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Virtual or digital currencies including cryptocurrencies and bitcoins and many other similar forms becoming a vital means of electronic trading in modern financial markets, and they are increasing across the globe massively. They are not only designed to work as a medium of exchange and to secure financial transactions but also they are expected to gradually replace money in the near future. This phenomenon poses many questions, which need serious studies, analysis, surveys and examination by the experts from various fields of studies to clarify the concept of digital currencies, its functions and roles, pros and cons and to evaluate it, accordingly.

College of Sharia and Islamic studies at the University of Sharjah aims at creating platform through conducting this international conference. So that researchers, experts and specialists in the fields of law, Sharia and Islamic studies, Islamic finance and banking, economics, and technicians have the opportunity to discuss, synthesize, evaluate and shed light on the different related issues to the topic, scientifically and objectively.  It is a great pleasure to invite you all to join and take part in this special event, to share, to learn and to listen.