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RISE Posters Session - 5th Sciences, Engineering & Computing & Informatics Research Centers & Groups’ Forum

UoS 18 JUN 20209 AM

  • Research Groups’ Posters

1. Sustainable Civil Infrastructure Systems Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Rami Al Ruzouq

2. Environmental and Chemical Biology Research Group, Coordinator: Prof. Ali El Keblawy
3. Sustainable Construction Materials and Structural Systems Research Group, Coordinator: Prof. Salah Al Toubat
4. Sustainable Engineering Asset Management Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Imad Alsyouf
5. Distributed and Networked Systems Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Ali ElMoursy
6. Mixed Analog-Digital Smart Electronic Circuits and Systems Research Group, Coordinator: Prof. Soliman Mahmoud
7. Autonomous Robotics and Active Vision Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Tamer Rabie
8. Human Genetics and Stem Cells Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Abdelaziz Tlili
9. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (Jointly with Research Institute of Medical & Health Sciences, RIMHS), Coordinator: Dr. Hassene Hadj Kacem
10. Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Some Evolutionary Phenomena Research Group, Coordinator: Dr. Belkacem Said Houari

  • Graduate Research Assistants’ Posters

1. Anticancer Effect of 14K Fragment of Growth Hormone on Breast Cancer, Asma Anwar

2. Semi-blind Estimation of Diffusive Molecular Communication Channels, Abdollah Masoud Darya
3. Molecular Genetics of Monogenic Human Infertility, Ayah Alhusseni
4. A Secure and Smart Gateway for Smart Homes, Omnia Mohamed
5. Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slabs: Reliability Analysis and Calibration of Strength Reduction Factors, Raghad Ahmad
6. Appropriate Greywater Treatment Technologies for Sharjah, Adel Tayara
7. Green Synthesis of Iron Nanoparticles Using Date Seeds Extract and its Potential for Heavy Metals Removal, Fatemah Farwah
8. Systematic Literature Review on Hardware Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, Dina Jamal
9. Fighting Deepfakes by Using Simple and Complex Features with Shallow and Deep Learning Classifiers, Omar Mohamed
10. Improving Medicinally Important Bioactive Secondary Metabolites Production in the Medicinal Plant Citrullus Colocynthis Under Field and Callus Culture Conditions, Noor Hilal AbuShamleh
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