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Distinguished Mentors

  • ​University of Sharjah mentor:

Dr. Amal Al-Ali is a subject-matter-expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Digital Transformation, Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for over two decades. Alumnus of Stanford and MIT in innovation, & AI strategies and empaneled speaker at summits. Dr. Amal has been working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship for more than a decade helping many students and entrepreneurs achieve Excellency in their projects and startups. Dr. Amal is the course coordinator of the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship course, the chair and founder of the international forum on innovation and entrepreneurship the co-founder and vice chair of the Forum of e-commerce and cyber-security.

UoS mentors:

Dr. Dana K. Amro is a dedicated and experienced researcher and assistant professor in the field of interior design with over nine years of well-honed teaching at the university level, in addition to professional experience as a consultant in interior design. She possesses excellent design skills along with effective and innovative teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment for students. Dr. Amro always seeks to bring forth innovative ideas by building multidisciplinary research ideas and designs which, if implemented, solve community issues. Her research focus is on interior design, cultural Identity and sustainability that influences deeply her academic research and applied work in interior and furniture design.
  • Higher Colleges of Technology mentor: 

Dr. Mohammad Saleh is a comprehensive Educational Executive Leadership qualifications; enhanced by industrial and research experiences. Dr. Mohammad Saleh Offered an outstanding quality assurance, presentation, communication, and cross-cultural management skills with an entrepreneurial mindset. Bilingual Visionary operations executive with concrete experience managing all level of multiple projects including budgeting and administration in Education, Aviation and Oil and Gas Industries. Teaching has always been Dr. Mohammad's passion as he believes it is one of the noblest jobs. Dr. Mohammad has initiated successful academic programs which enhanced graduates employability and mentored and coached IT Career Nationalization programs for Aviation and Oil and Gas industries

HCT mentors

Dr. Daoud M. Daoud received his BSc degree in electrical and computer engineering from Kuwait University in 1988, his MSc in Computing Science from Glasgow University- UK and his PhD in Computing Science from Joseph Fourier University – France. Daoud served as an associate professor at PSUT. Currently he is a faculty member at Higher Colleges for Technology, Sharja, UAE.  Recently, he co-founded Ddad IT which a specialized company for Arabic Natural Processing and Information Retrieval. He also served in Institute of Advanced Studies- United Nations University (1998-1999). He also worked as a principal investigator for the Arabic part of Universal Networking Language project (1996-1999). He also served as a director for Next Generation Services department at Paltel (1999-2001). His main research interests are Natural Language Processing, machine translation, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval and analysis of Arabic Social Media and Big Data.

Innovation and knowledge creation specialist and academic researcher. Faculty member in the Higher Colleges of Technology. 20 years of academic and execution experience in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in MENA region. Worked with number of universities like Middle-sex, American University, British University, MSA University, University of Sharjah, Higher Colleges of Technology, and UAE University. Economic and financial analyst for youth incubators for 5 years – Gamal Mubarak future youth incubators – Egypt. Certified chartered international human asset developer by CIPD. Holder of master degree in the human asset management from Egypt – another master of philosophy in business from Maastricht school of business – Netherlands – a third master of philosophy degree from the British University in Dubai in Project Management - PhD student in Business Management – British University in Dubai – UAE – dissertation stage.

  • Skyline College University mentor:

Dr Agha has published Cases (Case Centre), 5 book-chapters and 15 research articles in Work-life-balance and education domains. At Skyline, she won the Award for Excellence in Teaching Effectiveness at Skyline University during 2016-17 and Excellence in Services during 2017-18. She received the Award and Certificate from Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Dubai for Mentoring Innovation Projects for 2018. She received an Award and Certificate from the Sharjah Government for Supporting and Mentoring Students for Innovation during the UAE Innovation Month 2018.

Dr. Agha is a reviewer of international journals, conducts workshops on diverse topics, like career path, progressive teaching, differential learning etc. to teachers and students and is an avid writer.

  • International School of Creative Science mentor:

Ms. Sahar Adnan holds a title of Business and Management teacher at International School of Creative Science, Muweillah since last three years teaching IGCSE and Advance Level Students. Ms. Sahar has done Masters in Business Administration specializing in Finance and is a ministry equalized teacher in UAE. Ms. Sahar has a total of around 9 years of experience teaching Economics, Business Studies and Accounting along with mentoring a lot of competitions whether inter-school or on a national platform.

The main objective of Ms. Sahar is to encourage her students to be creative and think outside the box   while choosing business ideas. Furthermore; she mentors students to carry on entrepreneurship  programs and several competitions.

Ms. Sahar is always passionate to motivate her students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically, in order to gain the realistic idea of how   the actual businesses operate.

  • Taryam American private school Mentors:

Ms. Dalia Hamad has a bachelor in Medical Lab Technology. Ms. Dalia has been a lab technician and health science teacher since 2011 in Al Taryam American Private School.  Ms. Dalia says that her love and interest for science and innovation extends far past that.


Rashid Atfeh is physics teacher at Taryam American private school with 13 years' experience with physics teaching and 6 Years at UAE teaching American curriculum



  • American School of Creative Science Mentors:

Mrs.Samah Addi, is a Biology teacher at the American School of Creative Science, Maliha Branch.  She has been teaching Biology since 14 years now.

Mrs. Samah has participated in many competitions and events as a leading mentor and won in some.  One example is BEEAA competition for environmental awareness.  Her scientific project took the 1st rank, and her social project was the 2nd.

Recently, Ms. Samah Addi was assigned as Expo2020 coordinator for high school section. She believes that her students' participation in Sharjah Chamber Award for Innovators will support her students toward being involved in Expo2020.

  • GEMS Milliennium school mentors:

Ms. Atiqa Arif is a Gold medalist and distinction holder in MTech Digital Electronics and Communication. She has published research papers on various topics such as Compressed Sensing, Biomedical engineering and Mechatronics. She has in-depth knowledge of block and data simulation programming in Labview, MathLab and Simulink.
She has worked as an external after school activity provider for various GEMS schools in Dubai, UAE. She is well versed with latest technologies like WeDo, EV3 Mindstorms, Arduino, App Making and 3D printing. She is currently working as an Innovation Leader in GMS focused to deliver STEAM curriculum to students.

Ms. Sonal Jain is an accomplished STEAM educator with over six years of teaching experience. She has strong educational background and holds Master's Degree in Environmental Management. A valued member of GEMS family who exhibits well-developed leadership and team building experience that includes mentorship, coaching and curriculum development. She is committed to the overall success of the organization with excellent track record of professional development, organizational skills and performance. She enjoys collaborating with other educators and STEAM professionals.

Mrs.  Leeya Lathief’s goal is to combine the range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and intelligent teacher in order to make a positive contribution to her students and schools.

  • Al Amana Private School:

Mrs. Resmi R is the head of the Science department in Al-Amana School, and has over 12 years of teaching experience.

Mrs. JAZEELA YOUSSUF is the head of the ICT department in Al Amana School and has over 5 years of teaching experience.          

Mrs. Suni Jose is an ICT teacher with an experience in Software programing, computer science and technical support.              

Mrs. Naseeha Akhter is the head of the Mathematics department in Al-Amana Private School.             

Mrs. Fatima Ali is a Science teacher in Al Amana School with 5 years of teaching experience. Mrs. Fatima is interested in Environmental Science.                                    

  • Gems Our Own English High School (Boys) mentor:

Mrs. Sunitha Sudhakaran is Computer Science teacher at Gems Our Own English High School (Boys) teaching Indian curriculum

  • Al Alfiah Filipino Private School mentors:

Mrs. Angela Amor C. Baniqued is a Physics Teacher (Cycle 3), has 11 years teaching experience in the Philippines, 2 yrs teaching experience in UAE. Mrs. Angela is the Coach of Invention Team in UAE for 2 years

Mrs. Ines Marcosa B. Vergara is a Biology teacher ( Cycle 3), has 7 years teaching experience in Philippines, 10 years teaching experience in UAE. Mrs. Ines is the Coach/Mentor of Invention Project for 4 years and is the head of the Science Department