Annual Health, Community, and Environmental Awareness Day," which is organized annually by the Deanship of Male Students' Affairs at the University. Prof. Elsiddig Ahmed ElMustafa El Sheikh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, attended the inauguration along with Prof. Qutayba Hamid Al Heialy, Vice Chancellor for Medical Colleges and Health Sciences and Dean of College of Medicine; Prof. Mahmoud Darabseh, Dean of Male Students' Affairs; and a number of College Deans, Department and Centers Directors as well as faculty and staff members and students.

The Awareness Day exhibition works to connect the University with the governmental and private health institutions concerned with the UAE's local community. This is with the aim of providing the necessary health awareness through familiarizing students and the University's community with the services these parties offer. It also aims to raise individual's health awareness and to facilitate the growth of a generation conscious of disease preventative and treatment measures. The exhibition featured a number of activities which included measuring the participant's weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as providing blood, vision, hearing, and osteoporosis tests.

The exhibition showcased representative anatomical models of the heart, lungs, and thalassemia and asthma diseases. It also included segments for raising awareness on the effects of drugs and smoking on the community, safe uses of plastic and how to dispose of waste and recycling, food safety, and testing cosmetic products. It also features models of food supplements and natural sources for the human body from healthy food items and the significance of Vitamin D to the body. They also provided skin and dental care treatment. The exhibition also presented the most significant exercises for strengthening the body and the correct methods for preventing and treating illnesses.

Participating in the exhibition were: the Colleges of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; the University's security personnel and Daycare children; Sharjah Police Headquarters – Drugs Enforcement Department, Penal and Correctional Department, Traffic and Patrols Department, Community Police Department, and Public Relations Department as well as the Psychiatric and Addictions Expert Dr. Essam Samaha from the Community Police Department at Sharjah Police. This is along with a number of participants from Sharjah's departments, institutions, medical centers, and schools.

At the end of the inauguration, His Excellency the Chancellor of the University along with the Dean of Male Students' Affairs honored the participating bodies and institutions.

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