Beyond Boundaries: Health Equity through a Culture of Learning

"Health equity is defined as the absence of unfair and avoidable or remediable differences in health among population groups defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically" - WHO Culture of Learning involves learning new behaviors, habits, skills, as well as the requisite knowledge foundation.  

The Scientific Committee encourages the international and intersectoral participants of TUFH 2023 to submit abstracts in the area’s listed below with a focus on one of the 4 subthemes, which is directed to the people you serve.

The subthemes are framed within the Social Accountability Partnership Pentagram which emphasizes the involvement of 5 key groups for any substantial change.


How the Community learns
How Healthcare Practitioners learn
How Students learn
How Policymakers learn

Areas of interest for TUFH 2023 may include:

  • Revamping Health for All through Interprofessional Education, Collaboration, Training, and Practice
  • Becoming Socially Accountable Institutions
  • Raising Social Accountability Awareness
  • Expanding Global and Local Pandemic Preparedness
  • Assessing Technology Evolutions in Health
  • Taking Noncommunicable Diseases Seriously
  • Enriching Community Based Education
  • Strengthening the Health Workforce Team
  • Reinforcing Women’s Health
  • Improving Access to Healthcare
  • Engaging Policymakers
  • Producing Student Leaders
  • Enhancing health and Digital Literacy
  • “One Health”
  • Upgrading Innovative Teaching Methods, including Interactive ways of Learning
  • Building on Strengths in responding to Climate Change from the Village to the Globe
  • Looking at integrated Community Care
  • Promoting Healthy Ageing
  • Ameliorating Child Health
  • Etc.