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Themes and Topics

Sharia theme:

Islamic ruling on virtual currencies

- Features of Muslim jurists' critical functions and their implications on virtual currencies.
- Islamic criteria put forward for virtual currencies (Issuing - trading - transection).
- Sharia Implications on dealing with virtual currencies (Alms given, endowment etc.)
- Jurisprudential foresight and its impact of virtual currencies crisis management.

Technical theme:

- Concept of virtual and digital currencies

- Types of virtual currencies

- Features of virtual currencies

- Risks of virtual currencies.

Economical theme:

- Virtual currencies implications and impacts on finance and trading.

- Virtual currencies implications and impacts on economic and management.

- Financial and economic challenges of virtual currencies

- Accounting control on virtual currencies.

- Financial and economic risks and crisis management of virtual currencies.

Law theme (Conventional law):

- Legislation and ruling on reality of virtual currencies in law.

- Rules related to the dealing with/ trading in virtual currencies and customers legal protection.

- Criminal law of virtual currencies.

- Financial legislations on virtual currencies.