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Mentoring is a facilitative, developmental and positive process requires effective interpersonal skills, time commitment and an open mind. Mentoring is recognized as a way to promote learners personal and professional growth and development, develop leadership, improve retention, and promote morale. Mentoring learners also helps in creating an appropriate environment where mentoring can take place.


In this workshop participants will learn about mentoring skills and what it takes to be a mentor. By the end of this workshop participants should have a much clearer idea of mentoring and more specifically, will be able to: 

  • Equip with important mentoring skills that will support the achievement of personal and professional goals 
  • Develop effective mentoring relationships between learners and mentors.
  • Recognize from their own experience, problems of mentoring and what was done to improve it.
  • Draft a timeline for a mentoring program

Methodology: This workshop includes interactive mini-presentation, plenary discussions, and hands on practice in small-group. 

Length of workshop: Three hours 

Who can attend: This workshop is ideally suited to educators involved in mentoring and/or supervision, faculty members and learners.

Maximum number of participants: 25 -30 attendees.

Take home message: A systematic understanding of the key aspects of mentoring learners provide learning opportunities within learning environment, offer learners information, advice and guidance on their roles and give them encouragement and support to keep themselves  motivated.