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New Faculty Orientation

22 JAN 20198 AM

Dear faculty,
Each year, the Institute of Leadership in Higher Education supported by the Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs facilitates a two-day New Faculty Orientation for all new full time/visiting faculty members joining the University. Mainly, the program aims to welcome new faculty to the UoS community and help make their transitioning period smooth, itch-free and enjoyable.
During the orientation, new faculty members will be provided with needed start-up information from a variety of university sources/units to learn about some peculiar policies and practices. It is hoped that the program will promote Faculty socialization and a sense of belonging across the colleges of the university. It will further provide a perspective on life in Sharjah and the cultural values of the Sharjah emirate.
Through the program, new faculty members will have the opportunity to meet leaders from the university community who provide welcoming remarks and highlight exciting news and features of the community. An overview of technology at the UoS being a strategic priority of the university will be discussed to enhance productivity and use of technology. Besides, Faculty members will also engage in a series of presentations on promotion, research, and scholarly activities at UoS.
Date: January 22nd - 23rd, 2019
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Building M9 Room 007 (Al-Bayrouni Hall, Ground Floor)
Welcome to University of Sharjah wishing you an exciting academic year. We are pleased that you have chosen UoS and look forward to working with you.
Prof. Maher Omar
Director of Institute of Leadership in Higher Education

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