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DATE 19 Feb, 2023
PLACE University of Sharjah
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The University of Sharjah in collaboration with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry are excited to announce the opening of the 8th Sharjah Chamber A ward for Innovators that is under the umbrella of the 9th International Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Both the Forum and the award aim to embed innovation culture and entrepreneurial mindset amongst the youth by making them able to identify important problems affecting our societies and create innovative solutions that can be turned into entrepreneurial ventures.

Why should you register for the International Forum on innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sharjah Chamber Award for Innovators)?
The Innovation Forum competition offers an exiting and unique opportunity for getting feedback from experienced judges and mentors. The winners of the Award win prizes worth 100,000AED. In addition, they are given the opportunity to be mentored by our industry partners who will support them to explore and validate their ideas with real customers, in order to turn their innovative ideas and products into entrepreneurial startups.

Who can participate?
The Innovation Forum is open to University Students (Graduates and Undergraduates) and High School Students (Grades 10, 11, 12) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What kinds of Ideas are encouraged?
The Sharjah Chamber Award for Innovators has two broad themes, which are the “General Innovation Track" and the “Sustainability & Employability Innovation Track": 
General Innovation Track: For this category, we accept innovative ideas from all legitimate industries, such as information technology (IT),  artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, food, clothing, agriculture and virtually all other industries.
Sustainability & Employability Innovation Track: For this category, students are expected to come-up with startup ideas that have the potential to have positive environmental or social or economic impact; or high ideas that potential to create jobs. Examples of impacts include:
a) Environmental impact: ideas that have the potential to reduce environmental problems. Examples include: recycled products, renewable energy (e.g. solar energy, electric energy), waste collection, green housing, green manufacturing, product life extension (e.g. through repair) etc. 
b) Social impact: Ideas related to social impact include ideas that address social problems such as: hunger, poor access to education, poor access to housing, clean water shortage, inadequate access to healthcare etc. For example, Tom's shoes have donated over 95million pairs of shoes to people in need, and helped to restore the eyesight of over 850,000 people.
c) Economic impact: high potential for sales and profitability growth etc.
d) Employability: Ideas that have potential for creating jobs. For example Careem has created 850,000 job opportunities for its drivers in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

To view the information of the Concept Note in Arabic, please click​ here 
Following is the Concept Note in English: ​​

Previous iterations winners: 
The winners of the 7th Sharjah Chamber Award Innovators:

General Innovation Track - University Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea

Batool Oujan, Jehad Osama, Mohammad Mansuor, Rahaf Yousef, Nour Aiman, Fatima Abdulrahman




Huda Bousabah, Malak Mahmoud, Aya Mohammed, Zaynab Ali, Ghafran Mohammed, Ashga Ahmed, Fatima Alzahraa Raad, Noor mohamed, Alaa Abdulla, Fatima Badreddin


مشروع كن عونًا الإبتكاري



General Innovation Track - School Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea

Khadeja Ahmed, Mariam Saleh, Maitha Sultan, Fatima Sami


Lifeline Floaters


Meera Obaid Al Dhaheri, Alreem Nassr AlMukhaini, Shamma Salem Alkaabi, Sara Abdulla Ahmed Mohammed


Smart Fisher Drone



Sustainable Innovation Track - University Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea

شيماء جاسم

نيله عبيد الكتبي

شوق عبد الواحد

أروى سعيد الزعابي

صفية علي الفيلكاوي

عائشة عبدالله النقبي

فاطمة سالم الطنيجي

آمنة يوسف عبدالله


كبسولة الإيجابية والراحة


Zainab Mohammad, Iman Ahmad, Amal Mdhi, Arzaq Mohammad


A filter to purify the air from toxic gases and smoke from fire



Sustainable Innovation Track - School Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea:

Khaled Zeitoun and Haneen Zeitoun


Smart Irrigation
Anish Jena, Cherian Binoy, Lohitakshan Geethapriya, Chitesh Ramesh

The Green Clean Project by Anish and Cherian


The winners of the 6th Sharjah Chamber Award Innovators:

General Innovation Track - University Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea
Tariq Z. A. Abuimara, Hasan El-SadekBaby Monitoring in a Locked Car
Mohammad Zuher Khalouf, Abdullah Ziad , Zena Hisham, Nourhan Alsayed, Moza SaifFood Waste App


General Innovation Track - School Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea
Mumukshya Tapabrata Baitharu, Pragathi Damodaran,Baby Companion
Raniem Mahmoud Abdulla Al Ashi Halawa, Sojoud RaedPharmaceutical Counterfeiting & the RFID Technology Intervention


Sustainable Innovation Track - University Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea
Sarah Abdulwahed, Hasan Adil, Hanan Hamwieh, Fatima Waseem, Manar IbrahimTirerise ltd
Hasan Ahmad Kanjo, Ahmad Haitham HudeibDirect Air Capture


Sustainable Innovation Track - School Students
Winners Names:Winning Idea:
Tahani Siraj, Hannie Nevisa The Anytime Battery – A model designed as a futuristic Vision for mobility
Khan Ayaan Abdulla, Raghav Arya, Saurav Gupte, Pratyussh MuthuPrinted Cooling Brick