University of Sharjah

University of Sharjah
The University of Sharjah is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision. It is a pioneer in academia, scientific research, and the arts in the UAE and the GCC region. All programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Some programs such as Engineering, Communication, Science and Business have attained international accreditation. The University of Sharjah is an innovative world-class teaching, learning and research institution providing a distinctive, inspirational, creative and supportive environment. The University of Sharjah is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that prepares lifelong learners and leaders with integrated knowledge and skills. We are passionate about building a collaborative and sustainable environment that cultivates twenty-first century skills and fosters pioneering research and scholarship. We seek to serve the current and future needs of our local community and beyond by offering innovative academic and professional programs.

College of Medicine University of Sharjah
The College of Medicine, University of Sharjah strives for national and international prominence by differentiating itself through excellence in the full spectrum of medical education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development levels. The mission of the College of Medicine is to provide education for medical students and medical professionals through the creation of a scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of education, research activity and compassionate patient care.

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The College of Medicine, University of Sharjah is part of the Sharjah Medical Excellence Cluster (SMEC), exposes students to a wide range of medical and health sciences programs. The Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences are all part of it. SMEC is a one-of-a-kind 21st-century model of multi-professional medical education, research, and service that puts the community's health first, introducing innovation in education, and translating research from the lab to the patient, with an influence on the community's overall health.

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Our Mandate
1. Providing innovating educational opportunities for medical students, preparing them to successfully pursue postgraduate training and continuous professional development.
2. Advancing scientific knowledge with important research discoveries.
3. Improving primary to quaternary health care for this growing region.
4. Emphasizing the college's social responsibility in providing and promoting effective health care for different sec- tors of the community.

Academic Programs
The College of Medicine offers:

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Ultrasound Technology Applications  
3. Master of Leadership in Health Professions Education (jointly with university of East Anglia UK)
4. Master of Science in Diabetes Management
5. Dual Master in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research, University of Sharjah and Lübeck University Germany
6. Dual Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research, University of Sharjah and Lübeck University Germany

The faculty and staff at the College of Medicine, University of Sharjah are committed to the following cultural values in making decisions and establishing conduct.  

High Standards – In upholding the highest standards, we will:
  • Demonstrate ethical leadership by example
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity, avoiding conflict of interest
  • Hold our work to the highest academic standards

Commitment to Health – Supporting our fundamental belief in the doctor/ patient relationship, we are commit- ted to:
  • The highest quality medical care for our patients
  • Training the next generation of physicians and healthcare professionals to be capable and compassionate
  • Promoting good health and well-being in response to the needs of our community. Our community partners who help us achieve excellence in all that we do.

Respect for individuals – In valuing respect for individuals, we pledge to:
  • Treat others with respect and dignity, honoring individual differences
  • Promote open communication and list pro-actively
  • Create a collegial environment based on loyalty to our co-workers

Advancing Knowledge – In expressing our passion for learning, we encourage:
  • Exploration of new ideas in our teaching and research
  • The courage to meet challenges and assume risk
  • Diverse learning opportunities where creativity thrives
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork

Personal Development and Leadership – Recognizing that exceptional quality begins with people, we create:
  • A culture of personal development and professional fulfillment
  • A workplace where expectations are matched by our reward system
  • An atmosphere where people value the balance between work and family
  • A mentor-rich culture where faculty staff and students can enhance their leadership skill

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