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Efficient use of energy and water in industrial processes and systems

The efficient use of resources such as energy and water is a paramount goal in the EU funding frameworks as a pathway for reducing the environmental impact of our society. Limiting the energy and water footprint of industrial processes and systems is beneficial not only to the need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions but also to face the instability in the energy prices and to improve the reliability of supply. Economic assessment is a key issue for the innovation technologies to be applied in demonstration cases or in real industrial cases.

The symposium aims at bringing together research advances and technological progresses on reducing both the water consumption and the energy requirements of industrial process and systems. The focus of the symposium is on advanced concepts and designs to reduce energy and water consumption, to exploit new ways for water closed-loops, heat recovery and cogeneration opportunities and to improve the environmental footprint. Additionally, the operation and maintenance costs for the proposed solution are also important topics to be addresses as well as the impact on the final product's quality and production rate.