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Conference Thrusts
Law ThrustSharia Thrust
 - Role of legislations in boosting tourism - Role of Islamic Economy and its principles in controlling various tourism activities
 - Legal protection for tourists and tourist destinations - Religious tourism issues in contemporary Islamic thinking
 - Legal liability in the field of tourism  - Importance of tourism in Sharia, and its impact on cultural communication
Media and Communication ThrustSociology Thrust
 - Role of social media in tourism promotion - Patterns of heritage tourism and its role in development achievement
 - Role of media in supporting, development and promoting tourism - Importance of the social role in tourism marketing
 - Role of marketing communications in tourism marketing planning - Role of tourism guidance in enhancement of attractiveness of tourist destinations
Economy Thrust

- Role of governmental tourism development institutions in enhancing economic growth

 - Economic aspects contributing to activating tourism in order to realize economic growth objectives

 - Examples of tourism planning and development from Arab and foreign countries

Parallel Activities: UAE Tourism marketing exhibition in cooperation with the tourism development authorities of all emirates