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MCQs are widely used to assess student's achievement of learning objectives. However, not all faculty is trained in item writing resulting in construction of low quality MCQs, testing recall of facts, where the correct answer is obvious, debatable or unclear.

Most MCQs developed in house are replete with errors, complex or confusing. These poorly written test questions yield test scores of doubtful value and cause frustration among good students. In comparison, high quality MCQs that are constructed in adherence to international guidelines based on best evidence provide valid and reliable data on which to take pass/fail decisions.

The purpose of this workshop is to present those guidelines with the intent of constructing high quality MCQs. 


  1. Evaluate existing MCQ items by using evidence based criteria to identify specific flaws in the items.
  2. Critique and improve poorly written MCQ items by correcting the flaws they contain.
  3. Construct high quality MCQs that measure learning objectives at appropriate level.
Who can attend the workshop:

This basic workshop is beneficial for all health professions faculty members involved in developing MCQs for assessment of students.

Intended outcome:

The intended outcome of this activity is to equip the participants with evidenced based tools to not only critique and review MCQs but to themselves develop high quality MCQs.