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As self-study of the educational programs is the first step in strategic planning and accreditation processes, it is important to choose the indictors that helps the institute achieve its mission and objectives.

Social Accountability is a new concept in medical education , unfortunately it is not well addressed ion accreditation standards right now, nut this should not hinder health professions institute from being socially countable by adopting the appropriate indicates in their self-study and hence their strategic plans.  

Who should attend?
  • Medical Educators who are interested in Social Accountability
  • Medical Schools Leaders
  • Faculty members 

Intended outcomes
  • Discuss the difference between the terminologies used in social accountability
  • Define indicators related to social accountability using the CPU Model and the Global Consensus
  • Plan a self-study process using the defined indicators 

Structure of workshop:
The workshop format will be in highly interactive, it will contain Discussions, Group work and then discussion of each group work.