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The aim of educational research is to inform and advance knowledge of medical education research, which constitutes an integral part of the Scholarship of Teaching.  It is planned to be:
  • ​Learner centered, interactive and to use participatory approach.
It will include plenary presentation, discussions, exercises, and small group discussions in addition to coaching and mentoring.

Before attending the workshop, each participant needs to write a draft of his/her research proposal following the workbook attached herewith.  It will be more beneficial if he/she read the article titled "The Research Compass".

Target Audience:
Health professionals interested in education research.

Level: Intermediate

This workshop aims to help novice researchers through asking them to prepare their own research proposals and providing feedback to sharpen their work.

By end of the workshop, the participants will be able to write a two-page high-quality research proposal consisting of a well-defined research question making good use of the literature and theories, and selecting the appropriate methodologies.

Duration:  3 hours

Equipment:  Computer (1), multimedia projector (1), OHP (1), screen for projector (1)

Materials:  Transparencies (25), chart papers (10), chart stand (2), permanent markers black (2) and temporary markers (2 sets of four colors), handouts, writing pad and pen (according to no. of registered for participants), registration sheet (1), u-shaped arrangement of table & chairs (20).​

0900-0915 Introduction & Overview of Learning Issues Large group
0915-0945 Well-defined Research Question Interactive lecture
0945-1015 Plenary Presentation "Elements of a Sound Research Proposal" Large group
1015-1030 Coffee break  
1030-1115 Presentation and Critique of Research Proposals Large group
1115-1145 Writing/Refining your own research proposals One to one discussion
1145-1200 Closure and Evaluation