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The conference particularly welcome papers related to industrial based projects. Papers dealing with one or more of the following topics will be considered for the conference:

Biomass Conversion, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology, Hydrogen Economic & Investments, Photovoltaic Technology, Solar Thermal Applications, Marine/Ocean Energy, Wind Energy & Applications, Technical Developments in Vehicles, Engines and Equipment, Fuelling Technology (Diesel, CNG, LPG), Modelling and Simulation, New Concepts including LNG, Biogas, Hydrogen, Electrical & Hybrid Drive Systems, Energy Storage, Supercapacitors and Applications, Policies & Regulations, Codes & Standards, Economic Aspects, Road Management, Marketing Strategies, Environment Management, Environmental Issues including: Air Pollution, water and Water Management, Waste Management, Climate Change, Health and Environment, Customer and Society Satisfaction, Materials and Fuel Developments, Including: Nano-technologies, Light weight structures, Bio-composite materials, Fuel Cell Materials, Membranes, Sensor Technologies, Combustion.

Circular Economy, Nuclear Energy.