Cultural Dinner


‚ÄčThe organizing committee is very excited to welcome all of the physical participants to the Heart of Sharjah for the Cultural Dinner.
From your conference on the move site visit you will be transported to the Heart of Sharjah by bus.
In every city, there is a place that sets its heartbeat and defines the pulse of the city, reflecting its history, echoing its ethos and mirroring its spirit. That's what Heart of Sharjah is. A project interwoven into the very history and fabric of Sharjah.

Heart of Sharjah is the largest historical preservation and restoration project in the region. Planned over a 15 year period, to be completed by 2025, it seeks to revitalize the heritage district as a vibrant cultural destination by unraveling a glorious past - restoring historical buildings, constructing new structures following traditional Sharjah architecture and transforming them into hotels, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and markets, where the current generations and the future generations can experience Sharjah's cultural and social fabric.

During the cultural dinner you will get to explore the soukhs for some souvenir shopping, experience cultural activities, explore the history and enjoy a wonderful United Arab Emirates dinner in the way their ancestors did.