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Participating Projects

The Participating projects are (POSTERS: Acc1, Acc2, Man1, Man2, Man3, Man4, MIS1, MIS2, MIS3, MIS4, MIS5, MIS6):
Project 1
Title Financial Analysis: The Case of EMAAR and ALDAR Properties
Supervisor Dr. Hussien Al- Tamimi


Financial analysis may be simply defined as evaluating a firm’s financial performance. Financial analysis is important for lenders, investors and managers. Typically, it is used to analyze whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to be invested in.
The purpose of this project is to compare between the financial performance of EMAAR properties and ALDAR Properties, one of the two biggest property developers in the region. Ratio analysis was used to compare between them during the last 5 years. The techniques used in the study include twelve ratio measures namely, ROE, ROA, current ratio, cash ratio, Earnings per Share, Profit Margin, total asset turnover, fixed asset turnover, networking capital turnover, cash coverage ratio, time interest earned ratio, and total debt ratio.
The results indicate that EMAAR properties have strongly outperformed its rival. This removes previous misconceptions that Abu Dhabi (oil rich) based companies must always outperform Dubai based companies.
Key Words: Financial Analysis, Financial Performance, EMAAR, ALDAR

Porject 2
Title UAE Crime Mapping Using Google Maps API
Students Zahra’s Hatem Hawas
Supervisor Dr. Oualid (Walid) Ben Ali


The growing potential of GIS for supporting policing and crime reduction is now being recognized by broader community. GIS can be employed at different levels to support operational policing, tactical crime mapping, detection, and wider-ranging strategic analyses. GIS helps crime analysis in many ways. The foremost use it to map crime occurrences, visualize them, and analyze them. This allows low enforcement agencies to understand exactly where crime is occurring as well as determine if there are any patterns. Areas of high crime density are known as hot spots. Hot spot analysis is a valuable tool as it allows police to not only identify areas of high crime but also explore variables that are affecting crime patterns. With this information, law enforcement agencies can be more efficient in their fighting tactics from increasing patrols around such locations or by proactive measures in these hot spots.
UAE continues to experience rapid growth, which is characterized by increasing population, trade, etc. Most of the population in UAE are immigrants and coming from all over the world. This situation has increased the number of crime occurrences in the country. Several years ago, crime fighting became a serious concern for many people and government in order to reduce the crime incidences.
In our research project, we want to benefit from the advantages of GIS in order to develop a first prototype of Crime mapping tool which can be used to (1) record crime occurrences in the country, (2) save the exact location of the occurrence on the GIS map of the country, and (3) analyze the data and report the results in order to make strategic decisions by the law enforcement agencies in the UAE, example the Police. The web-based application is based on two main types of data: (i) spatial data (the exact location of the crime occurrence) will be saved on Google Maps Database through Google Maps API and (ii) the non-spatial data (type of the crime, involved people, etc.) will be saved in a classical entity-relationship database. We have selected Google Maps API as GIS to store the spatial data because we don’t hold a GIS of the UAE and because Google Maps is a free GIS Database that can be updated/programmed using programming languages such as JavaScript or ASP through Google Maps API. Our application contains two main modules: The first one is a reporting module where the user reports a crime occurrence and the second one is an analysis module which can be used to analyze the crime occurrences and to help the user to take strategic decisions and actions. The application users, especially the Police, can benefit a lot from our application.

Porject 3
Title iDiet
Students Sendos Nezar Mohamad
Supervisor Dr. Oualid (Walid) Ben Ali

The health problems associated with obesity are numerous. Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem, it's a health hazard. Someone who is 40% overweight is twice as likely to die prematurely as is a normal-weight person. This is because obesity has been linked to several serious medical conditions, including: Heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, breathing problems, etc. Doctors agree that the more overweight a person is, the more likely to have health problems. Moreover, people who are overweight or obese are at increased risk for chronic disease compared to normal-weight individuals. These people can gain significant health benefits from losing weight.

What we are trying to achieve in our research project, is to develop an easy way (application) to help people achieving and maintaining healthy weight and lifestyle as easy as a click of a button. The idea of this project came from the need of healthy individuals to have a guide that helps them to find out the exact need of their bodies from calories each day, and not only that, because many available programs can do so. This program is going to suggest a meal plan that matches the amount of calories calculated for each person.
The program will also tell the user if he is in the range of healthy weight, underweight, overweight or obese phase; according to that the program will either increase the amount of calories needed (if underweight) or decrease the amount of calories needed (if overweight) to facilitate further weight loss, and encourage reaching a healthier weight. All of the calculations in the program are based on scientific equations, and are approved by the World Health organization (WHO).
The program is going to ask the user to provide it with weight, height, gender, age and physical activity level. According to the numbers given, some calculations are going to be done, and the program will provide the user with the amount of calories that needs to be consumed per day, number of servings from each food group and will also suggest some meal plans.

There are already a lot of programs to calculate calorie needs, and there are others where you can find meal plans for the amount of calories you desire, but there is no such a program that will do both. One advantage of the program we propose that it can do both. Another advantage is that, in other programs, most meal plans are based on western foods, what we are going to include in our program is foods that matches what people consume in the Arabic world.

We think that this program is going to be used an effective guide for many people if it will be developed and used in academic and scientific ways. In the future, the program can be updated to be used by diabetic or even hypertensive people.

Porject 4
Title UAE GIS-based Road Accidents Analyzer using Google Maps API
Students Fatema Sayed Almusawi and Aisha Salim Almutawa
Supervisor Dr. Oualid (Walid) Ben Ali


Increasing road accidents and fatalities has made “Road Safety” a major issue, with more accidents, health facilities are overloaded and nation is suffering economic loss. This makes it very important to understand the traffic flow, incident scenarios, etc. before application of any hardcore planning. Application of GIS in road accidents analysis can help in understanding the traffic scenario and hence provision of smart solutions. A road section might experience many accidents over a period which might be due to driver’s error, faulty road design, environmental factors, etc. Analysis of road section can be carried out by using GIS technology. The UAE continues to experience rapid growth, which is characterized by increasing population, trade, vehicle ownership and traffic movements. These factors have increased road accidents over the past few years. In our research, we try to benefit from GIS technology to develop an application which can be used (1) to record the exact locations of road accidents in UAE and (2) to analyze the data in order to determine which road section is a faulty in other words hazardous location. This application can be used as a decision tool to help decision makers to make decisions and take actions concerning the road safety in this country in order to decrease the rate of traffic accidents. Our web-based application is based on two main types of data: (i) spatial data (the exact location of the accident) will be saved on Google Maps database through Google Maps API and (ii) the non-spatial data (type of the accident, cause of the accident, involved people, etc.) will be saved in a classical entity-relationship database. We have selected Google Maps as GIS to store the spatial data (through Google Maps API) because we don’t hold a GIS data of the UAE and because Google Maps is a free database that can be update/programmed through Google Maps API using programming languages such as JavaScript or ASP. Our application contains two main modules: The first one is a reporting module where the user reports a road accident and the second one is an analysis module which can be used to analyze the accidents data and to help the user to take strategic decisions and actions. The application users, especially the Police and transportation agencies, can benefit a lot from our application.

Porject 5
Title Liquidity and Profitability: The Case of Tamweel and Emaar
Students Rouaa Abahussain
Muhra Abdalla Alamri
Afra Ibrahim Abdalla Alali and
Mouza Abdulkarim Alshamsi
Supervisor Dr. Hussien Al- Tamimi


The purpose of this project is to investigate the relationship between profitability and liquidity ratios, and to test the validity of the statement that states that “liquidity and profitability ratios are highly correlated”. The study covers two UAE companies, TAMWEEL co. and EMAAR for three years, 2008-2010. It’s often confusing for a financial manager to decide whether to choose more liquidity or whether to keep the profits and get money from somewhere else. However, it is advised that managers should balance between them and maintain a focused strategy that will lead to an organization’s sustainable growth and profit maximization. The main conclusions we reached is that for EMAAR the cash ratio was very low, it shows that EMAAR didn’t have enough cash to pay the short-term commitmnts. For TAMWEEL, ROA is relatively low which not a good sign is. The ratio decreased and it became less than 1% , this shows that TAMWEEL doesn’t utilize its assets efficiently at all.

Key words: Profitability, Liquidity, TAMWEEL, EMAAR


Porject 6
Title Pirates of the CD! Tracking Changes in the Global Music Industry
Students Mohamed Tariq Ahmed Anis (20710960)
Supervisor Dr. Nnamdi O. Madichie

This paper presents a reflection of changes in the Global Music Industry from the perspective of a part-time DJ and Marketing Major senior. Initially triggered by an assignment from a leading Global Marketing textbook, the enquiry gyrated towards a growing realisation of the severity of the problem music piracy. The study is purely qualitative in nature and based on personal observations, lived experiences (and the love of music of diverse genres) as well as a documentary analysis of media reports and academic papers including a Special Issue of Management Decision (Vol. 48, Issue 9) – a flagship Business & Management journal in the Emerald suite. We conclude the paper by pontificating whether music piracy may just be another disruptive innovation waiting for a stage debut.
Keywords: piracy, music, global marketing, innovation
Porject 7
Title Credit Risk Analysis: An Empirical Study Of UAE Banks
Students Morshed A. Parkook
Supervisor Dr. Hussien Al- Tamimi


Credit risk has been growing worldwide significantly in the past years, and is getting emphasized in the whole world including United Arab Emirates. It has grown exponentially against the backdrop of dramatic economic, political, and technological change around the world. In this project, an attempt has been made to investigate whether UAE banks were affected by the recent financial crisis. The purpose of the study is to analyze the significance of some credit factors generally considered important by credit analysis experts. In addition, to find out which of these factors have been associated with the credit risk. The empirical part focuses on some large corporations in UAE, in order to see if they are good banks’ borrowers or not. The main conclusion of this project, is that there is a strong relationship between corporate financial performance and credit risk. It is also found that Citibank and HSBC were the best prepared banks for credit risk. On the other hand, Etisalat was the best potential borrower, whereas Tabred was the worse one.
Porject 8
Title Relora Your guide to a Stress Free Life
Students Danya Bashir Hobba and Faiza Abdullah
Supervisor None


Individuals in a society are always doing something, whether it’s getting a higher degree or working on obtaing a promotion and succeeding in life. Not to mention, trying to balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle filled with friends, family, and the everyday challenges life puts in our way. It is for this reason I created Relora: Your guide to a stress free life. Relora is directed both to me and to you. Recent studies done by international researchers have found that when stress levels in the human body increase, they can directly influence and harm our body causing: failure to concentrate, increase in anger, depression and even trigger hormones and cells in our body to become cancerous and diseased. My research and books are based on reducing and managing stress. The purpose of my research is to continue my book; Relora serves to find a clear and simple way to connect, improve and increase work productivity in students and employees using a stress free method. Relora: your guide to a stress free life can be extremely beneficial and attract many companies and universities around the world that would like to see improvement in the short and long run with employees and students.
Porject 9
Students Tasneem elkhair hamad U00011123
Isra’a Jamal Ibrahim U00011780
Aliya Abdalla Saleh 20721363
Dua'a S. Al-Saadi U00011805
Supervisor Dr. Mohammad Hamid Uddin


This paper investigates the relationship between the inflation and exchange rate in the context of purchasing power parity (PPP). PPP suggests that price level is equalized accorss the countries for an identical product in the absense of economic resrtictions. If inflation changes the price levels, the exchange rate between two currencies also changes in order to equalize the price levels in two countries. This paper examines the effect of inflation on the exchange rate between Euro and Swedish Krona (SEK). The relevant inflation and exchange rate data is collected over 36 months from January 2001 to January 2004. The results reveal that there is significantly positive relationship between the difference in inflations and exchange rates between Euro and SEK. Furthermore, the results indicate that there are three cases where the inflation affects the exchange rate. The first case when there is no difference in inflation rates, the change in exchange rate is insignificant. The second case when the inflation differential is greater than zero, the value of high inflation currency declines significantly. The third case when the inflation differential is negative, the value of low inflation currency increases significantly. Finally, the study has found that the inflation differential between Sweden and Euro Zone could be an important determining factor of the exchange rate between Euro and Swedish Krona.
Key words: exchange rate, purchasing power parity, iflation rate
Porject 10
Title iPhone vs. BlackBerry: Comparative Strategic Marketing Analysis
Students Mahmoud Zind Al-Hadid
Supervisor Dr. Mohammad Alhawari


Numerous flaws in the traditional telecommunication systems caused so much fuss in the industry. These lead manufacturers to invest heavily in research and development in order to come up with new technologies that outshine the capabilities of old devices. Smartphone suppliers are in fierce competition in the market trying to compete “effectively” to achieve their objectives. However, manufacturers have different objectives and therefore implement different strategies to reach their objectives. The two very commonly known companies “Apple Inc.” and “RIM” have been achieving noticeable success in the smartphone market in the past few years. Their market share is a proof of their ongoing competition. Both companies implement different strategies, which raises a very important question; “which strategy is predicted to be more successful in the long run?” Through critical comparative analysis of field data, this research aims to define, from a corporate perspective, Apple’s and RIM’s strategies and evaluate the success of each strategy in the long run. Due to the intensive need for innovation and novelty, Apple’s strategy was proven to be more successful for leading the market share in the long run.
Keywords: telecommunication, new technologies, competition, strategies, Apple Inc., RIM, innovation, market share
Porject 11
Students Dana Mohamed Nasir
Supervisor Dr. Waleed Al-Sabhan


This project is aimed to receive customer’s orders, calculate and display the total payment using VB.Net. This restaurant contains limited food items for “PIZZA HUT” all in one form. This project is well-performed and a good-looking one.

First we have the Meal Deals, which shows the type of meal the customer would like to have. Second, the customer can have one from variety of Pasta accompanied by Salads. Last, the customers can sweeten their mouth with the Desserts & some Drinks. Each of the items comes with their price and quantity required. The total button will display the customer’s orders with the total price. For a new customer, it will reset and the new customer can start ordering.

Porject 12
Supervisor Dr. Waleed Al-Sabhan


The purpose of this project is to make it easier for people to get information about a specific doctor in the Yemenia Clinic. This clinic is divided into departments and each department has a couple of doctors. First, you will choose the department you want from the list and it will show you what doctors are available in this clinic. Second, when you click on the name of the doctor his details will be visible for you to see. It will show you his name, office room number, which floor, his timings on weekends and weekdays, when he is free, and for more details you can call his number.
Porject 13
Title Real State Finder
Students Suhad Ghazi Al-Gherbawi U00010168
Supervisor Dr. Waleed Al-Sabhan


I will present a property finder program; which is a program that helps customers find their required property in their desired area with their afforded budget online. I will use ASP.NET web application software with code written in VB language. The user will search for his/her required property by specifying the address of it. He/she may also specify date, price and square footage.
After the user have decided to buy a property, signed out an area as ideal for him/her, and decided to employ the services of Real State Finder to make the whole process easier, he/she should go through the following simple process. Firstly, have a really good think about exactly what’s important to him/her in his/her dream property. Secondly, real state property finder will then send him/her a form on which to record his/her requirements. Once you have filled this form and clicked the search button, the property finder will allow you to view the property you chose with its details and an image associated with it.
Porject 14
Title International School
Students Sendos Nezar: U00011650
HAlA Albenni: U00014095
Supervisor Dr. Samar Mouakket


The rapid growth of business world makes using the "manual system” very difficult and time-consuming. In addition, it requires large storages rooms, loss of many files, and waste of users’ time. Most businesses nowadays tend to use a “Database”, which aims at making their life easier.
Database is a collection of organized data for one or more users in a digital form. It provides efficient manipulation of large data sets. Small businesses, schools, and clinics can use simple database using Microsoft Access. Large organizations, on the other hand, use more sophisticated programs to design their database, such as Oracle. Using database is an essential quality for any successful organization. It reflects the company progression and keeps it updated with the technological advances. However many organizations still reject any improvement because of the lack of information technology knowledge.
To show the importance of databases, we have designed a database for schools to serve in their day-to-day activities. Our Database facilitates the work of all the different departments in a school. There will be no need to go back and forth between sections to fill registration form or to sign approval letter, as everything will be done using our database.
Porject 15
Title Project Management in Films Production
Students Sendos Nezar: U00011650
HAlA Albenni: U00014095
Supervisor Dr. Oualid Ben Ali


Project management is a process which can be applied whenever a product/service is being produced. It is “the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives”. Therefore, since all types of businesses produce something or the other, whether products or services, they all need project management. One such example is the film production business, which has greater chances of succeeding when applying project management in the film-making process. Making a film is a project because the production has a beginning and an end, which occurs when the film, the resulting product, is completely made. Thus, project management has always existed in the film industry. However, many filmmakers in the past have not taken full advantage of using proper project management and it is only until recently that the importance of managing film projects in a more professional and systematic way has been realized.

As with all projects, there has to be a project manager to lead the team in building a successful product. In the case of producing films, the line producer, or production manager, is the project manager. This project manager then has to work in coordination with the film’s director and producer, while leading the production staff as well.
In our project, project management plays important roles in making it a successful one, these roles include: Better efficiency in delivering services, improved/increased/enhanced customer satisfaction, enhanced effectiveness in delivering services, improved growth and development within your team, greater standing and competitive edge, opportunities to expand your services, better Flexibility, increased risk assessment and increase in quality and quantity.
Our film (product) as in all film production has to start and end in certain days and cannot be delayed or should plan for the delay. Risk management in projects is very important, in our project, the film in it’s nature needs a lot of planning as it’s a story of the arrival of Circassians to the Middle East during the Ottoman period and the resolution of the many conflicts between the two different cultures (The Bedouin & Circassian) through wise dialogue. There are a number of construction project management software like Harvard Project Management, Primavera Project Planner, and Microsoft Project that offer tools for more efficient project management. Depending on the complexity of the project and size corresponding project management software could be selected from the various options available. One of the simple and versatile project management software which is on the middle scale should I say is Microsoft Project. Some of the things that can be done using Microsoft Project are creating project calendar, baseline plan, resources entry, Gantt chart, project evaluation review technique (PERT) chart, and more.
Porject 16
Title City Guide
Students Jaafar Mhd Fathi Alhariri
Supervisor Dr. Waleed Al-Sabhan


I present a mapping program that displays maps and show some points of interests. The program is written in ASP.NET and coded in VB. Users will be able to select maps from Bing. Bing Maps (previously Live Search Maps, Windows Live Maps and Windows Live Local) is a web mapping service provided as a part of Microsoft's Bing suite of search engines and powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework. The program will allow the user to use Bing map on the fly and will have the ability to show some data on these maps such as restaurants, hospitals, museums, parks, etc. The user will still be able to use all Bing functionality such as zoom-in, zoom-out, pan and some other functions. Also the user will be able to display different kinds of Bing maps such as road maps, aerial view, 3D maps, etc.
Porject 17
Students Maitha Mohamed Rashed Alkhatri
Jenan Masoud Talib Ahmed Mohamed
Supervisor Dr. Kamal Fantazy and Dr. Alaa Al-Athamy


The e-government notion has become more important with the ever increasing number of implementations worldwide. Since late 1990’s, Information Technology and Communications (ITC) have significantly influenced the society in an impressive way, primarily because of the development of the Internet. Governments worldwide have begun to recognize the potential opportunities offered by ITC to fit with users’ demands, and have started to introduce information and transactions online in what is now known as e-Government. A model explaining the e-government adoption had been developed. The model brings together the collective logic of a growing body of theoretical and empirical research in the areas of e-government and information technology.

Regardless of how advanced is a country in terms of ITC infrastructure and deployment, many technical and non-technical obstacles must be faced in the adoption and diffusion of e-Government. Furthermore, many governments are aggressively moving to provide their services through the Internet, which leaves no option for citizens only to use these services. Concerns about inadequate feature design, service provided online, security systems, and privacy assurance in electronic networks can lead to unsatisfied users to use e-Government that might pose risks, such as through unwarranted access to sensitive personal information or vulnerability to online fraud or identity theft.

In this context, many studies focusing on the users satisfaction in adoption of e-Government services suggest that users satisfaction is the major issue for e-government adoption. In the present article the attention was directed on the relationships among information quality, system quality, perceived easy of use, social influence, users satisfaction and e-government adoption. We are interested to examine the importance of creating satisfied users in the adoption of e-government. In other words is it really important to have a satisfied user to promote e-government adoption?

The research is based primarily on a quantitative approach using a questionnaire survey and interviews to collect data across multiple settings pertaining to the research hypotheses. The sampling frame for this study comprises the users of the UAE e-Government system; anyone who has experience using UAE e-Government system could participate in the survey. We selected the venue for the following purposes: 1- UAE is one of the leading countries in terms of offering e- Government services; 2- According to the UN e-government survey conducted in 2010, UAE comes above mid range countries by utilization of e-government (percent of utilization 53.49%). and 3- The selected areas are the most populated in the respective regions of UAE (Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi). These cities are also located strategically in important position and are prominent in multicultural assembly. Therefore, it is assumed that the sample should have enough variability.

Porject 18
Title Identifying Factors of Fatal Motor Accidents in UAE
Students Amna Khamis Mohammad
Gharisa Alsuwaidi
Supervisor Dr. Kamal Fantazy


Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) are an important cause of mortality and premature loss of life among UAE residents. The increase in motor vehicle accidents and their resulting casualties is now considered a world-wide epidemic, but most developing countries are still not giving the problem the full attention it deserves. Road accidents especially vehicle accidents are increased lately in the UAE and started to be a common concern in Arabian Gulf countries in general. Motor vehicle accidents are a preventable disease and their resulting fatalities and injuries are avoidable health issues amenable to control measures. Preventive measures, however, which aim at making the use of the road safer in the UAE, need a multi-disciplinary and community approach. The importance of this topic stems from the high number of accidents and the morality increase that the community suffers great deal from it.

The main objectives of this study are to present data on fatal motor vehicle accidents in the UAE with a view to find out the main factors causing fatal accidents. The fatal accidents which had occurred in UAE between 2000 and 2010 are analyzed. based on the expressed opinions from Sharjah police authorities in the concerned departments. Then establish a baseline for future evaluation, use international death rates to compares UAE with other countries and offer specific recommendations as to how the risks involved can be reduced. The research develops statistical comparison of motor-vehicle traffic fatalities in United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. This comparison based on the number of the population in each country. The implication of this research helps the UAE authority to identify and priorities these factors in order to minimize the mortality rate caused by road accidents and develop safer environment to the UAE society.

A survey instrument and four personnel interviews will be conducted to collect data across multiple sources (sharjah police station, students at University of Sharjah, and public). The sampling frame for this study comprises students involved in accidents, persons outside the university involved in accidents, and personnel responsible from Sharjah police authorities. After the introduction, relevant literature will be briefly reviewed in section 2. Section 3 will outline the statistical comparison, section 4 will present the results and recommendations. Finally, future research directions and limitations of the study and conclusions presented.
Porject 19
Title YS Order Processing System
Students Sundus Samir Said 20620016
Yasmin Ezaldin Khalifa 20721034
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed A. Nour


The aim of this project was for us to learn how to use our theoretical knowledge of Systems Analysis and Design and System Design & Development and use it in a practical way. To do that, our group has chosen to apply that knowledge to create an Order Processing System. This system can be adapted and used by any online retailer to showcase their products in online catalogs, sell them and deliver them to their customers. This project has been created during two courses: System Analysis & Design and System Design & Development. We have used many different models to design the system. To create the models we used the StarUML software which allows the user to design the models using the UML notation. This project will further increase our understanding of these courses and will expand our knowledge on how Systems Analysis and Design is applied in the real world.
Porject 20
Title Are Islamic banks more efficient than conventional banks? (Evidence from UAE)?
Students Hamood S. Al Toqi,
Morshed A. Parkook,
Fahd. Alyafee &
Mohammed A. Abudaqqa
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Osman Suliman


The central feature of an Islamic financial system is the absolute prohibition of the payment and receipt of interest. Banks in an Islamic economy can strictly operate only on some type of profit and loss sharing basis. Banks in an Islamic economy are denied conventional sources of funds, such as interest-bearing deposits, and cannot undertake lending operations on the basis of predetermined rate of return. Profit sharing and equity participation are the principals on which Islamic banks have to operate. In our project we will try to investigate if Islamic banks are more superior to conventional banks in UAE. Our analyses are targeting both conventional and Islamic banks profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, leverage ratios capital structure ratios and efficiency ratios. Since UAE banking market does not include more than 6 Islamic banks, we had to include 5 of these banks and compare it to the 5 top conventional banks in UAE. Our empirical analyses come to find that Islamic banks in UAE are not Superior to the conventional banks.

Key words: Islamic bank, Conventional bank, comparing, financial analysis.

Porject 21
Students Tasneem elkhair hamad U00011123
Isra’a Jamal Ibrahim U00011780
Hajar Salim ALzaabi 20620924
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Osman Suliman


This paper investigates the relative effeciency of the Interest free market, in the context of effeciency of the Islamic system. The main difference between Islamic and conventional banking is that Islamic forbids making money out of money and profiting by lending it. Wealth can only be generated through the exchange of asset (goods) or through legal trade and investment. In addition, Islamic system is based on profit and risk sharing. This paper illustrates a comparison between the Islamic and conventional systems in term of the relative efficiency. Two banks were chosen to imply the empricial analysis on; one is a conventional bank (RAK bank) and the other is an Islamic bank (Dubai Islamic bank) so that the comparison between the two systems will be clearer. Furthermore, we chose around 10 ratios for our analysis, these ratios are (velocity of money, operating efficiency ratio, earnings and profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, and asset quality ratio (Credit risk measures)). The data was collected over 11 years from 1999 to January 2009. The results show that the Islamic system is more efficient than the conventional system for many reasons. The first reason, in term of the velocity of money, the Islamic bank was more stable over the 11 years which means a better efficiency. Although the two banks showed comparable results in profitability ratios, DIB was still performing better and it was more profitable especially during the financial crisis years, which comes as the seond reason.
Key words: Intreset free market, effeciency, conventional system

Porject 22
Title Flip-flops in the Shapes of Guitars, Fruits and Animals: The Case of ‘Funtakino’ Venture initiated by Young Emirati Entrepreneurs
Students Manal Al-yafae'e U00013912
Najat Ali Hussain U00012115
Supervisor Dr. Syed Tipu


The aim of the paper is to explore how young entrepreneurs initiate and manage entrepreneurial ventures in the UAE. Youth or student entrepreneurship is getting increasing attention worldwide and entrepreneurship researchers are exploring youth entrepreneurship in different settings. However, there is a paucity of research on how young entrepreneurs initiate and manage entrepreneurial ventures in the UAE. The present study attempts to enhance our understanding of the patterns of youth entrepreneurship in the UAE. A case study approach was selected and the data were collected through face-to-face and telephone interviews with the owners of an entrepreneurial venture called ‘Funtakino’. The entrepreneurs were asked to outline their approaches toward managing different stages of entrepreneurial process and dimensions of entrepreneurial decision making such as strategic orientation, commitment to opportunity, control of resources, and growth orientation. Further, it was also explored if selected owners manage their venture as independent entrepreneurs or traditional managers. The challenges faced by the entrepreneurs are discussed and their future plan in terms of going global is presented. The results revealed that the selected young entrepreneurs had an entrepreneurial focus in terms of different dimensions of entrepreneurial decision making. They also managed their venture as independent entrepreneurs as opposed to traditional managers. Our study provides interesting insights into the approaches employed by young Emirati entrepreneurs in effectively managing new ventures.
Porject 23
Title Managing Success Factors in an Entrepreneurial Venture in Sharjah: Personal Experience of a Student Entrepreneur
Students Hamood Salim Al Toqi 20710917
Supervisor Dr. Syed Tipu


The aim of the paper is to explore the links between student entrepreneurial behavior and success factors in the United Arab Emirates. Using the behavioral approach of entrepreneurship, author heavily draws upon his personal experience of creating an entrepreneurial venture in Sharjah, the UAE. The author intends to share his experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and outlines his responses to identified success factors such as start-up planning, managing risk, managing finances, networking, managing human resource, and learning. The findings revealed behavioral approaches which student entrepreneurs may employ toward managing success factors such as the use of ability and willingness cognition during start-up planning, unfavorable schema regarding bank loan, using networks for data collection, calculated risk taking for exploiting market opportunity, and relying on academics, parents, friends, and social media as potential learning channels. The author also identified certain characteristics of student entrepreneurs such as showing high optimism, having trusted group of friends, bearing lower opportunity cost with lesser risk, and thinking in an abstract way. For the first time in Sharjah, the UAE, this study explores student entrepreneurs’ cognitions and actions in managing success factors.
Porject 24
Students Tahini Muhsin Ahmed Hassan U00016113
Supervisor Dr. Waleed Al-Sabhan


This project is used by visual basic application. We have a hotel which is a beach resort and you are able to click on some label links which will take you to different forms. For example when you click on rooms, it will take you to a form of rooms and from there you can pick what room you want and it will give you all the details in it. Same applies for events, services, cuisines and at the end there is an online reservation. I will need to input you information and all the requirements so as to make the reservations for you.
Porject 25
Title Budgeting of Non Profit Organizations in Sharjah
Students Amena Abdul Wahab, Esra Ahmed Al-hosani,
Fatima Ali Al –Shamsi and Hadeel Ballan
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Salem


Sharjah Government plays a principle role in sustaining various economic sectors in the emirates. Sharjah Finance Department is an economic sector established in 1964, its main role is to provide a fundamental to Sharjah Government entities with the best-in-class financial services and specialized solutions as well as managing available resources efficiently. Budgeting is one of the activities performed by the Finance Department of Sharjah; it is the policy of accounting for translation of financial plans and government programs, short-term plan for implementation during the financial year to come by the governmental units listed budget within the framework of the objectives and policies and general plans of the emirate.
The aim of this study is to know the types of some methods that are adopted in Sharjah for budget preparation, as well as what are the features of each one of them, and how they are prepared in Finance Department. Moreover, the study evaluates the performance of two methods under one intelligent system called "TAKAMOUL" that links between 50 organizations that are related to Sharjah Government and an administrative observer in Finance Department.
The study found that Line Item budgeting is criticized, that makes Finance Department shift to ABC budgeting in this year (2011). Overall budgeting method plays an important role in government and nonprofit organizations; it helps in creating financial plan for next year and makes decision of funds and activities.

Key Terms: Budgeting; Government Programs; Budget Preparation; ABC Budgeting
Porject 26
Title Royalty car insurance company Insurance system
Students Lubna El-mahmoud 20721670
Suhad Ghazi U00010168
Hadeel Nabeel Al-Roodhan 20621086
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Nour


Royalty car insurance company is dealing with easy tips sales agent in almost all of it is daily operations. The customer deals directly with the agent when he/she needs any insurance service, like: buying a policy, renewing a policy, terminating a policy or requesting payments for accidents (claims), so the interacting between the customer and the insurance company is very limited in this case.

In our project we have applied three of the mentioned insurance services: buying new policy, renewing policy and requesting payments for accidents (claims) which we call them use cases. This project consists of three parts each part depends on the previous one.

In the first part we had implemented the following:
• A set of First-Cut Interaction Diagrams that reflect an initial implementation (realization) of your chosen use cases (SSDs).
• A First-Cut Design Class Diagram (DCD) that appropriately extends the Domain Model Class Diagram (DMCD).

In the second part:
To extend the project Part One by creating the following:
• A set of interaction diagrams that reflect the three-layered design by extending the first cut interaction diagrams you created in Part One (add view & data access layers to the 1st cut sequence diagrams).
• A complete and fully updated and refined design class diagram that includes the three main types of classes from the three-layered SDs: problem domain classes, user-interface classes, and data access classes. You must include use case controllers also.
• Code snippets that provide a first-cut implementation of ALL the classes in the design class diagram—the code should be in object-oriented programming pseudo code (or Javasyntax). Only the declarations are needed, no actual processing statements or method bodies needed.

In part three (under process):

Providing a prototype implementation for only one use case (one interaction diagram). The prototype will be three-layered, with the following components:
• A GUI (view) layer, providing a form-like interface for dialog with the user.
• A business logic layer that implements the required use case processing.
• A data access layer, with classes for interfacing with the database server.
• A database on oracle that includes a table for each domain (business logic) entity used.

Porject 27
Title Internet Security
Students Sulafa Rafiq Aqel 20720219
Salama Hamad 20720777
Manal moh`d salem 20721425
Supervisor Dr. Oualid (Walid) Ben Ali


Introduction: Internet is used everywhere in a short time to get information. Web security is different things to different people. It is both more simple and more complex than you could imagine.

Problem :
There are a lot of dangers in putting up a Web page. From invasions of privacy to actual hackers cracking your security. Learn how to secure your Web server and site as well as hacks and patches to keep yourself safe. Risks may face end users and websites include Eavesdropping and Internet fraud.

Methods/approach: Securing the internet environment through :Patching and prevention of security holes, Monitoring hacker activity, Encryption and authentication, Firewalls,and Secure interfaces.

Results: Steps to securing a Web Site, using website access controls to keep you and your computer in a saftey environment .

Conclusion: basic security measures involve protection by well selected passwords, change of file permissions and back up of computer's data.

Porject 28
Title UoS Nursery
Students Sulafa Aqel 20720219
Sundos Kayali U00011776
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Nour


Introduction: Uos nursery is located on campus at the UOS. It has services offered to children of all University City staff and others from outside the University ( seats are limited)

Problem : The registration system in the centre is so old(manual) and behind in all means which causes lots of trouble.They have two choices :remain current manual system or new computerized system

Methods: proposed DSS System using MS access to store and retrieve data gradually by a small prototype(Ms access) ,define main users,training sessions,and implementation

Results: using the new computerized system will solve many problem and provide security and advantages to nursery staff ,managers, families,and the stored data files

Conclusion: manual system is good for people who don’t care about technology, however,we need to keep pace with the times and use the latest technology in order to save time, effort ,make our lives more easier and gain profit quickly

Porject 29
Title Course registration system
Students Hamad Saaed 20710738
Abdulsalam Alwani 20710201
Nawaf Alawadi 20710197
Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Nour


The aim of this project is to enhance the university registration system.
We discussed how the student add or drop a course and what procedure he/she should follow. First we explain the modified payment procedure. Second how to add courses in a simple and friendly way. Third how to drop a course in the system without going through the complicated procedures.