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About The Conference

The year of the fiftieth year is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past fifty years while we prepare to embark on our next journey confidently." With these words written by history, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, "may God protect him," celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. Legislation in the UAE is one of the most important successes of the past and aspirations for the future. As an effective tool in organizing society and relations between individuals, legislation was one of the mechanisms that the UAE relied on to keep pace with developments since the establishment of the Union.

In harmony between federal and local legislation, all individuals achieved their aspiring rights, provided them with a different procedural system in all transactions, and made it possible to appear before a sophisticated judicial system that guarantees them their rights.

It has recently witnessed great leaps in amending and drafting legislation in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE would not have achieved these successes and positioned itself in leadership positions in all areas of life, except by adopting a set of flexible laws and legislation that conform to modern changes, meet its international requirements, and keep pace with technological progress that has become an integral part of individuals' lives.

With the tremendous development that the world is witnessing in all fields, individuals have needed an adequate legislative framework that regulates their transactions and governs the effects. Accordingly, the UAE legislator faces challenges brought about by modern technology and artificial intelligence applications on civil, commercial, and economic transactions, and on the work of administrative authorities and judicial bodies, as well as their effects in the field of crime and punishment, to enact flexible legislation that achieves the requirements of the ambitious development process in support of the goals the next fifty years.

Therefore, the College of Law decided to participate in the initiatives and activities of the "Fiftieth Year" by organizing an international conference to discuss the multiple issues related to legislative developments in the United Arab Emirates over the past half a century. To come up with recommendations based on solid scientific foundations that serve society and the business world and enhance the value and advancement of scientific research