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Psychometrics is the science of measuring a subject's abilities, knowledge, attitudes, personality traits and other attributes through psychological tests. Identifying the quality of psychometric tests includes reliability and different sources of validity evidence for the scores from this test. Sources of validity evidence include content, internal structure, relation to other variables, response process and consequences. Measures of reliability include internal consistency, inter-rater, test-retest and parallel-forms.

Objectives of the workshop:

By the end of this workshop, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Define psychometrics
  • Identify the types of psychometric tests
  • Apply different psychometric measures for analyzing data collected by questionnaires
  • Identify the different lines of evidence for validity and reliability of questionnaires

Who can attend this workshop?

  • Researchers interested in health professional education
  • Health professionals involved in clinical training and continuing education
  • Postgraduate students in health professional education programs
  • Academic staff and clinicians in health professions institutions

Take-home message

Understanding and applying the psychometrics of questionnaires is essential for all health professionals involved in administration or research in order to obtain valid conclusion from the data collected from these questionnaires.